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as the Israelis go to poll tomorrow they have a clear choice
between re invasion or reconciliation

Submitted: February 09, 2009

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Submitted: February 09, 2009



Tonight the world is at a precipice as Israelis go to the polls tomorrow.
They will choose between a moderate Left or a bellicose Right .
Mr Netenyahu is the front runner and is poised to take another Right wing party into a governing coalition with him.
Why is the world watching or should be watching the developments in Israel with scrutiny?
Mr Netanyahu is undoubtedly an able politician ; but he is more politician than statesman. Where a statesman will think altruistically and more globally Mr Netanyahu can scarcely think more than regionally ; where the statesman can think longtermism the politician thinks selfishly and for the short term immediacy .
He has stated with some calculated hyperbole that the biggest threat facing world stability at this moment in history is Iran. By staking his claim to this he is displaying an acute ignorance of the imminent collapse of the capitalist system; he is doing so at a time when all the finest economists ‘mind’s in the world are endeavouring to salvage the system from total wipe out.
Economies , large and small have depended on the capitalist system for the past few hundred years ; and given all other systems it can best be said of capitalism that it is the best worst system.
In this regard if it can not be salvaged we are in totally uncharted water to use that tired old clich but there is simply no better way of expressing it.

But Mr Netanyahu has chosen to ignore economic meltdown globally and has focused his cross hairs on Iran and its nuclear proliferation .
Selfish ; local; regional . In so doing he is goading the worst instincts of the nascent Obama administration to come on board and fight his personal war for him. It remains to be seen whether Obama has the determination to deflect the administration from acquiescing to this toxic ideology .

Mr Netanyahu will be very mindful how the Bush cabal had Iran lined up after Iraq. He will also be mindful of the USA’s recent message to Iran and Russia through the mouthpiece of Mr Biden , who has cautioned both Iran and Russia of a peace contingent on compliance with USA’s specific agendas in both countries. Nuclear missiles in Iran ; positioning USA defence batteries against Russia in Eastern Europe ( Check Republic and Poland - both members of the EU) and threats of sanctions coupled with militarism against Iran .

There is a further more pressing consideration which should give us pause; it the danger that Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party probably most closely resonates with the Israeli mind set. So many Israelis believe that the outgoing administration has left some unfinished business in Gaza , and want the job finished. Mr Netanyahu has indicated that such a commitment might be a priority for his new coalition .
This policy , coming as it does even before the scorched wounds of Gaza have begun to soothe seems scarcely comprehendible . Even as UNCHR . The UN and others are considering indicting Israeli Officers for war crimes Mr Netanyahu has signalled his willingness to reinvade Gaza.
But as he is more politician than statesman his vacillation on this question will be contingent on how such a course would pander to populism within the Israeli electorate.
The late King Hussein of Jordan befriended Netanyahu in the belief that he could persuade the latter to adopt a more consolatory line in adopting a two State solution to the Arab Israeli conflict . When he thought he had persuaded Mr Netanyahu that such a course was not only prudent one to bring about peace for all the Semitic peoples of the area ( Jews , Arabs , Phoenecians Aramaics ) Mr Netanyahu again changed his mind and betrayed his old friend. Netenyahu had sent Israeli soldiers in the dark of night to dig a tunnel under one of Islams holiest shrines in Jerusalem; The elderly king had misplaced his trust in the suave American educated lawyer.

King Hussein had pleaded with Netantahu to desist from digressing from the course of peace for all the sons of Abaham -( the three Abrahamic religions - Judaism , Christianity , Islam all stem from Biblical Abraham who was directed to lead his people from the plains between the Euphrates and the Tigris into the Promised Land )
Now as they go out to vote tomorrow , the Israelis have a clear choice ; that between peace and a return to disproportionate warfare 1300 / 8 casualties.
Bombing hospitals and schools , UN depots , stores ,places of refuge.
The use of white phosphorous in built up areas; bulldozing down dwellings with people still in the rubble ; war where one third of the casualties are children.
Or they can reject Netanyahu and opt for a more dovish administration. The choice is theirs ; revenge or reconciliation.

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