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In an unequal world - where are you
do you enjoy the fullness of privilege or languish on the sidewalk - do you live on the sunny side or do you really empathize with those who are destined in the gutter , bereft of hope , expectation , optimism.
Is there a contentment in the inequality if you enjoy the sunnier side of the street .?

Submitted: January 16, 2009

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Submitted: January 16, 2009



I see her standing in the half light;
Begging with her infant;
Between the dumbed delusion
Of  a hope she’d had ,
And the vileness of a memory
Of a hurt to painful to express

I see him lying in the half life
Between the drug induced deception
In the sidewalk ;
Of what should ;
And what could  have been

I see them languish in the half hope
Between the nightmare and the dream
Languishing in the wrath
That will only  burn all hope .

I see myself the half-ness  of my pity
The  emptiness of my  sympathy
For those who’ve endured
Beyondmy capacity to understand .
And how the maths
Just  don’t stack up.

I see us all who live across the street from halves
And know that  from some injustice ;
Because of some quirk of birth
Make us  , by some uneven calculation,
Make us have; And them -have not.

And lets us live ; in the fullness of the  light
And rejoice in full ,  not half
And  yet  not feel  the pity
But rant  about  our self contented lives
And our self deservedness of hope .

Between austerity and extravagance
Between the twilight and the dawn
The beams of  opportunity
And the incessant clouds of  doom.

No pennies thrown into a crumpled cap;
Or parsimonious shuffling in the pocket ;
Will brighten their agonising plight
As we turn  andcoyly ,
Walk away , from this  ungainly sight.

Knowing that if we always get the full ,
They can only ever get the half;
Half hope ; half life ; half pity.
Because we can see in broad day  light
Not half of anything
Not half  light ; not half hope ;
But the full cup of  full privilege .

When you or I linger on the  brighter margins
Between the halves who have ;
And those who have had less  than half fortune
To have ; to hold to dream to hope .
And they so bereftof  any expectation.

We all stand in the half light between
Oppression and opportunity
We stand accused

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