That Hand That Guides - New Years Eve

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.another year looms before us

Submitted: January 02, 2010

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Submitted: January 02, 2010



I stand ,tonight alone with the dark
Before me an open avenue.

I know not whether the road is straight
Or crooked .
I neither know whether it is wide or narrow
Or straight or bent;
Or whether it goes on for animeasureable eternity
Or ends of a sudden just some few feet away
Like a platform or a treacherous cliff
Or the like the hangman's gaping trapdoor.

It is dark and I wait for someone
Who it is I await I do not know
Only that to journey forward on this path
I need that hand that Knows
Knows that road ahead

And all its features ; All its contours

Its beginning and its end

Even the sky is unrevealing
No familiar constellations
Only the beauty of the myriad stars twinkling but
Too faint to show the way ahead
And all the night is all about serene and calm.

It breathes in the fog
That spreads before me

But I must journey forward
And I fear of going on alone
And I am now alone

Alone with my past
My trabeculated past
Of weaving forces
In another fog
That rolls in from East to West
And glistens up some stars of guilt
And a few of placid days, fishing on the lake

But there's no road map nor compass, nor lantern
And I await that guiding hand

To guide me through this opening night
Of this years first act , in this unscripted play.
And I await alone in my own dark
Wait for that hand , that hand that I believe
That I desperately need in this yawning crevasse.

The hand I do not yet know
But soon will know every furrow ; every fold
Every crease and every sinew ;
As if it were my Fathers hand

But I place my trust in it now
For there is nothing else
To Know now ; .
And I implore that it come now
Stand with me in this avenue;
At with slow pace , guide me on.

© Copyright 2017 donkylemore. All rights reserved.

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