The Clairol Girl.. And you

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why not take the easy route
crash the queues -break the traffic code
adulterate if its easy -
or pay if that route is easier

Submitted: September 04, 2008

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Submitted: September 04, 2008



When the road you travel is blocked.

By a fallen tree;

You may choose to get an axe

Or you may just turn back.


When the party ostracizes you ,

And you linger on the periphery

Of their closed and glitzy gathering

You may betray yourself and become of them

Or you may also choose to turn away.


When the path you travel is flooded

By the stream in full spate,
After the wrathful deluge;
You may choose to get a boat

Or equally choose to turn back.


When the ageing parent,

Who wont remember your daily visit

You may choose to call today or leave it until tomorrow

And just turn away


When the you boat sail becomes becalmed

In the open vastness of the sea :

You may just float with the Atlantic drift;

Or you may choose to row unyielding against the tide

And not turn back.


When the Clairol girl jumps the queue

Because she’s told she’s worth it

You may succumb to her or

You may choose to tell her she’s not.

Or you may choose to simply turn away.


When the wind blows against you as you walk

And sand blows up from the strand into your eyes ,

With vexatious swirling gusts

You may choose push onward –

And lean with all your might against elements

Into the petulant storm or

You may choose to turn back

Don’t look at me;
As if I knew the reason
Why I just sometimes
Do .

But something from the great unfathomable;

Gives me sometimes an urgent inkling that;

The harder the road;

The more ennobling the journey and yet;

Its reward may not be so evident to you

But even one single triumph

Against the thousand daily temptations to turn away;

Or turn back,

Is itself a statement of yourself;

A plaintiff primal scream;

Into the vastness of eternity;

To say – Hey -! -I’m here !

And maybe in another Eternity;

Another Universe;

Someone, or some form is smiling gently on you.

And maybe that is why;
This time you didn’t
Turn away.
This time you didn’t;
Turn Back.

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