The Jilted Lover

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the man who had everything
his wife leaves him for another woman - and him with a dillema

Submitted: March 26, 2009

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Submitted: March 26, 2009



I could not contemplate
Why she wished to separate
‘Till she told me ,very simply
She walked just like a zomble
And her life was just a lie ;
-So she said with weary sigh.

She said so ; her voice slow and steady
That she was already
Sleeping daily with her lover
In the afternoon in her boudoir

Why and how she could make this choice
I asked in mystified meek voice
Then went down to the kitchen
And sitting down , quite stricken.

I made her morning cup of tea;

Came back to bed , placidly
And slowly considereing all the facts
I felled her deftly with the axe.

Now I sit and contemplate
My fate as I await
The jury as they deliberate
Whether I murdered or man -slaughtered my mate

I ,who had everything to give
Await a verdict whether I should I live;
Or go with placid resignation
In straight jacket to the institution.

That was the dillema of their situation.

I sit and wait with sublime indifference
Quite heedless of the significance.
Of whether they deem me mad or bad
Or just a highly histrionic lad.

It is sad . So sad .
So truly sad.
And may I now gently add ,
That I too had been a cad

As I had a taken here and there a mistresses,
Whom I visited when I grew listless
But the jury are oblivious
and dare i think impervious

So maybe just a little ECT

Could be their finding of my plea

To which I will manfully agree

And just as swiflty will willingly

Bide my time till I am free,

The men who come so solemnlly to my cell

Are all in white , and this augers well.

By donning this srtraightened robe, I can tell

That I have dodged the rope,

And thats just swell.

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