The Republican and the priest

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a few broad brush strokes about a novel ..?

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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Submitted: June 03, 2010



The priest was a middle aged man. He rarely socialised , In the same way as many of the cloth he too had been tarnished by the brush of evil.
A child molester !
They never proved anything against him one way or another but the church had removed im from involvement with children. His confrontations grew smaller and after some months he had all but no parishioners left. The remaining faithful choose to either go to the neighbouring parish or not al alll.
- she held her breath . He was her brother , and the accusations mortified her . She couldn’t herself to believe them. She finally confronted him

- Never in a million years would  he  touch a child in any  disrespectful way. But they have decided my fate now, those two boys ,. I don’t know why they said those things but there’ll be an investigation and one way or another I’ll lose .
- Oh God . Tell me before God none of it is true . I cant kneel in prayer at night thinking of our parents if any of this were true.
- do you think I could , Tina . Do you think I could stand there on the altar before God .. And now what am I doing any way .. Saying mass to myself. I know what they’re saying. People have a right to be angry, but I’m as innocent as .. I swear to you on my mothers  grave I’m innocent
- what’ll you do
Do ? Oh I’ll wait for the cannon and the bishop to conduct their enquiries . They may send someone from Rome yet. I don’t know.
_ should you get a solicitor or someone .
- no . I don’t think that would help. It might do the opposite . They might take the view that my needing to take a legal defence insinuates my guilt .
One way or another Tina , whatever happens your place is by your husbands side.
- he despises you  know . I’ve  never known his to hate another mortal as he is you,
Except .. Maybe Frankie .

-Frankie followed a path  which none of us could have determined . He was my favourite…do you hear from him at all.
-No..not a word ..none
Say a prayer for me  Tina .. I just don’t know hoe this will end up..pray for me
-is Frankie damned ?
Good Lord who am I to judge a boy who’se grown to a man I don’t even see his face .I pray for him all the time .

Connors is making the last dash to meet his mother . He has long lost the respect of his father who looks on him with despise. He joined the Republicans and moved quickly through the ranks he was their chief sbniper in the triangle of death. The press called him many things burt had no pictures of him.  They thought he might be 3 people .He regarded his privacy as his only security. No one knew him. No one could identify  him. He worked alone on orders from on top. He picked his shooting point and with his snipers rifle he was accurate at 500 yards.His area of operations was in an area they called The Deadly Triangle. And he was deadly. Knocked off over a dozen officers, at least.

But their last order was to come into the city. He never worked in the city he argued with his interlocutor.
They had to be taken out. Two officers who held the most damning against the head men. These two worked together. Queers maybe. They were coming to the end of their tour of duty.
The plan was to organise a protest march and lure them into the lane. High-rise buildings all around gave him a number of vantage points , he was the only one that could take out 2 at once.
It would be his last job. The peace process was coming anyway and they were going to concede a cease fire .
Just this once.
They’d arranged to get him to Havana the following day. He would be gone . New identity . Financial security. The boss was adamant
- it’s the regiment .. No mater when ever they’re stood down .. They’ll keep coming after you.. They are as it it . And these 2 officers wouldn’t help , the bastards never give up.. They’ll be working as lawyers , or bankers in the city.. But they’ll never stop.theye’ll always stay in contact. it’s the old boy school thing.
Connors  knew they were right . His only trump card was no one knew his face other that the interlocutor and the 2 heads.
The plan was to lure the 2 S. officers into  a vantage point .

The march was a diversion . The rioters were urged to start throwing stones at one point. Then they would retreat into Rosbery lane . There he would get the shot. The 2 lieutenants would be out front . It would be their last assignment and they couldn’t  resist it. They’d be there at the front . They had inside information ,

He went with the interlocutor that night to take in the scene, It was different from his long shots in the Triangle . His escape hatches were so numerous there. Here it was different . The top flats had the typical balcony arrangements one saw everywhere. With clothes out hanging . He guessed it to be 450 yrds to the top of the lane . 2 shots from there ?  shouldn’t’t be a problem.
He had no choice . What problem had he anyway. ? He’d killed a dozen at least in ther triangle.
Why me .
- its all agreed . The negotiations are already ongoing . They’ve agreed to release most of their volunteers.
- and I’m not negotiable ? that’s about it .. isn’t it.
- they don’t know who you are . Even the tabloids have no ID on you. No photo .no  artists impression . Nothing . But no they’ll ask . Demand you be handed over.. We’ll say you were a wild card .. Acted on your own ..let them ask around one knows you..
Your needs will be looked after in Havana , you can get yourself a boat and retire as a fisherman ? Your money is secure , I’ll see to that .. My word.
These guys have to go.. They have too much evidence..
- don’t they share it .. File it.. Keep it on some encrypted files ..
- apparently the BA were getting nervous about their cavalier approach. They were acting as 2 lone rangers .. didn’t’t share info.. Stuck together all the time .. So most of the evidence is personal.. And they cad ID our 2 top men .. that’s life for them .. No court here or in the UK would do otherwise.. They have to be wiped clean.. Away.

He argued the details . How would he get his rifle in. No need they’d have another
No .!  he’d use his own. -  Ok we’ll work something out.
How’ll I get it. We’ll get a reliable handler.
The gun will be locked in its case.. I’ like to rifle it myself everyday ?
Difficult.. .. But we’ll manage it.
-who’ll deliver the gun presuming you get it to te flats
-all arranged
-and after the job.?
- you’ll have to vanish .. Again arranged
- I will have to make one last visit ,,home
-they couldn’t countenance this - too risky.
- family last time ..
In the extreme circumstances ..ok .. But it’ll be under our ..logistics ..

Everything went to plan . The protest march which was an innocent thing descended into provocation of the BA .. The protesters retreated as arranged and patrol followed down  into the lane . The two officers were easily identified despite not wearing rank markings

. The shot took all of 5 mins . Then a clear view . 2 shots and both fell . He took off his gloves , and went into the flat , up through a trapdoor . A path had been cut through the attics . He was in the car and out of the area in 5 minutes . He was dropped the southern side of the border. Another car drove him south.

Mrs McNulty was coming across the farmyard in the fading light when she heard the voice.
- Ma
She recognised it instantly . He was leaning against the wall of the cowshed. She hadn’t seen her son in 10 years .
- Frankie !
-Ma  !  -
- Lord jesus Frankie ..its you !
- listen Ma  cant stay long .. You know the way..
- don’t believe all they say..
- let me see you Frankie
- better not .
- just let me hug you .. !
- she felt the strong arms crush her ..
- I heard about Fr Peter .. Is it true ..
The woman was confounded in the double shoji
- I ddont know Frankie . What about you ..
- just telll me do you think its true.
- no no God no.. he wouldn’t hurt a fly.. But the people don’t believe him .. They wont go to his mass, and the church arent helping .. There’s talk of a church trial.. And maybe the gyards ..
- ma . He’s done no wrong .. I have .. I’ll have to face the  music myself .. But I think he’s innocent .. What about Pa..
- Dnt ask son.. He’ll never forgive .. You know him.. He’s disowned both of you .. that’s the way ..
- I know ..

 The church was silent as the newly ccommunicants sat proudle with their prents.
Two masked men entered the church and walked slowly up the aisle as the priest was about to go to the lectern,
Another masked man steped out from the sancturuary and gently brushed him aside .
- this’ll only take a minute.he went to the lectern
- some of you know me ..or of me. Whatever you know is only half the truth .
I’m here because I have no face . No place in society . Very soon I’ll be gone . You’ll never see or hear of me again.
Ive come to say that you are persecuting an innocent man. Fr Peter has never done ant harm to any child. There is some scheme to damage him. And its succeeding. But you are passing judgement on a man who has not even been tried. I ask you to choose to exact your vengence against the guilty.. People like me.. I’m guilty and I too will have to face my God.
But I ask you to let this same od also judge Fr Peter .
He is an innocent man , convictive by some local scheming .

He disappears as he had come , car takes him to airport with new ID , passport etc
Arrives in Havana . Meets up with subversive sympathisers as arranged.
He locates in a sleepy Cuban port , gets a boat ans starts a new life

 The SAS have not gven up. The regiment want to find the snioer from the triangle. If ht was he . Who else could have taken out 2 officers in a crowd .
They descend on the village using a sleeper who moves into the community , joins the hunt and lives as a retired gentleman.

He’s left an address where his mother can receive msgs from him but she noot from him. They set up listening devices ,
Ttry to get the father on their side .
Father suspects that he’s being set uo.
Fr peter denounces his nephew ; will not accept evidnce from a terrorist ,pity he was his nephew ,
Can he give evidendce to SAS . No he’s apoliicat.
But he spoke from his altar .

Connors is 3 years in the fishing villaage e. goes to the local hostelry. Brothel. Involved in salmon fishing. A seal gets  into the system . Gotta be killed . He ventures to shoot the seal if he got eh right gun. Gets one . Rifles it. Manufactures a dum ddum bullett shoots the seal.
Theres a storm. He escapes te storm . But he is in a place he doesn’t recognise . Its tranquil where he is . He tries to connect with other fishermen , cant do. He survives . All the fishermen are lost.

I am the least worthy to survive
- SAS come back. Hiring his boat.

Provincial paper reports the event on a small column. SAS pck up on the fisherman.
Arrive in Havana and find their way to Porta Pisca  .they see him straight up.  But  have no recognition of his features
They have their man but no evidence to get a conviction . Will they take him out . London says what’re the consequences .. Maybe return to war in NI .

Try to make a deal . Is he . They can curtail the SAS vengeance .
No deal .
Connors realises he has no life anywhere . Despairs . Becomes more religious .

Turns against the  Castro forces . Imperiarism
I s on the run again  from where Castro’s forces took power in Cuba

He becomes a ………….

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