Time-Line of an Imortal Queen

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time unheeded ; conquered by a celebrity
She plunders , triumphs ,
witticisms epithets drop from her dulcet lips
till a bird soars above her and awaits ..
as her mind decays
and perfidious age is on the prowl
relentlessly.. awaits

Submitted: August 27, 2009

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Submitted: August 27, 2009



What burning affairs  rage within
The echoing vaults of her awakened mind
What troubled cloud  does pass across her willowing thoughts
And trace their tear upon her golden countenance ?
Which cloudless sky will bestow its warmth upon her alabaster brow
Which bird shall sing the merriness of her mornings delight ?

Which strapless gown will she wear to town today
A little black number  perhaps by Gucci
White gloved  like  Audrey Hepburn ?

Cast back the wardrobe ; let me see and thing and try and think ..of what I wore last night  and
Of that unflattering mirror in the restaurant ;
And the too- concealing stool in the nightclub
Oh get a life !!

Her gilded word comes from her
Purple lips  as purple prose
And is worshiped by her golden circle  ;
At her alter when she takes audience
And with whom she  auditions and then audits
Their daily  invective
With daylong  gossip  ; peppered with salacious scandal
Sliced with slander and  
Strained  in a simmering colander.

Who is sleeping with whom now
And guess who had a threesome
In the golf club , without the balls
Oh ! Get a life …..

Snort a line.. Chase the Dragon..
Followedwith a desert
Of Lebanese gold ..
And Dom Perignion till dawn..
And  a little Nembutal to drift in numbed congress with Morpheus in   dreamless sleep..

Get a Life ..!!
So many  losers out there ..

Where have gone the puzzles turned to torment and confusion
In the sunken trenches of her war torn mind ?
Which storm has spent its fury ;
And flung itself among her forests and befelled  her  ancient swaying Oaks and Sycamores ?
What cart has carried her unawoken  from the brooding heavens ;
Before the leaves  rose up in whirlwinds and flew in torrents
And fell  upon her avenues ,
And  all along the length of  her meandering path ?

What albatross follows her all her days
 and watches her by  moonlight
And by faded light of day ?

Till the winds will  cease
And the colander grow cold
And the alabaster brow  
Grow untroubled ,
Yellowed ,waxen on crisp starched  linen sheet.

© Copyright 2017 donkylemore. All rights reserved.

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