Two Kisses

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she died before her time

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



We paused outside her house.
Moved towards one another ,

One soft yielding kiss ;
Without hesitancy,
Just the soft velvet slime of her lips on mine ,
Her mouth and mine like warm oysters
Exploring every moist satin crevice of her mouth;

Leaning against her back gate
Which rattled ,grumpily at our urgings.

It was after the party.
We were both sixteen.

Our heads moving in yielding synchrony
One with the other
Rolling over each others moisture
On a December night
My thigh brushing against hers .
Gently parting

When cribs were huddled
In each silent sleeping house
At this dark hour , with frost glistening on the pavement
But we neither felt the cold ,
In this Christmas spell , cast down upon us both

She went away , And we lost touch ; Of any kind

And later , she returned to a place quite unchanged
And yet she also ,unchanged in demeanour .
But some other vicissitudes had claimed her

And like a parasite .sucked away her life
Like a lamper eel does a salmon in her home estuary,
Clasps ,digs its claws , and sucks blood
The life of the noble fish who crossed an ocean to return.

And when she turned middle age
The sunlight never more
Brightened her days again,
And webs of dark and deepest gloom
Took away the sparkle of her being

(It was her first kiss
And maybe my third
Or maybe fourth
Because you could always brag a bit
When you were sixteen)

Next time I kissed her forehead
It was cold
Cold as stone
Her face imperturbable in her coffin
I kissed her forehead

And as the lid closed in on her reconciled features
Someone handed me a screw
To turn and fix the lid

Coffin closed ,

A last kiss

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