We step each day..

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One step, a journey , from what we are ... from where we've been , and who comes after ..
Rejoice that you know yourself as you .. that's liberation

On another level .its about an alternative way of looking at who we are.
Not an easy read ; not that pleasing either ; But it comes to me that individuals , maybe someone else uses these same bits to make up 'them' when we're finished .
Think of the soul ( crudely ) as a radio capable of perceiving millions of sounds and transmitting them to billions of people .
Plod to the end . I'm not gone on the idea. Just a thought experiment .
Skip it if you're sitting down for lunch !
Skip it if you're settling down with a glass of fine wine .
In fact I cant think of any good circumstances in which I'd recommend reading it .

Cheat !
Skip all the drivel in the middle and read the first 2 'bits' and the last one 'bit'

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



We step each day

We step each day with such a blindness , we cant see
In such chaotic din ,we can never hear
Yet we make it through the path
That’s already been traversed by other souls
In precisely this same way
With as much oblivion as  each of  those other travelers .
Who went this way
Ten thousand times or more.

Think Now, Would you prefer ;

To see the light behind the veils of darkness ;
To know the path of our destined day ;
To hear the conversations long since argued and debated ,
To know that these have  all been ,
Seen , and done , and heard , and traveled
Ten thousand times or more !

But you or I have no choice
Less than with the dice man at the county fare.
So take each day as yours to traverse
In the liberty of your being
In the luxury of not knowing
For only when you appear to have a choice
Do you or Iexperience a sense of freedom.

To know  beforehand is  to have read the book
You took on the Desert Island .
When you’ve read it
It is over ; terminated
Like the last train stop
On the track; Journey’s End

Rejoice in the blindness of the veils
From the  vivid luminance of the searing  light
Take comfort in your  deafness to the din
And not knowing  the course of  either idle chat
Or penetrating discourse  or  conflicted  conversation.

Our souls may not truly be only ours
But a vehicle for ten thousand other travelers on this path
In this din , Under the tungsten glare ,
Engaged , enraged  ; conflicted in these conversations
And these souls  just spin round and through
Space -time
And our molecules and atoms are just temporarily
In this alignment for us at this time .
Every proton , neutron , electron , quark

(And lets not forget Higgs-Bosun
Perish the thought )
Making us what we know as us
And not an assembly of atoms.
Or just bits from people of the past
When we in time shall pass our bits  to the future
Or maybe even right now in another dimension.

And everything is spinning away
In an expanding universe.

Ok ! Heavy Going ?
Me too .
Forget Hawkins , and the subatomic theorists
Who dreamed of Shoenberg’s cat
Which can be both dead and alive at the same time .

Step out each day with welcome for the a blindness , we cant see
Be hospitable to the  chaotic din ,we can never hear
And  make it through the path
Of all your days
In your own individual  way
With all the failings , joys 
Achievements and disappointments.
Of a life that is a privilege to be yours  today
Do it your own inimitable way - everyday ! 
And let the begrudgers too have theirs
Any day .


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