The love between Christ and me

You love is intense
with each moment
I want to love You more.
You whisper to me of my beauty.
You push away the lies I used to believe.
You shower me with gifts.
I am desperate for Your
arms around me.
Your strength surrounds me.
My breath comes faster
just thinking of You.
You pull me to You,
hold me tightly to your chest.
Your heartbeat and my heartbeat
become like one.
Your breath is inside me.
I feel your love growing in me.
Your love makes me bold.
You make me beautiful.
My countenance is glowing
from your love.
I want to know and explore every little part of you.
You know everything about me and you love me more.
You are everything I need,
more than I could dream of.
You perfect me.

Submitted: July 03, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Donna Campbell. All rights reserved.

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