Bobby Come Home

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That moment after death and where we end up, what we choose to see and what we choose not to. Our new place in the world, our new home where would that be and who will guide us there if we don't know where to go.

Submitted: October 11, 2009

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Submitted: October 11, 2009



Bobby and Andrew walked home from school together everyday since they were in 3rd grade. They lived in the same apartment complex and became inseparable almost immediately. Halloween was coming up in two days; both Bobby and Andrew had been planning to go trick or treating together around the neighborhood and to one of the most popular Halloween parties thrown by none other than one of the most popular boys in their school, Jonah Hoskins.
They were only in the 5th grade but Jonah was known around their elementary school by everyone and everyone loved him including the teachers. He was a patrol and he participated in their school news crew. All of the kids loved playing with him, and sitting by him in the cafeteria. His father and mother were known actors that he boasted about on an everyday occasion. As Bobby and Andrew walked home from school, police cars flew by in a flash with sirens blazing. Bobby and Andrew’s eyes followed the direction to where the cars were speeding to.
They were going into the Wilshire Subdivision where the rich folks lived, including Jonah Hoskins. Bobby replied after the police cars turned into the subdivision, “What do you think happened?”
“Bobby I know that look, nothing bad probably happened it’s probably just an alarm that went off due to one of their fancy poodles getting caught in a fence or something.” Both Bobby and Andrew began laughing and thought nothing more of the police cars as they made their way into the apartment complex. “Hey, Bobby will you come out to play after you finish your homework?”
“What homework, Bobby replied.” Andrew rolled his eyes; it was just like Bobby to forget that they had math homework, one of his least favorite subjects.
“We have homework in Mr. Grimley’s class remember and a test is on Friday.”
“Yeah I know.” Bobby replied nonchalantly. Andrew jumped over a speed bump and tripped falling to the ground; his book bag went flying up in the air. Bobby started laughing the cold look Andrew gave him, made Bobby stop; he looked at Andrew all puzzled. Andrew got up and brushed himself off, he stood there with a sad look on his face, a frown that turned into a large grin that spread across his face. “Ha, ha got you Bobby, I’m ok; see you at the park when you finish your homework.”
“Yeah sure, Bobby replied. There was something about the look Andrew gave bobby that didn’t sit well. A lump formed in the pit of Bobby’s stomach as he made his way into his apartment. Bobby finished his math homework in time to meet Andrew at the park, but when he arrived at the park there was no sign of Andrew anywhere. Bobby decided to sit and wait for Andrew and as the hours passed and the sun set and the sky grew dark Bobby decided that he would head back home. When he got in the door his mother sat on the sofa with one hand to her mouth and the other holding her chest. “Bobby come sit by me son, she replied. “What’s the matter mom?” bobby replied with an innocent tone.
“Honey I have some very bad news to share with you. There was an accident at your friend’s home tonight.” Bobby eyes grew wide in shock, “No not Andrew, I knew something was up when he didn’t show!”
Bobby’s mom began crying as she shook her head. “No Bobby it wasn’t at Andrew’s but Jonah’s.”
Bobby sat down next to his mom, his eyes glued to the television set where the news displayed a home, Jonah’s home. The home was huge and there were yellow caution tape around it, police cars were parked out in front of the home and there was an ambulance. Bobby sat there frozen and only thought of his good friend Andrew and wondered if he saw what happened and felt the same eerie feeing.
Bobby stared at the television disbelief and shock on his face. He looked over at this mother, her blank face chilled him to the bones, and her skin was pale, eyes distant and dark. “Mom!” Bobby cried out. She said nothing as she sat there her eyes glued to the television tears fell down her white cheeks. Bobby got up and ran to the door he looked back at his mother, frozen face emotionless. Bobby ran out of the apartment. He needed to find Andrew, for Andrew knew what to do in any situation. Bobby ran through the park, across the parking lot to get to Andrew’s apartment building, Bobby stopped in tracks and looked around, from inside the darkness surrounding him heard a howling sound.
In front of him was the apartment building, building 11. Andrew’s building unlike the buildings across the parking lot was dark and depressing. Except there was one light a dimming light inside the apartment hallway that blinked on and off. Bobby stood in the pitch blackness afraid to take another step. Bobby squint his eyes, he found it hard to focus. He let out an airy gasp as his eyes began to focus on a dark figure lurking on the staircase. Bobby’s footsteps moved backwards, he was close to sprinting out of there, fearful of what would come next. “Hello! Is there someone there?” Bobby shouted. There was silence from the stairs; Bobby could hear the wood on the staircase creek. Bobby’s breathing fastened, he screamed out as a shadowy figure from behind grabbed him. Their hands flew to cover Bobby’s mouth. Bobby’s eyes widened in shock. He fought off his attacker by throwing his foot back as hard as he could. “Ouch!” his attacker screamed. Bobby turned to see Andrew bent over and holding his ankle.
“Sorry Andrew, I- I thought you were someone else.” Andrew looked up his eyes like white clouds. Bobby didn’t think twice he took off running. He would run back home as fast as he could. He could hear Andrew call out to him. “Bobby its time that you came home!”Bobby was confused, but he kept running as a cloud of smoke surrounded him. He began coughing, uncontrollably choking on the smoke that consumed his lungs. Bobby screamed out as glowing eyes stared at him from inside the smoke. Hands reached out for him. He wanted to run away but he couldn’t for his body became weak from choking, his breathing panicky. Bobby’s eyes red, and burning, he closed them and his body fell to the ground.
As Bobby awakened to the sound of Andrew’s voice before him, Andrew reached out for Bobby at first reluctant Bobby tried to push himself up from the ground, he hand no energy and thought it was best to take hold of Andrew’s hand for support. “You scared me there for a minute.” Andrew spoke.
Bobby looked at Andrew still in a daze. “I scared you?” Bobby asked with a questioning look.
“Yeah I didn’t think you would come through, because I desperately need to show you something Bobby.”
“What is it?” Bobby asked now feeling a bit relieved. Maybe what happened was all a dream, the news all of it all in his imagination. It was just a dream, or more like the scariest nightmare he has ever had. “Follow me bobby.” Andrew directed Bobby to follow him as they walked out of the apartment complex and into the neighborhood.
“Where are we going Andrew? It’s getting pretty late my mom would expect me home at this time.” Andrew looked at Bobby with a concerning stare. “It’s ok Bobby, I already asked your mom, and she said it was ok.”
Bobby soon forgot about everything that took place as he walked down the street kicking and throwing rocks. So Andrew where did you go? I was looking for you at the park after I finished my homework?
“I’ve been home; waiting for you Bobby and you never showed up, that’s why I’m here. Bobby’s mind was one track, he stopped as they approached the gated community to where Jonah lived. “Why are we going to Jonah’s? The Halloween party isn’t until this weekend. We still have two days right?” bobby questioned.
“Is that what you remember Bobby?” Bobby’s hand in his pockets, his head down, body slumped over. “That’s all I can remember and us walking from school when we saw those police cars speeding down the street. Did you know Andrew that they were coming here, to Jonah’s?” Tears fell from Bobby’s eyes. “Did you see it on the news Andrew?’ Bobby cried out.
“I saw it.” Andrew replied. “What else did you see on the news?” Andrew asked his gaze distant.
“I didn’t stay long, I ran out of the apartment.” Bobby got all choked up.
“Why did you run bobby? You should have watched it so you would understand.”
“My mom, she wasn’t herself, she just sat there frozen like she had just seen a ghost.” Andrew didn’t respond as he walked up to the gate and pushed it open. There was burned debris flying in the air. Smoke lingered through the community, Jonah’s house was straight down and directly in the middle of the subdivision. Bobby had this feeling of familiarity as his eyes bore at the huge castle like mansion, it was as if he had walked this street before, as his eyes moved about the other homes with their perfectly cut green grass. He recalled running and pointing at the houses in awe. Amazed at how huge they all were.
“Come on Bobby you must walk faster, or we will miss it.” Bobby ran and caught up to Andrew. “Does any of this look familiar to you Bobby?” Andrew asked his eyes never leaving Bobby’s.
“It does but I don’t know why I can’t remember coming here!”
“Think real hard, for whatever reason you blacked it out. But you have to remember Bobby you just have to, so you can come home.” Bobby turned to Andrew with an angry and confused glare on his face
“Will you stop saying that? I am home this is my home, Andrew!”
“No, bobby not anymore, remember, I had to show you something well look. Andrew pointed his finger in the direction of a large blackened spot it was in the front yard of Jonah’s home. It was nothing but burnt debris.
Bobby tried to think really hard as the smoky air began to surround him once again. Bobby started coughing and fell to the ground; he held his eyes open for as long as he could before he blacked out.
When bobby awakened he heard the sounds of children playing and laughing. “Bobby over here, he heard Andrew yell out to him. Bobby blinked a few times and was excited to see all of the cool party décor surrounding the home, there were clowns walking around making hot air balloons, horses and train rides and the largest jumper he ever seen. He ran over to Andrew and the other kids “come on bobby!” the children screamed, bobby kicked off his shoes and jumped in head first to the jumper. He was having so much fun just like all the other children that no one noticed the dark clouds forming in the sky.
In a matter of seconds the clear blue sky turned dark and grey. Like all of Jonah’s parties his parents hired a select few sitters from around the neighborhood to sit and watch the kids while they themselves ventured off to a party of their own. Natalie, Jonah’s head sitter came over to check on them as she watched the dark clouds huddle over the house. “Jonah do you want to go inside and play with your friends?” she questioned with a strained look upon her face. Jonah scurried over the other kids as they bounced up and down happily without a care in the world of any dark forming clouds so high up above the sky. Jonah peep his head out of the jumper he looked up at the sky and a frown washed over his face, he threw his arm out and waved his hand in the windy air “No rain drops, Natalie” Jonah cried “Just a little longer please!” he begged. Natalie nodded.
Jonah made his way back into to the jumper and continued to play. Natalie walked over to the table serving ice cones and cotton candy. She looked back over to Jonah and the other children having the time of their lives, a few dark clouds shouldn’t spoil their fun. Minutes passed still no rain drops, Natalie and some of the other sitters sat in the large tent just a few feet away from the children. A lot of the caterers were leaving along with the horses and train ride personnel.
Natalie must have dozed off; she jumped to her feet when she heard loud screams and children crying. “Natalie, Natalie! The Children!” Someone screamed. Natalie eyes widened in shock when she ran out of the tent to see the jumper lit up on fire the children inside tumbling over one another to get out. A spark from the lightening came down and lit the jumper up on fire almost immediately. Tears stung her eyes and at first she couldn’t breathe, or move but something like a spirit came over her and she ran to the children their cries of panic struck at her with intense pain. Natalie not thinking ran to the children and began pulling them out of the jumper not concerned with the sparks and fire that was spreading so rapidly. At first Natalie didn’t seem to be affected by the burning sensation that started over her legs and began to rise, her yellow sundress caught on fire and you could hear her screams but she didn’t stop she had to save the children. The poor children, tears streamed down her cheeks. One by one Natalie continued to pull the children whom was closer to the entrance of the jumper out, her skin began to boil and crack she had never felt so much pain. Not to far away you can hear the fire trucks flying into the subdivision. Neighbor’s stood outside of their homes eyes bulging and mouths dropped open, they stood there on their grassy lawns frozen, they couldn’t move or didn’t want to. Natalie screamed out for Jonah, she was at the edge of the jumper looking in her eyes strained as the pain was felt all around her.
“It was immediate, there was a strike of lightening, silent no thunder and at first you couldn’t see anything it came and it went.” One of the sitters spoke in a shaken voice. The police officer jotted down a few notes in his pad. “CLEAR!” both the officer and sitter turned their attentions to the paramedics as they worked on one of the boys who was pulled out first and was still breathing. “CLEAR!” you heard the paramedics shout. Then the sound of the monitor going flat, everyone’s heads went down, no survivors as one of the paramedics called the time of death. A heavy gust of wind blew past them as the debris swept up and began to fly away. The debris seemed to follow in a path outside the community and through the gates.
“Do you see now Bobby?” Bobby jumped up from the pavement, tears filled his eyes as he looked back at the spot where he remembered them playing in the jumper. As the party décor, faded along with the clowns and horses, the police cars and fire truck and paramedics disappeared as they covered Bobby’s body upon on the stretcher.
“Its time Bobby. Andrew has made you see what’s real and what is not.”Natalie approached the boys the same dark figure Bobby saw standing at the stairs in the hallway of Andrew’s apartment building. Bobby never saw her and or paid much attention to her before. Natalie held out her hand to Bobby as a gleaming white cloud floated just above them. As the tears fell from Bobby’s eyes he held out his hand to Natalie, he looked over at Andrew full of smiles he knew then it was time for him to go home where he was meant to be.

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