Vashni on that real ISh!

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Vashni my alter ego. I awake, or sit alone and think of she, and a scene of her comes to life.

Submitted: March 30, 2011

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Submitted: March 30, 2011



Vashni stood in front of the spotted mirror. She was in a filthy bathroom where toilet tissue and soiled paper towels covered the floor.  Shirley the junkie from around the way sat lazily on the grimy bathroom floor, crying and begging for her next fix.  Her dirty nails scratched at her scalp no doubt full of dandruff and lice.  “Listen hoe don’t cry to me. I don’t know what to tell yah.  I don’t let'em run up in me. I aint no stupid hoe that don’t know shit. That’s your place in the world my place is to fuck these men over. These no good, half bred motha fucka’s it don’t matta none to me because they don’t matta.  I taught you, well shit I tried to teach yo ass how to do and you turned around and did the opposite. Got hooked on that fuck shit and at these bastards beck and call, child I aint go no love for yah. I’m going to keep doing me.” Vashni finished applying her makeup, and rolled her hair up into a ball on the top of her head. Vashni didn’t bother looking down at Shirley as she stepped over her. Shirley sobbed and scratched at the sores on her legs and arms. Vashni walked out of the bathroom and into the club where the fools were throwing their hard earned money to the drunken and drugged up bitches dancing sluggishly on the dance floor.  Vashni burst into laughter as one of them swung around the pole and fell flat on her ass. None of the dudes in the spot seemed to care or notice. Vashni, impressed at the woman who jumped back up and continued dancing.  “These hoes tired.” Vashni spat as she exited the club. 

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