A Summers Love

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This story tells of a perfect love.

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Submitted: December 05, 2007



The young boy emphasized the charcoal on his sketchpad while he sat under the apple tree in the middle of the orchard. There was a soft summers breeze, hardly strong enough to flip a few pieces of paper beside him. A rustling noise in the trees startled him, and from behind a tree a familiar face popped out the young girl, looking prettier than ever in her new white dress, shouldn't have been out in the fields that day, so the boy wondered why she was there. Her hands were held behind her back, and the boy pondered what she was holding, She asked him to close his eyes, so he gladly complied, and she held out her hands and told him to open his eyes again she was holding a bunch of fresh flowers, she had most likely picked them off the side of the road by the church. The boy reckoned she must have went to mass today, and gladly set the flowers down on the papers to his left. The girl sat down beside the boy and grabbed his hand, carfully interlacing their fingers. The breeze picked up and the boy could feel her soft golden hair blowing against him. The boy was quick to cover his sketch pad, because he had not yet finished his drawing. He hadn't planned on seeing her so early in the day, and had plotted his every move to deliver it to her later when he went over for dinner. Curiously the girl peered past the boy, but he had it covered quite well amongst his other papers and sktches. He whispered to her that he would make sure she got her surpise later that night and they both smiled, lost within each others eyes, the moved closer to each other, and together, they shared their first kiss. The sun was beginning to set, and the breeze died down. He had never felt so good before in his life, and could tell she felt the same way. The boy began to gather his papers, and told her as he stood up, that he was going to go home and get changed before he could go to her house for dinner. She nodded and smiled politely, still caught up in the moment, and the boy began to walk away, he turned around and walked backwards, just to look at her one last time, and turned back around to run home. The boy arrived back home, and jumped up the three steps to his porch, and hurried upstairs to his room. Judging by the light comming in through his window, he had enough time to take a bath, and get changed. He got out his good shoes from under his bed, buttoned his shirt, and tucked it in. After ptting on the vest his mother made him for christmas, he combed his hair, still slightly wet. He wanted to look his best for her when he arrived for dinner. He ran back down the stairs, and walked slowly into the kitchen, his mother was standing at the counter drying the dishes. He told her he loved her, and that he was going over to Stephanies for dinner, and left through the back door. The sky was now orange and red. It was a fairly long walk down the road over the Stephanies, and as he reached the top of the hill, he became somewhat nervous. This was only the second time he would be meeting her parents. He stopped, brushed the dust from the road off of his shoes and began the last few steps to her house. The front door was open, with the screen door blocking a few flies from entering. He knew it was only polite to knock and just as he raised he hand to do so, Stephanies mother emerged from a doorway inside, and welcomed him into their home. She called out for Stephanie, he could hear her door open and close. His heart was beating more than ever. There she was, she came down the stairs, still in her lovely white dress, and he had never seen anything more beautiful. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper, and told her, that it was her surprise. She smiled while she unfolded it, and then she froze. She looked back up to the young boys eyes. She was speachless, as she looked at his wonderful drawing. It was of the two of them, sitting in a tree, just like the first day they had actually spent time alone together and they headed into the dining room together, holding hands, for the very first time, only to do so every night from then on. For he had fallen in love with a beautiful young girl. And she had fallen in love with a charming young boy. They were meant to last, and married as soon as they were old enough. To this day, hey still walk hand in hand together to the dinner table, and his lovely drawing of their first date, still hangs above the head of their bed. For they had found, everlasting love.

The End

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