Have Some Compassion

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Give them a break, help out with what you can.

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Submitted: December 05, 2007



Why should we care for or help for the poor?
Can't you see the man crawling into the box outside your door.
It's a future home, a place with rules, a place for him,
And not for you, because all you did was sit back and grin.
With your big screen tv, and your pre-packaged foods,
You could care less about anything, because your in a good mood.
You get up in the morning, drink your coffe, and you sit,
Completely relaxed, and all of the pieces of your puzzle seem to fit.
There are those of us, with not much to give,
Hardly enough to get by, let alone live.
But we still carry our pride inside, and we do our best,
Just look out the shop window next time your buying a dress.
Tell me what you see, because if you say nothing, then thats a lie,
Because what I see, is a homeless man, about to cry.
So why help the poor? Why do you ask?
Ill shall tell you why, but first we have to remove this mask.
We have to see ourselves, and picture ourselves in a poor mans shoe,
With nothing to eat, not enough clothes, and nothing to do.
You need to take that feeling, and abolish it, once and for all,
Take an extra dollar or two, and donate it somehwere it'l be used,
don't spend it on stuff you don't need at your local shopping mall.

Thank you.

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