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Who knew one night out could be so much fun!

Submitted: January 04, 2008

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Submitted: January 04, 2008



Swanton is a small town, where everyone seems to know each other. A farming town with very little to do; a few bars, a market, and a small shopping center. On the night of Tuesday May 5th, Kelly Garray was out with her friends at one of the local bars. She had a few drinks and was looking around the bar for someone to talk to; she didn’t want to go home alone that night. She spotted a rather good-looking guy sitting alone near the jukebox. She didn’t recognize him, and assumed he was just passing through, so she made her way over and started to make small talk with him.

• • • • •

“Are you from around here?”

“Nope. I’m just in town for the night, I’m on a business trip, and I’ve got to head out early in the morning if I’m going to make it to my meeting in time.”

“Oh, so what do you do then?”

“I’m a representative for a small paper manufacturing company. The company itself is only a few years old, but we use top quality materials and produce a wide variety of products ranging from business cards and sticky-notes, to poster papers, to envelopes and flyers or small magazines for companies. Due to our vast array of top-notch products, the business hasn’t slowed down in growth since it’s opening.”

“Wow, that’s pretty informative.”

“Actually, I took that from the opening of my speech. Oh man, I’m such a loser, giving the first part of my speech to a lovely lady in a bar. You must think I’m such a nerd.”

“Oh, no. No, no, no, not at all. I like a man who knows his stuff. I think you’re pretty cute, but I don’t know your name yet.”

“My name’s Rob. Robert Kinnley.”

“I’m Kelly, it’s nice to meet you.”

The two hit it off quite well, and they shared a few drinks and stories. After a while, and a few more drinks, Rob invited Kelly back to his uncle’s old farm.

“It’s honestly one of the best places, I’ve come to know to watch the stars. I used to come down here to visit my Uncle Hank during the summer as a child, and every night, I’d wander out into his fields to watch the stars, sometimes, I fell asleep out there, and worry my uncle to death, but it was worth it.’

Rob, put on his jacket, the two got up, and ventured outside to Rob’s Jeep, and although hesitant at first, Kelly got in. She had just met the guy, and he offered to take her to a farm to watch the stars, she was nervous. She began to observe and make mental notes of the vehicle just in case anything happened, but she had a good feeling about Rob, and tried to shake off the nervousness. Rob made a right turn off the main road and down a dirt road, and shortly after, they came to a chained steel gate.

“Sorry, my uncle was a bit, um, ‘cautious’ to say the least. He didn’t want anybody bothering him, or stealing his crops, I mean, just about the only people he’d let onto the farm were relatives, close friends, doctors, and tax people, so one summer I helped him put this gate in.”

“Oh my. Well I guess he had his reasons, I mean, I like my privacy myself. I probably wouldn’t go to the limit, or put up gates, but I like my privacy”

After opening the locked gate, and getting back into the Jeep, is was just a short drive down the dirt road until the trees cleared and a beautiful farmhouse came into view, and behind the house, what appeared to be an almost endless field under the now dark sky.

“I’ve got a blanket inside. I’ll just go run in and grab it real quick, then we can sit and enjoy this beautiful night together. Ok?”

“Ok. Sounds alright to me.”

Rob ran up the front steps, and almost instantly Kelly could see the porch lights and the interior lights go on through the window almost simultaneously. Kelly, starting to feel the chill of the night, pulled her sweater jacket tighter around herself, and began to walk about the yard for a bit. In doing so she noticed a rather large pile of soil off the far side of the house, and several small holes dug equally spaced around the outside of the home.

“There’ we go.”

“Jesus, you scared the shit out of me. I didn’t even hear you coming.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s ok. So, Where would you like to sit?”

“Well, I know there’s a bit of a hill straight ahead, I think we’ll sit there, The hill should give us something to rest on. Actually, I think I’m just going turn the headlights on first so we can actually see where were walking and don’t end up face first in the dirt.

Rob jogged over to the Jeep and turned the lights on. As he was getting out of the Jeep, Kelly turned and saw a dark figure standing behind Rob. The dark figure was holding what appeared to be a shovel, and just as Kelly started to yell, the dark figure smashed Rob in the back of the head. Kelly was shocked; she stood and screamed, before she could do anything else, the dark figure stepped into the light revealing his eerie mask, and pulled out a rifle. Kelly turned to run, but before she could, she felt a prick in her back, and she fell to the ground unable to move. Visions of the masked figure raced through her mind as she began to black out.

“Sleep tight Hillary.”

The Masked figure walked over to the body, and pulled a cloth out from the front pocket of his cover-alls. He tied it around her eyes, and taped her hands together behind her back.

Rob got up from the ground and walked over to the masked man.

“Looks like everything in project Hillary has gone to plan. I think we should put her up in the loft, this way, she couldn’t possibly escape, but she’d still be close enough to the others to be aware of their presence.”

“Agreed. I’d rather have her up there than in the cellar. I’m constantly going down there for supplies, and tools.”

The two grabbed Kelly, and lifted her to the front porch. Rob, set Kelly’s feet down, got into the Jeep, and drove it into a nearby barn house, then covered it with a tarp, locked the barn shut, and ran back to help the masked man carry Kelly up to the loft.

• • • • •

Kelly woke up flat on her stomach. The tape on her wrists had been cut, but not fully, and the cloth removed from her eyes. She rolled over, only to look up at the cross beams of the loft. She sat up, and used the strength she had left to break the tape and free her arms. She had only a slight recollection of the previous night.

She looked around the loft, and noticed four things of interest. The first being a sheet of paper in front of her listen several rules. The second being a fairly large wooden panel, to her right, which was locked shut, and had wires running through to the floor. The third was what appeared to be a sliding hatch near the bottom of the door, the handle to lift the hatch, was on her side of the door, but what really caught her eye, was a small crack that ran up the left side of the hatch. The fourth thing she noticed was the loosely boarded window. She picked up the sheet of paper before she did anything, and read the rules in her head.

“1. Your name is Hillary now.
2. You will be given three square meals a day. No more, no less.
• Breakfast is at 7 a.m.
• Lunch is at noon
• Dinner is at 5:30 p.m.
- Time for meals may vary within fifteen minutes, to allow time to feed the others.
3. An alarm will sound to notify you of the feeding times. When there is a knock at your door, you will open your food hatch, eat, and leave your plate outside of your door for pick-up.
4. You will be given a maximum of four bathroom breaks per day. You will be allotted one shower daily.
5. There will be NO attempts to escape.”

After reading these rules, Kelly’s heart sunk. She began asking herself questions, some of them out loud, but there were too many to be said. She couldn’t think of one reason as to why this was happening to her. A buzzing noise made her heart race. She didn’t know what was going on, where she was, or even what time it was. She finally looked down at herself and realized she was wearing a new set of clothes.

“Breakfast!” There was a knock at the door.

Kelly didn’t move. She was curious yet afraid to find out what would happen if she didn’t obey the “rules”. Her curiosity got the best of her and she sat there staring at the hatch on her door.

“Hillary. Just because you’re new here, doesn’t mean you will be given special privileges, now obey the fucking rules, and open your food hatch! I’m sure you don’t want me to go in there and teach you how to obey the rules like I did with Simon now do you?”

The voice sounded familiar, like Rob’s, but deeper, angrier; and the voice was right. She was afraid of what he might do to her. She crawled across the loft to the door as fast as she could, and slid the hatch open.

“That’s better Hillary. See, you’re learning already.”

A pie tin was slid through the hatch. On it was a cob of corn, some beans, an apple, and a sandwich consisting of some sliced meat, a tomato slice, and some type of condiment. She examined her food carefully, and listened as the man walked away. They were heavy footsteps, almost stomping as they went down what sounded like stairs.

She ate the food hastily; she was starving. She guessed that this was lunch, judging by the type of food, and the heat in the loft. When she was finished her meal, she slid the hatch open again, and left her tin plate just outside her door. She shut the hatch, and lied down with her head beside the crack. She could just see the end of the hall. It was very dark.

The heavy footsteps returned and Kelly inched her eye closer to the crack. She could see the handrail from the stairs now. The footsteps headed up the stairs. The masked man appeared, his white coveralls made him stick out in the darkness of the hallway. His boots appeared right in front of the hatch, and a hand appeared right in front of her eye, and grabbed the tin plate.

“What are you looking at Hillary?”

She sprawled back from the door. How did he know she was watching? She couldn’t understand. The crack was barely a centimeter wide at the widest point, and it was just a few inches from the floor. She kept inching away from the door, into the middle of the room.

“Why are you calling me Hillary? My name is Kelly!”

“Don’t be silly, you’re name is Hillary.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your name is Hillary, and that’s final.”

“How did you know I was watching?”

“That wooden panel on the right side of your room, Hillary, contains many instruments. We’ve been monitoring you. Every thing you do, we see. Everything you say, we hear.”

Kelly was scared more than ever now. She curled herself up into a little ball, and started to cry. She didn’t want to accept what was happening, but had no choice. She raised her head looked at the wooden panel, and gave it the middle finger.

The loft was hot, but slowly cooling off. The few beams of light that seeped through the boarded window were getting scarce. Kelly guessed that it would soon be time for dinner. Half an hour later, the same meal alarm went of, and several minutes passed before the masked man arrived and knocked at her door.

“Dinner!” He practically yelled, as he impatiently waited and kicked the door.

Kelly crawled over to the door, and slid open the meal hatch, again. This time her meal consisted of a small steak of sorts, mashed potatoes, and a pile of peas. At least they were giving her decent meals, she thought to herself.

After the meal, Kelly became tired. She placed her tin outside her door like she had done earlier, and walked over to the window. She could hear rain hitting the side of the house. She was so tired she couldn’t even remember when it had started to rain. The mesmerizing pitter-patter of the rain produced a hypnotic state for Kelly, and she fell victim to her exhaustion, falling asleep in seconds.

• • • • •

“Fuck! No! I’m telling you Rob, the holes do not have to be more than a foot deep. Any deeper and there will almost certainly be a smaller effect on the house! Besides, I’ve got about eight packs set up in the cellar. There’s no way anything will be left standing.”

“I don’t care how many god damn packs you have in the basement, I want these holes a minimum of two feet deep! Okay? There can’t be any signs that show we’ve tampered with the land, and we certainly can’t have our captives knowing what these holes are for.”

There was a set of loud bangs on the floor around Kelly. Again, another group of loud bangs on the floor, this time closer. This time, one of the bangs was directly below Kelly’s head, and instantly woke her up. She sat up and looked at the window, it was still fairly dark out. A third set of loud pounds on the floor caught her attention, and she pounded back.

“Hey! You! You’re new right? My name is Stewart Shane; the shit heads that run this place call me Simon. They seem to have some sort of naming system they use, and they refer to us as projects. Now, both of them are outside arguing right now. Listen to me! Look at the wood panel somewhere in your room. Now, you see the wires coming out of its underside? There should be six of them: two red, a blue, a yellow and a green. Go over to the box, and cut the first red wire, bite it if you have to. That disables the microphones they have set up, so they cant hear us talking.”

“How do you know this Simon? How am I supposed to know you’re not one of them?”

“You cant, but I’m telling you the truth. I am not one of them! My name is Stewart Shane; I’ve been in this place for god knows how long, I’m guessing eight months, it’s been too long. Trust me, just cut that first red wire. They can still see us, but won’t be able to hear us. I know this because I was angry one day; I wanted to escape, so I decided I’d start by cutting up all the wires, so I bit them all. Within two minutes both of them were in here. The one in the mask started to beat me down, while the other, Rob, started re-wiring the panel. I remember him saying that they would need another red microphone line. So I cut the first red wire, and I’m positive they can’t hear us when the first ones cut. You’ve got to believe me.”

“Alright. I believe you.”

“My name is Kelly. They call me Hillary if you don’t know already. You keep saying us, is there more?”

“Yeah, there’s me, Kathy I believe was the next one to come; she put up a fight on her way in she’s in the room across from me. Then Patrick came; he’s in the room next to me and now you’re here, above me.”

“Were there ever anymore?”

“Yeah. There was a fifth captive. They called him Peter, but he wasn’t around long enough for us to talk to him. You see, his room had a window too; well, we think it did, because we could all hear glass break the day he tried to make a run for it. The second or third day after he was captured, he went mad. We could hear him kicking the walls and punching things; then glass broke. We could hear Rob and Lurch’s footsteps come running up from the cellar. After that, there were three shots fired. A few minutes later, all we heard was ‘Let that be a lesson to those who think about escaping.’”

“Jesus. Who’s Lurch?”

“That’s just who we call the masked man. He’s a giant, not really the brightest either.”

“I’ll be right back.”

Kelly walked over to her wooden panel, and her eyes slowly followed her hands to the bottom. She had to lie down to give herself enough room to separate the wires. Slowly she bit the first red wire, almost expecting some sort of alarm to go off as she did so, but there was nothing. She shuffled across the floor back to where she first heard the banging.

“I cut the first red wire like you said.”

“Good, now we don’t have to worry about them knowing what any of us are saying, until meal time comes around, these two guys have really good hearing. Listen, I hear from the others that each room has its own special object or device. For instance, Kathy told me her room has a small wooden cabinet filled with old magazines, and from what Pat’s told me, he has an old guitar with a string missing and a warn out electric keyboard. My room has a clock in it. What does your room have? Anything special?”

“I’ve got a window.”

“Can you see out of it? Does it open? Our windows are filled with brick.”

“Nope. They got it boarded shut, but there are a bunch of cracks, and it seems like the boards aren’t nailed on to tight. I’ll be right back.”

Kelly stood up; her head was just a few feet from the ceiling. She began pulling at one of the boards. After a few tugs, the nails in the board came loose, and the board popped right off. She could see outside, the sun was just starting to rise. She kept tugging at the boards, and eventually all but one came off. There was no actual glass in the window, just the screen, and some sort of plastic sealer glued all around the edges of the window.

“Hey Stewart! I was able to get all but one board off the window; it doesn’t seem very secured, just the screen and some sort of plastic sealant. It’s too high to jump without getting injured though. One second.”

Kelly ran back to the window, and pressed her head up against the plastic to look down. As she did so, Rob and the masked man turned the corner of the house and started to talk right below her window, she pulled herself back from the window in fear. A few moments later she looked back, they were still there, talking. She couldn’t hear a thing they were saying. As she watched, the conversation looked like it was getting out of hand.

• • • • •

“No! I refuse to dig another pit on the other side of the driveway! One is enough, besides, I’m sure nobody will be escaping anytime soon. I’m not some stupid slave that you can just boss around, ok! I’m a part of this too, and I want to be treated with some respect around here.”

“La de da. ‘Look at me, I wear a mask all day because I’m afraid something might happen, and someone might see my face.’ You stupid tool; you are part of the team, but without me, you’d fail. You’re not smart enough to handle this on your own and you know it.”

“Watch what you say you little prick!”

“Or what?”

“Or this!”

The masked man threw himself at Rob. Both fell to the ground, the masked man landing on top of Rob. Throwing punches at his face. Rob was barely half the masked man’s size, and could barely get any hits in. The masked man got up, revealing a blood covered Rob, barely moving. The masked man, picked Rob’s feet up, and dragged him to the side of the barn house. He went inside the barn, and came back out with a shovel, and started digging in the mud beside Rob.

Lurch was a brute. A giant. He had no trouble digging through the mud several feet deep. When the hole was big enough, Lurch stopped digging, and started going through Rob’s pockets as though he were looking for something.

“You’ll never find it, stupid.” Lurch could barely make out what Rob had said through the blood in his mouth.

“Tell me where it is!”

Rob started to laugh, choking on his blood as he did so. “You idiot.” Rob’s head finally nodded off to the side, he had no life left in him. Lurch started shaking Rob’s dead body, hoping to get an answer. After realizing that Rob wasn’t responding because he was dead, Lurch threw the body into the hole, and hastily filled it back in. He ran back into the house afterwards. Kelly backed away from the window and put her head back down to the floor.

“Stewart! We’ve got a problem, I was looking out the window, and our Lurch just killed and buried Rob. He’s extremely angry, and it seems likes he was looking for something. It looked like he tried to beat its location out of Rob. Whatever he’s looking for, it must be really important.”

“Shit. I knew the two had issues. Always bickering about this, and that. Like a married couple, but damn, I never thought it’d come to that.”

Kelly heard smashing sounds coming from below. Lurch was tearing the house apart. There were several bangs and clashes. Lurch began tipping shelves over, violently throwing books around and tossing drawers, hoping to find the remote. He went through all the cabinets, through the desk drawers. Nothing. He ran down into the cellar, and started throwing tools and rummaging through boxes. He came to the first of five boxes labeled ‘Hanks Belongings’, and dumped the contents of each box onto the floor. Frantically he tore through the old sweaters and pictures frames, he lifted what he remembered to be his uncles favorite sweater out of the box, and the shiny black remote fell to the floor from inside the shirt. He began to laugh hysterically.

“You thought I was stupid, eh Rob. Thought I’d never find this! Well you’re wrong you asshole.”

• • • • •

The noise had settled down. All Kelly could hear now was the faint, eerie hysteric laugh of Lurch down in the cellar. Lurch headed back upstairs, and outside. His footsteps sounded heavier this time around. The front door opened, and slammed, the screen door slamming right behind it. Kelly rushed back over to the window, and dug her nail into the plastic sealant. Once there was a hole, she used her hand to split the sheet in half. She could finally hear what was happening outside.

She could hear Lurch singing, and could barely make out the sound of his shovel, but couldn’t see him yet. He was carrying a big sack around with him. Taking small rectangular bars out of the sack, and placing them in the holes he had dug around the perimeter of the house. The disturbing sound of Lurch singing his own twisted lyrics to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star faded as Lurch headed around to the other side of the house.

Kelly stuck her head out of the window, and looked down the side of the house. There was a wooden ledge that was just wide enough to step on, just a few feet down from the window. Knowing she had a chance to escape, she climbed carefully through the window onto the ledge, slowly transferring her hands from window frame to roof, one at a time. The ledge was slippery from the rain; her hands were having trouble gripping the shingles, so she took caution shimmying to the side of the house, and started to climb onto the roof. As she pulled herself up, her hands slipped, and she began to slide down, hitting the eaves trough with both her feet, knocking a piece loose, but the impact stopper her fall long enough for her to grab a hold of the roof, and hurried over onto the other side of the roof.


The clatter of the eaves trough hitting the ground caught Lurch’s attention, who was now just around the corner. He stopped singing, and dropped his burlap sack. Kelly could hear him starting to run on the gravel path that was right below her window. He ran out in front of the house and looked up at the roof where the piece of trough had fallen. He couldn’t figure out why it had fallen.

“I’m not crazy; not at all. Stupid old house; better not start fallen’ apart just yet.”

He laughed it off, walked back around the corner, starting singing again and continued placing his bars in the holes. Kelly heard the singing, and used it as her cue to climb back over to the front side of the house. She jumped down onto the porch roof, and jumped again from there, landing in a roll to prevent serious injury. After looking from side to side to make sure Lurch didn’t know she was there, Kelly crept up the front steps of the porch and through the front door.

She found herself walking through a maze. The whole inside of the house was basically torn apart; books, and chairs and drawers littered the floor along with piece of broken glass. There front entrance split off into a large hallway, she guessed that’s where the other rooms were. Before she went to check things out, she hobbled her way over to a cabinet. She had spotted a small axe on the shelf. She reached out grabbing the door handle to the glass door, and slowly opened it. The cracked glass broke free from the cabinet door and fell to the floor. The shattering sound sent Kelly’s adrenaline through the roof; she looked around, expecting Lurch to have heard it.

• • • • •

Quickly, she grabbed the axe, and made her way around the clutter and to the hallway. Just as she had expected, there were several doors, each marked by a bright orange spray-paint letter and locked by padlock. She thought the security of the rooms seemed pretty cheap. She began hacking at the lock on the first door marked ‘A’, the room she believed Stewart was in.

“Who is that? What’s going on?”

“It’s Kelly, we’re getting out of here, all of us.”

The lock snapped open in just a few hits, the door opened, and out came an older man, his face slightly bruised and unshaven. She assumed the bruises were from beatings or a type of punishment.

“We better hurry, quick, Kathy’s in this one, Pat’s just over there. Are you sure this is safe?”

“Lurch is outside, he’s putting stuff in these holes he’s dug around the house. He doesn’t know I got out of my room yet.”

She hacked Kathy’s lock free, and then took a few swings on Pat’s door. Kathy emerged first, a heavy-set woman, looked to be a little older than Kelly, and then Pat stuck his head out of the door, the dark haired boy couldn’t have been older than nineteen.

“Thank you.”

“We’ve got to get out of here, now, you can say thanks later.”

Lurch had begun to fill all the little holes in using dirt from the pile near the back of the house. Kelly, Stewart, Kathy and Pat, sneaked out the front door, cautiously watching for Lurch, then broke out in to a steady jog away from the house. Lurch, just getting another shovelful of dirt from the pile, turned around and spotted the hole Hillary had cut through her window. He dropped the shovel and ran into the house as fast as he could.

“Hillary? Oh, Hillary! HILLARY!”

Lurch bolted up the stairs, listening; he didn’t hear anything. He searched the big front pocket of his blood stained white cover-alls for the keys. Frustrated at his own inability to find the right key fast enough, he kicked his way through the door. The room was empty. The window was wide open, the sheet of plastic sealer blowing in the wind. He looked through the slit window screen, and saw Hillary with the others making a run for it past the barn house.

“Awe shit. Why do they think they can run?”

He dropped the key ring onto the floor, and ran back down the stairs and out the front door, grabbing his shotgun on the way. The screen door slammed behind him in the wind. He sprinted around to the backside of the house, and climbed onto his ATV. He cocked the shotgun then kick-started the ATV. He left the key in the ignition for emergency purposes, like this. The fields were still fairly wet and muddy from the rain; he followed their tracks into the brush.

“Come out, come out wherever you are! I’m going to find you Hillary, and when I do… You’ll wish you stayed in your room; all of you!”

The sun was beginning to set. Everything was beginning to cast long shadows. The captives came to a tall barbed wire fence.

“Shit! Now what the hell do we do?”

“He’s like, right behind us. We’re screwed”

They could hear the ATV closing in on them, but they only had few options as to where they could run. The headlight beams from the ATV cut through the shade small bushes with ease. A shot was fired and hit a nearby tree.

“I’m coming for ya!”

Lurch’s voice sounded like he was right beside them. Another shot was fired; this time it hit the tree right beside Pat.

“Jesus! I’m getting the hell out of here!”

Patrick started climbing the fence, cutting his hands and ripping his shirt and pants as he climbed over the top. A third shot was fired and hit Pat in the chest as he began his decent of the fence. He fell flat onto his back.

“Holy shit.”

“I’ve got an idea, it should buy us some time, but I need a branch; a fairly big one.”

“There!” Rob grabbed the branch Kathy pointed at.

“Follow me!”

Rob began running down a small path created by the trees, holding the branch firmly with both hands. The Kelly and Kathy followed him closely.

“Ok, we’re going hide in these bushes here, he wont see us, and when he comes driving by, I’m going swing at him as hard as I can with this branch. I know it sounds like a lame and dangerous plan, but I have a good feeling this’ll work.”

The headlights closed in on them. The ATV’s engine hummed, and sound of branches crushing under its weight drew nearer. Lurch wasn’t slowing down. He thought that they were still up ahead. Right before he passed the captives, Rob jumped out branch in hand, already swinging at Lurches head. Lurch flew backwards, onto his back. His evil mask had been shattered. The ATV kept rolling ahead, and came to a stop after bumping into a tree. Lurch sat up and pulled of his shattered mask, revealing a freakishly scarred face.

“You don’t know what you just did, do you, Simon? And to think Rob thought I, was stupid!”

Rob went to take another swing at Lurch with the branch, but Lurch was quick to act, grabbing the branch and twisting it. Rob dropped the branch instantly for Lurch to take, and hit Rob back, right in the side. Rob fell to the ground, choking.

“Go, quick, you two get on the ATV. Go! Now!”

“You heard him, let’s go.”

“We can’t just leave him here, we’d be leaving him to die!”

“Kelly, you heard him, lets go! Rob’s a smart man, he’ll be ok.”

Kathy grabbed Kelly’s arm, and started running for the ATV. The tug on Kelly’s arm is the only thing that got her to start moving. The two got on the ATV; Kathy riding the back seat, took one last look back at the fight, and watched in horror, as Lurch hit Rob once again on the back with the branch, sending him flat on his face to the ground. Her eyes were fixated in sheer disbelief of what she was seeing. Lurch kneeled down on Rob’s back, and slowly began to pull Rob’s upper body up by the neck, not only breaking his neck, but his back as well.

Lurch let go of Rob’s neck, letting his upper portion fall to the ground. Kelly finally got the ATV away from the tree, and into a clear enough path to start driving away. Lurch took his shotgun out of its sling, and started running after the ATV, stopping once to take a shot.

It was a direct hit, right in the center of Kathy’s back. Kelly heard the shot, but only realized Kathy was hit when Kathy’s arms loosened around her waist, and she fell off the ATV. She glanced back, to see what happened, and saw Kathy’s body come to a rolling stop; Lurch still chasing after her in the distance. Before she could look back, she hit a tree stump, and flew over the ATV’s handlebars, and into the dirt. Still on the ground, she looked back for Lurch. He was gaining on her. She got up, without even feeling the pain she should have felt from the deep cut in her thigh, and the slash in her forehead from the crash.

Fearing her life, she got an extra boost from her adrenaline, and ran as fast as she could. There was a road up ahead; getting closer by the second, she ran out of the trees, and right into a police car.

“Holy, Jesus! Are you ok?”

“Shit, man, we’re cops, and you we’re driving, didn’t you fucking see her?”

“If I saw her, would I have HIT HER? She ran into US ok? She looks pretty banged up. I’ll call for an ambulance.”

The two cops got out of the cruiser as fats as they could. Kelly rolled over onto her side, looking back into the forest. Lurch was nowhere to be seen. She looked up, at the two officers, and tried to speak

“He’s coming.. trying to kill me”

“Who’s coming to kill you?”

“Hey, Robbie, she looks an awful lot like the girl we’re looking for, doesn’t she?”

“Well, now that you mention it, she’s like a, like aperfect match!”

“Miss, is your name Hillary Jacobs?”

Kelly gave no response. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she lost consciousness.

“She’s going into shock!”

• • • • •

When Kelly woke up, she sat up, to look at three men standing, in front of her bed, talking amongst themselves. She took a look around the room; it was clean, and filled with equipment. She felt as though she was still in a dream like state, and the beeping from one of the machines was bothering her.

“What’s going on?”

“Ah, Hillary. You’re awake. Welcome back.”


“I’m Doctor Potts, it looks’ like you uh, took quite a spill and bumped your head there. Do you remember what happened at all?”

Visions of Lurch chasing her through the woods, Kathy falling off the ATV, Pat being shot off the fence, the food hatch all rushed through her head in reverse. She remembered going to the bar with her friends, and meeting Rob.

“I, I went to the bar, and I met a guy, his name was Rob, um, Rob Kinnley. He took me to his uncles barn, and I was locked up, and there were four of us, Kathy, Patrick, Stewart and me, and we escaped, and this man in a mask, was chasing us, and he killed them all, I was next”

“Ok. Hillary, this is Agent Davis, he’s going to talk to you about what happened, and explain a few things. Just remember, were all here to help you Hillary, ok? ”

“Hi Hillary. I’ve got a bit of information for you on those names you just mentioned. When you blacked out after these two officers behind me found you, and the ambulance picked you up, you were muttering those names out: Stewart Shane, there was a Simon mentioned, Robert Kinnley, a Kathy, and a Pat or Patrick. Well, we took those names down, and searched them in our database. Hillary, those aren’t real people, I mean, the closest match we found to one of them was a Stewart Shaney, but he’s been locked up for some time now. I’ve even had a team sent out to where you were found, and they searched everywhere within a miles radius; they haven’t found a single thing, aside from your tracks. You also insisted several times that your name was uh, Kelly, Kelly Garray.”

“That’s because that is my name. My name IS Kelly. And what do you mean they aren’t real people, they have to be! I saw them all; talked to them, they’re real! The Bar! I’m sure the bar has security tapes! I sat with Robert, check them!”

“You see, that’s the thing, we’ve already checked the tapes, we saw you go sit alone at the table by the jukebox, you sat there alone for quite some time. We also checked the parking surveillance videos of you walking out of the bar, you left alone. We’re actually quite lucky we found you, we got a call from someone passing through town, he said he saw a crazed lady walking down the road, half nakedwho hadturned down a deserted driveway.”

“No. No, they were real! I saw them die!”

Hillary became upset; tears began to form in her eyes. She started to move about her bed, shaking. She didn’t believe what these people we telling her, it couldn’t possibly be true. She knew they were real.

“Hillary, a team of doctors including myself, have determined that well, you see, we think you have a form of schizophrenia, and we believe, that you may very well have had just too much to drink, and triggered some sort of dream like state, in which you envisioned an alternate reality for the past three days. We believe it’s best that you stay in the hospital for some time so we can do further testing, and to keep you safe.”

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