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A stranger can come to your rescue at anytime and in any place.

Submitted: January 02, 2008

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Submitted: January 02, 2008



They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die...

She walked along the sidewalk and hear heart followed an irregular pattern as it jumped beats. She reached her destination: a small bridge that is seldom travelled. She had'nt been home from work, and dropped her purse and breifcase onto the grey cement, and climbed over the rail, and onto a small ledge on the side of the bridge. The wind blew her hair into her eyes, and she slowly, and cautiously turned away from the river, to face the bridge. She was afraid to jump in facing the water, so she thought it would help to turn away. There were no cars in sight, and she knew this was her final decision. She slowly began to lean back, her hands still holding the rail, and her senses slowly faded away. She leanead further back, and a bright light came into her eyes. She could see her eyelids, an intensely bright pink colour, and then white. She couldn't feel her fingers sliping anymore, and then there was an emptyness, everything went blank and disappeared.Then next thing she saw was her brother sitting in the sandbox infront of her. They were young again; playing with the sand in their backyard. Her brother laughed, and poured a bucket of sand on her head. Without control she began to cry, and her mother came running outside to her aid. "David, why would you pour water on your sister like that, tonight Sara gets your dessert." "Aw, mom, I was just playing with her." David, she's onlyfour years old, you think she likes sand being poured on her head? You're eight, you should know better. Come on sweetie, I'll take you inside and get you washed up." Her mother scooped her up, and carried her inside, and upstairs into the bathroom, helped her take off her clothers, and gave her a bath. It was like a dream, re-living the past with absolutely no control. After her bath she felt clean and warm in her pajamas. She went down stairs, and watched her mom set the table for dinner. It was roast beef that night, and she couldn't quite recall what it tasted like. After dinner, and her two cookies, she felt really tired, and asked her mom to take her up to bed. After a short story, she was fast asleep. When she woke up, her room looked radically different. There were posters everywhere, and clothes all over the place. All her toys were gone. She walked over to the mirror, and realized that she was a teenager again. That explained the posters and the new perspective. "Sara! You're going to be late for your first day at your new school!" She quickly got dressed in the only clean clothes she could find and ran downstairs. She skipped breakfast like she did most mornings. When she got to school, and walked into her first class, thats when things started going all wrong. She introduced herself and all the eyes in the room were glued to her, even after the introduction as she walked to her seat, she could feel them watching her. As she sat down she heard the word that she knew started it all. "Fatty." At first she ignored it, but it happened several more times during recess, and she ran inside to the girls room and locked herself in a stall so she could cry. Her eyes clentched tightly together in pain and when she opened them again, she was in her cubicle at work. It was break time. She had forgot her lunch that day, so she went to the vending machine in the staff room, and picked out a bag of potato chips. As she bent down to grab the bag of chips out of the machine she heard someone say "You just gotta have those chips dont you fatty?" She began to walk out of the room, but things began to spin violently fast. Her vision blurred, and she closed her eyes. She opened them up to face the wind, and the bridge. She closed her eyes again, hopeing for the last time, and the bright light came back, and again her senses faded. As she leant back she felt something suddenly grab her wrist. She opened her eyes and there was a young man, roughly her age leaning over the rail, holding onto her wrist. "The day I let you die is the day I die, and I don't want to die today. So just come on back to the sidewalk with me, and we can go talk over some coffee or something. How would you like that?" It was the nicest thing someone had said to her in a long time. She felt the compassion in the air, and slowly began to turn lift her leg to climb over, and the heel on the shoe on her back foot snapped, and she almost fell back into the rocky river below. His hold around her wrist strengthened, and he was pulled tight to the rail by her weight, but he didnt let go until she was back over the rail and on the sidewalk with him. "So what do you think? Ready for some coffee?" She didn't know what to do or say, so she just hugged him in a long and tight embrace. "I'll take that as a yes." He said afterthe longhug. He walked her over to his car, opened the door for her and helped her in. After fetching her bags from the sidewalk, the two drove off together for what would be the first of many trips to the coffee shop.

...It turns out, the bright light in her eyesas she got ready to jump, was the bright light from the young mans headlights as her swerved to help her.

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