Quiet Streets

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A child becomes the innocent victim of war.

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Submitted: December 05, 2007



Calm quiet streets; grey with an absolute fear. The patter of footsteps can be heard in the distance. Down an alley, a little boy is skipping. His neatly laced shoes, and plaid school uniform have a slightly tattered look. His right hand holds a red balloon. In the left, a dictionary, the cheapest form of literature. He skips down the alley. Not a care in the world. He enters the main street. Men and women watch from the windows above in fear. But as the child happily skips, a feeling of joy slowly warms their freezing bodies; their clothing deprived by the soldiers. In the distance, an engine can be heard. The Nazis. As the vehicle draws near. A soldier spots the red balloon, and the boy. The few soldiers begin shouting. The boy slows down and turns. The smile disappears from his face. The boy begins to walk faster, gradually coming to a run. He trips on a loose stone in the street. The red balloon flies into the sky and escapes. Shutters from above are slammed shut. While others close them enough to watch in hiding. The boy can’t outrun the vehicle. The soldiers bump into the young boy. He falls to the ground, cutting his knees. The soldiers hop out; guns in hand. They yell at the boy, telling him to drop the book. He shouts “NO!” back. The soldier hits the boy with the butt of his gun. Still the young boy refuses to give his book away. The soldier, madder than ever, shouts and turns away. He turns back; riffle aimed at the young boys head. The soldiers yell at the boy one last time. The boy shakes his head in shame. The trigger is pulled. And the boy falls backwards to the ground. The dictionary slowly falls, hitting the ground open, face down. The soldier picks it up, and at the top of the page, he reads the definition of injustice.

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