The Amazing Circus

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A young boys discovers an age old secret while visiting a special circus.

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Submitted: December 05, 2007



A small boy was once set down to bed by his grandfather, but he couldn’t sleep, so the young tip-toed back downstairs, and gently tugged on his sleeping grandfathers sleeve. He told his grandfather that he couldn’t sleep, and that he wanted to hear a story. The grandpa still, half asleep, began to tell the story his father told him.

“There once was a boy who wished he could fly, so he tried and tried each night, but he just couldn’t fly…

Then, one night, while the boy was settling down for bed, he looked out his window, and saw a shooting star, so he made a wish; a wish that he could fly. He was so excited, his feet were lifted from the ground, and he was floating in his room. He was so happy. He could hear his mother coming up the stairs to check on him, and his feet were back on the ground. He jumped into bed, and quickly covered himself in his blankets as his mother opened the door to check on him.

She opened the door just a crack, and figured he was sound asleep, so she closed the door once again, and there was just a thin crack of light seeping in from the crack of the doorway. As soon as his mother went away, the boy jumped out of bed, and opened his window. He wanted to test his new found power, so he flew out his window and straight up into the sky, still in his pyjamas. He flew through the clouds, and towards the stars.

As the boy was flying, he came across a sign in the sky, but it was to far to read, so he moved closer, and read the sign. “Circus?” he though to himself, he cold see no circus. There was nothing in front of him but a thick cloud, so with his hand, he pushed it aside, and low and behold, behind the clouds, there were several circus tents, and as the clouds parted, the music and sounds became louder, and the sight of the tents became clearer.

The boy could not believe his eyes. “A circus is the sky?” He thought to himself. He ventured over to one of the tents, opened up the curtains, and he saw the most amazing circus performers. There were monkeys flying through rings of fire, elephants dancing on giant rolling balls. There were two lions swinging through the air as trapeze artists.

“Welcome, friend!” The voice behind him startled the boy, and he turned to see a giant walrus in a suit and top hat smiling at him.

“Hello.” replied the boy, unsure what he was seeing, and rubbed his eyes.

“Do not doubt your eyes young one, what you see is real. You have stumbled upon our Circus in the clouds! There are no humans here, only animals, but you are more than welcome to stay on one condition. When you leave hear, you mustn’t tell anyone else about this place, for we have kept our Amazing Circus a secret for thousands of years. So can you promise that you wont tell anyone about our Circus?”

“Alright, I promise I wont tell anyone about your amazing circus, not even my best friend, or my mommy.”

“So we have a deal! Come on, I’ll show you around.”

The walrus hobbled his way around, taking the boy from tent to tent, showing him all the wonderful acts, and introducing him to many of the performers. He took him from the flying monkeys, to the trapeze lions, to the astounding acrobatic pigs that would make formations with each other, to the amazing balancing act of Pete the snake.

“We are the circus that never closes! We have the best acts in the world! But we must remain a secret, for nobody would like a bunch of performing, talking animals, people would get scared, and question our gifts and talents.

“How come you can talk and other animals can’t?” Questioned the boy.

“Our circus used to be down on earth, and almost every single animal participated, but when the humans discovered what we could do, they began to fear us, and hunt us. They summoned a sorcerer and banished many of us to the skies, and took away our ability to speak. But they forgot about us in the sky, so we are grateful for our language. Once the other animals were reduced to simple creatures, the humans were no longer afraid, and let them be. Since then, we have spent our time up here, practicing in the sky, hidden within the sky.”

“Why were we so afraid? I like you.”

“That my boy, can never be answered, but I’m afraid its time for our main performance of the night, you’re welcome to stay for the show, but after that, you should be on your way home, for it’s almost dawn in your parts, you wont want your parents to be worried about you.”

The boy stayed for the main act, and witnessed the most amazing acts in the world, all streamed together in such a harmonious way. He would never forget the amazing show the animals had put together for him that night in the clouds. As he left, all the animals took a bow, and waved goodbye. He slowly flew back down to earth, over the trees in the park, and back through his window, and drifted to sleep for the remainder of the night, dreaming of his magical trip.

The boy woke up with a stuffed walrus wearing a suit in his arms, and smiled at the sight. He went downstairs for breakfast, and his father was reading the newspaper. His father was read aloud a small article about the circus that was coming to town, and asked him if his son if he would like to go, and the boy simply replied.

“No thanks, I was just there in my dream.”

By the time the grandfather had finished telling his story, the young boy was fast asleep on the couch, so the grandfather scooped him up, carried him upstairs to his bed, tucked him in, and wished him a goodnight, knowing the boy was having pleasant dreams of his own circus in the sky.
The End.

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