Trip to the Well

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A mystical journey to a well turns out to be quite a shock.

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Submitted: December 05, 2007



After he ingested the two pills that were once in his pocket, he began to drift off to another world. He awoke under a bridge, surrounded by gnomes. They lifted him and carried him to a large rock, where they sat him down on a large mushroom. The rock slowly turned to him, revealing two large ears, and a whiskered face. The stone was indeed a rabbit. It said to him, "Follow the path of green strings, to the Tidal Well. There, you shall find the answer to the question you've pondered." The gray rabbit turned away, and again, became part of the land, a stone. He jumped off the mushroom, and began to swim through the air as though he were weightless. He swam through the trees, and over streams of what appeared to be ranch salad dressing. He came to a clearing in the forest, and the air dropped him flat on his face. He raised his head, now eye level with the grass, and he could see little green men walking about the blades, and digging into the soil. Beyond the little green men, he saw the well, and ran over to it, and began to read the sign in front of it. "To find the answer which ye seek, toss a coin, and I will speak". He searched through his pockets and found no change, he had no money. He looked around the clearing for rocks, and began chipping a small rock into a coin-like shape, and returned to the well. He tossed the rock-coin into the well, and a voice came from deep within." Look into the well, and I will show you..." He leaned over the edge and stuck his head in, and again the voice came, but louder, angrier." You tried to trick me, you Joker. Now I will Show YOU!" A rushing thunderous noise came from the well, and he was forced up into the air by a blast of water. He was forced awake, and back on his couch. He looked over to his coffee table and reached for two more pills, and grabbed the change off the end of the table. This time, after taking the pills, he didn't wake up.

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