The bullied girl

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Being bullied

Submitted: March 14, 2012

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Submitted: March 14, 2012



Have you ever been bullied? do you know what it's like to hurt so much inside? that you just wanted to give up on everything your family, your future, your life,hope have you ever hurt so bad you wanted to brake down and cry and run away? have you ever felt like it's never gonna end their not gonna stop doing these things to me im gonna be in this pain and depression forever? this is a story of a girl who has felt all of these she gos to middle school and gets bullied shes the same age as me she wakes up every weekday morning knowing what to look forward to shes scared and nervous and feels sick to her stomach but she gos anyways cause she has to her mom drops her off at school she hugs her mom and tells her she loves her she walks in the school door ready to start the day shes gets good grades and is a model student but she hides something know one knows about she gets picked on it makes her really sad she feels a heavy weight over her like something getting ready to fall on her a crush her she feels unpretty and unbeautiful she feels like the uglyiest girl in the school she gets picked on by a group of girls they call her ugly,fat, and a whore they think her hair looks bad cause its not perfect and straight like theirs is they whispere to each other when they past her walking down the hallway she knows their saying something about her but ignores it because she doesnt want anyone to know and laugh at her she feels emmbarressed and like she cant take it anymore its really killing her inside her chest hurts she knows those girls didnt just leave a mark they scared her for life she will always have those terrible memories in the back of her mind knowing what they did to her but even if she does she will have one good memory the memory of when she standed up to them they said something to her one day and she showed courage and braveness she faced her problem she said something back she yelled it out at those bullys she got in their face and yelled they ran off and she walked away smiling the heavy weight on her chest and sadness was gone she was the happiest girl in that school that day they never bothered her anymore and she will never let anybody else bother her ever again shes here to share her story with you and hope she can inspire you and change your life she hopes to show you to stand up for who you are and be yourself you dont have to change for anyonein this world  if the world was full of the same people it would be a boring crappy place with you and your uniqueness you can change the world cause you shine your that person whos gonna go on a be a rolemodel for someone else just like me in my writing never give up on hope keep being you and dream big.


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