Their Fate, His Death

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i wrote this a few years ago to stop bullying.... i was one of the ones who was teased as a younger child.... as well as one of my closest friends who took his life due to bullying.... and its left me with brutal scars....

Submitted: October 29, 2010

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Submitted: October 29, 2010



17 year old Bret never really fit in. He had a girlfriend, Kimmy, who loved him a lot. But the only reason he was noticed by other people was because he was the school joke. Nothing but brutal teasing and painstaking pushing down took place in his life day-after-day. He was too ashamed to tell his family and thought he'd be beaten even more if he told his principal.

The acts eventually encouraged him to rip out a knife. Cuts covered his wrists and arms. On hot summer days he was forced to wear long-sleeved shirts to hide them.

What did I do to deserve this? he kept asking himself. Until one day the teasing went way too far. Dad's got a pistol in his closet. Bret told his parents he'd be staying at a friend's house for a day or so to keep their minds from worrying of where there son would be.

He stole the pistol and started walking to school but took a walk around the town. Hours passed by and he went back home knowing his parents and brother Jackson would be at work and his sister Tracy would be in college.

He went into his bedroom shaking in fear. He sat down at his desk and wrote a letter to the few people he loved. As he finished the last few words he stood up and took the gun from under his shirt. Tears filled his eyes as well as his broken heart racing to the end. He stood in the center of the room and raised to gun to his hanging head. He cocked it knowing that that was what needed to be done. He pulled the trigger letting the bullet sink into his skull. He fell to the floor and breathed his very last breath.

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