A wish upon a star

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Max just liked the attention whether it was good or bad he found a way to get it. But one wish could change everything.this is my unfinished script from 2011 that i hope to one day finish and edit it to make it wayyy better.

Submitted: April 09, 2014

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Submitted: April 09, 2014



Wish Aren't Always Fun

Scene 1:

Narrator: In a small neighborhood called River side Oaks. With no other little kids for Max to play with, he sits in his room with his mouse and best friend Mickey making plans to play tricks on Heather and Michael. Just to put a little excitement into his life.

Max: Okay, i have the perfect trick to play on Heather. She is going to freak out. First we need some water, a bucket, some rope, and Blue food dye. I cant wait to see the look on her blue face. Do you have any suggestions?

Mickey: Squeak! Squeak!

Max: Okay. Let me know if you do?

Narrator: Max grabbed all his supplies and set up a bucket of water with blue dye over his sister’s door. He ran out of the hall way and passed up his parents who were calling for Heather. Heather opened her door as her parents entered the hallway and the blue water dumped all over her.

Heather: Ahh! Max, why?

Mom and Dad: Max!

Michael: What are you all yelling for? Oh.

Heather: Look at me, I'm blue. Can’t he just give me a break and prank you?

Michael: Hey!

(Max enters the hallway)

Max: What happened to you? You’re looking a little blue.

(Michael and Max began to laugh.)

Dad: That's enough both of you. Max. Why? Why do you always have to play tricks? Look at your sister; you went too far this time.

Michael: Well, I’m going to go, good luck Max.

Heather: Ahh! I’m never going to get the blue off of my skin. I look like a blueberry.

Max: Yum! Yum! (talking really fast.) Hey mom, will you make some pie, I want blueberry.

Heather: Ugh!

Mom: Max, You won’t be having pie for a long time. I want you to go to your room and your father will come and get your toys and TV later.

Max: No! No! You cant, it was all mickeys idea.

Mickey: Squeak?!

Max: (Whispered quietly) Just Go along with.

Mom: Just do what I said and go to your room now! (Max ran to his room furious.) Look at this mess. I'm going to get the bleach.

Narrator: Max's Father later came to take his stuff. He took every thing but the Dresser, the bed, and Mickey’s cage. Which meant all he could do was talk to a mouse.

Dad: Maybe you could try being nice to them for a change?

Max: They would never talk to me then.(Talking to quiet for his dad to hear)

Narrator: Max and mickey watched the sky as his dad left the room.

Max: Whoa! Did you see that? It was a shooting star. Make a wish.

Narrator: Max closed his eyes and made a wish.

Max: I wish that my family wouldn’t care about anything i did to them so that i will never get grounded again.

Mickey: Squeak, Squeak! Squeak!

Narrator: It was the next day and mickey had just woken up Max, like he does everyday

Max: What? Hey when did i go to bed? Hey maybe my wish came true but there is only one way to find out.

Narrator: Max went to the Kitchen and got out the whip cream. He had a big plan for Michael today. Then he sneaked to Michael’s room and put the whip cream all over Michael while he slept.

Max: Michael! Michael! Wake up the house is on fire!

Michael: What? No its not. What is all over me?

Max: Its whip cream I Thought I might make you in to a sundae.

Michael: Oh okay, what ever.

Max: Michael? Aren’t you going to yell at me or something? Never mind ill go mess with Heather. I'll just need some syrup and flour.

Narrator: Max headed into Heathers room with the syrup and flour. Then he dumped it out all over her while she was strengthening her hair.

Heather: Augh! Oh it’s just you.

Max: What? Are you going to yell, kick me out, or at least tell mom and dad?

Narrator: Heather left to the bathroom to take a shower without even giving Max a dirty look.

Max: Fine if they don’t care what I do then ill just go tear up the kitchen. That will make mom ferrous.

Narrator: Max broke every dish in the house and scattered them all over the floor. Then he opened every cabinet and through all the food on the floor making a huge mess. Max got some pans ad banged them together.

Mom and Dad: Hey what’s going on in here? Who is making all that noise?

Mom: (Spoke quietly) What if it’s a thief.

Dad: No it’s not a thief its only Max he just tore up the kitchen that’s all.

Mom: Let’s go back to bed I’m tired. I can clean it up tomorrow.

Max: I thought this would be fun. The only reason i do these things is so they will pay attention to me. I wish i would have never made that wish.


Narrator: Suddenly there were screams all through the house.

Voice: Max! Max! (The voice continued to call his name)

Max: Imma comin!!

Scene 2:

Narrator: Max was confused, who was calling his name, could it be his Father?! He ran toward the sound of his name, going up the stairs to the attic.

Max: Hello? Whats up? im hear Dad are you mad at me?

Narrator: No one was in the Attic and and a deep silence overwelmed him. But then sudennly the attic door slamed shut behind him.

(Max tried to open the door continuously but it would not open, not even an inch)

Max: Help!! Help!! Im locked in here! Mom! Dad! Somebody please help me!!


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