We must glue the stars to the blue

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lonley little animals find eachother

They Must Glue the Stars to the Blue


The cage left open and a window near the ground, that is cracked just enough for a little

hamster to get out.

It would be dark but the stars shine bright, to lead the hamster through the night.

Once on the ground, he runs around the yard, looking up at the stars.

The little hamster is free at last, with the stars to show him the way.

The little hamster runs very far, until he gets tired and falls asleep under the stars.

The little hamster wakes up to start the day but where are the stars that lead his way?

There may be no stars but the sky is blue; the little hamster likes the color blue.

Blue is pretty and it can be bright too.

The little hamster looks high at the sky; he can run and have fun with the color blue.

He ran fast across the field looking for others to share the blue.

The little hamster found a clue there are footprints leading to the shoe.

The little hamster lay in the sand, watching the white move across the blue.

No other animals seemed to be by, until out popped a mouse from the shoe.

“Come be with me so we can share the blue.”

The little hamster found a new friend.

Together they lived in the shoe.

The hamster and his new mouse friend noticed a star in the blue.

The little hamster loved the color blue and the stars that were bright.

“They must glue the stars to the blue.”

The little hamster did not know what the mouse knew.

“The stars come at night, without them it would not be bright.”

This was true.

“The day sky is blue.”

The little hamster could share the stars too.

Every day and every night, the hamster and the mouse shared and loved the stars and blue.

Soon they relived they loved each other too.


Submitted: April 01, 2014

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Aparna Gopan

Nice one:)

Tue, April 1st, 2014 3:02pm


hahha thank ya!(:

Wed, April 2nd, 2014 6:49am

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