Shatterd Flower-Glass

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Shattered Flower-Glass is the story of a young girl named Jessica Tillious and her rather unfortunate love life.

I hope you become just as absorbed into the story upon reading it as I became while writing it.


Submitted: May 10, 2012

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Submitted: May 10, 2012



My story begins on the 16th of November in the icy fields of Nebraska.
Today marks the date of my 17th birthday, as well as the day of my 5th marriage.
Today I am to marry a man of mother's choosing, since it was my father's turn last time.

I am the last of my 3 siblings to be given away to marriage, although I am the eldest. However, for some reason or another, my husbands have all died suddenly from various mishaps from drowning, to heart attacks. Many of the people of my village suspect me as the culprit, the mastermind behind their tragic deaths. But they are wrong. I have loved each and every one of my husbands from the bottom of my heart. I would've never wished death on a single one of them. Especially my last one.

He was so sweet and considerate. I would say he was mildly handsome but that is beside the point. I've never been one to judge by appearances. I loved him like none other, as a result, a piece of my heart froze along with him in those frigid, white waters. His name was Ricky Tillious.

Oh how silly, I have told you so much about me already and you've yet to learn my name. My name is Jessica Tillious. Soon to be, Jessica Darrelesh. I was not too thrilled about marrying this man mother had chosen for me in the beginning. Mainly because he comes off as very arrogant and offensive to me. And yet, I have grown to admire him in his own right.

Antony Darrelesh is not an entertaining man, but what he lacks in spontaneity, he makes up for as a provisionary of the highest caliber. There is little doubt in my mind that the family that springs forth from my loins will be more than cared for.

Though, this is the only real thing that I find loveable, excuse me, likeable, about Antony Darrelesh. You see, I am afraid that there is another woman in his life.
A woman that, I believe, hates me. She goes by the name of, Fran-Hilda. And I think that she very well may be out to destroy my relationship with Antony, just as she destroyed the relationship with me and my first best friend, many-many winters ago.

Antony denies his relationship with Fran-Hilda til the death, even swears upon the Holy name of God, but...for some reason, I cannot shake the feeling that I am being played as a fool.

I believe that I would be able to endure, if in fact, they were having a secret relationship behind my back. Simply because I am not that fond of the man. But if any tragedy were to befall Antony this day, I would be held accountable for his demise without question, by the people of my village. If-


...I think I just heard my mother calling me. It seems as though the wedding is about to begin.

"Jessica! Jessica! Oh there you are. My dearest daughter, let us hope that the life of this man stays steady and intact." She patted my cheek sympathetically with one hand as she held my hand in the other.

"Come," she continued, "The village, your father, and the groom await."

I rose from the little bench I had been sitting on that sat inside of my favorite part of the woods. Somehow the snow was always whitest there, and the air so clean and crisp.
I'd see bright red cardinals land and nest here and there a top the trees. It was almost magical.

"My heart cannot take another mishap mother..." I said softly while following her.

I had on the same wedding dress that I had worn so many times before. It was a beautiful, all white lace that flared out at the hip. My mother made it herself on my 13th birthday but has constantly had to reinvent it due to my unfortunate love life. This year she actually added thin, transparent wings to it. Saying that it was for good luck because angels do not have bad luck. I let her stick them on because I trust her.

As we walked ever closer to the ceremony, the soft music that my people played for these sorts of occasions could be heard. That gentle flute and those beautiful bells and triangles was just so soothing. I just knew that this time was going to go off exactly as planned.

My mother led the way down the snowy aisle. On one side of the aisle sat my side of the family, on the other side, Antony's side of the family, and behind the alter, facing toward the aisle, sat the village.

Everyone was dressed in crimson suits and dresses. All with dyed, white hair for the ceremony. These colors were the exact opposite of me and Antony's garments; all white dress and suit with crimson hair.

Walking down the aisle was such a wonderful experience to me, despite the many times I've walked it. I saw each one of my friends and their husbands sitting along the edges of the aisle. I saw my 3 sisters and their husbands sitting beside my mother on the front aisle.
I also saw Fran-Hilda, who could she?
She as well wore a white dress with crimson hair! How dreadfully rude! I closed my eyes in a fit of irritation and cleansed my mind of all negativity. I wasn't going to let anything dampen my spirits.

Once I got to the alter, I stood alone. Antony was no where in sight, and for good reason. My father had not yet given me the flower-glass bouquet. The flower-glass bouquet was the symbol of the fragility of a woman's heart and the woman was to break the glass if ever the man broke her heart. In all my many marriages I have yet to break my flower-glass.

My heart was broken from no fault of my husbands.

"Present her the flower-glass." The priest said.

"Jessica, delicate daughter of mine, will you accept from me the last flower-glass I will hopefully ever offer you?" Asked my father.

"I will." I said, and carefully plucked the flower-glass from his hands.

"The time has come to bring forth the groom." The priest shouted aloud.

Immediately the musicians began to play their sweet music and the whole of the people stood up in reverence. Everyone except, Fran-Hilda that is.

After 5 minutes of playing and attentive standing there was still no signs of Antony.
My heart began to panic, and I think my family did too.

The people were getting restless now and so was I. I could feel their eyes burning through me. I had become a suspect, yet again.

Please... I thought.

Please let everything be ok.

Moments later, Antony came strolling out of the other side of the aisle. The "other side of the aisle" being the villagers section. Immediately the tension at the wedding dissipated and I breathed an inward sigh of relief as he stepped onto the alter.

The music finally died down and the people took their seats in order to listen to the Priest's "Speech of Interlinking."

"We are gathered here today to witness the union of two village families. The family of Duek's and the family of Darrelesh. Without further ado. I shall ask both parties separately if they are willing to join together as one."

The crowd stood ever silent as they looked on. I could tell how proud my mother and father were. I've always kind of lived to please them because of all this.

"Do you, Jessica Tillious, take Antony Darrelesh to be your lawful wedded husband?" The Priest asked.

I breathed in and out with a ghost of a smile across my face. I had such a great feeling about our future.

"I do." I said.

I nearly giggled upon sight of my beaming, squealing sisters from within the crowd.

"And do you, Antony Darrelesh, take Jessica Tillious, to be your lawful wedded wife?"

I held my breath as I stared into his eyes.

"I do-"

My heart was liberated.

"-Not!" He exclaimed.

The crowd seemed to be dumbfounded, not sure what to make of Antony's sudden exclamation.

"B-But why, Antony?" I pleaded.

"Alas, dear Jessica. There is another!"

The crowd gasped and I felt as if my heart was beginning to freeze over.

"Whatever do you mean!" The priest replied in shock.

"The woman that has stolen my heart is not Jessica Tilliuos, but Fran-Hilda Dunkle!"

"NO!" My mother yelled.

"At last, coming Antony!" Fran-Hilda shrieked.

She ran down the aisle while holding the hem of her white dress with her fingertips. I could barely see her from my peripherals and my vision was growing blurry.
Perhaps, my heart really was freezing over.

"Repeat your vows, Priest!" Fran-Hilda said happily.

The Priest was utterly speechless, he hadn't the slightest idea as to what he should do.

"I-I-I-I-don't know about that Ms-uh..."

"Her name is Fran-Hilda Du..." Antony said.

"You ca...d...this, ...est..." My hearing was fading but I sincerely believe that I had heard my mother's voice.

"I told's...husbands!"

Again the crowd gasped. I could barely hear Fran-Hilda's words but I know, from the bottom of my heart, that she had just said that she told Antony that she knew the killers of my husbands.

"Speak up then child! Who is the murderer!" The Priest probed.

Fran-Hilda shrilled as loud as she could with every fiber in her being and said-

"It was J-....."


...What happened after that, I do not know.

Because luckily, in that instant, my heart had frozen completely solid as my Flower-Glass fell to my feet.

© Copyright 2020 Doodelay. All rights reserved.

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