Given a Gift

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

We are all given a gift.

It was a hot summer day, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. A bead of sweat formed at my hair line, but Eric dabbed it off with a cool napkin. Then, he gently poured a glass of lemonade and handed it to me. I giggle, happily, and he smiles at me. I love summer so much, spending time with him. But he glances down, notices the time, and stiffens.

"Elena, I'm really sorry. I promised my little sister I would take her to the Cow Museum today, and I have to go." He explains sadly. Then, he stood and dusted himself off.

"I'll miss you," I said sweetly, and he leaned down and kissed my cheek.

"I'll miss you more. See you tomorrow." He said, then he strode off. I sighed, happily, watching him walk away into the blazing heat. The best part of a summer day was always sitting in the shade, drinking lemonade with your perfect boyfriend. His denim shorts are grass stained from sitting here with me, and there is a stain on his grey t-shirt from where I spilled lemonade on him.  But he didn't get mad at me. He never did. We had been together for three years, and not once have we fought. Any time I have done something stupid, he never yells. He just helps me fix it. And my parents love him. He helps me babysit my borther a lot. Once, when my mom was working and Dad was sick, he even made supper for us while I was getting his perscription. And he had the sweetest hazel eyes, like hot coffee. He always told me my eyes were pretty, but they are the ugliest shade of green, like mold. And don't get me wrong, most green eyes are beautiful, like my little brother's. But not mine.

Suddenly, from across the street, I heard the screeching of tires braking, and a woman shouting. I stood up, and saw a red van, right about to hit Eric. My heart froze, and I went numb for a split second. 

"NO! ERIC!" I scream, waving my hands around madly. And then something unexplainable happened. The sky turned black, and a strange silver light illuminated the sky, and some sort of fog rose. Then I realized, all was silent. Time seemed to be frozen. I opened my eyes wide with awe. The whole world at this very instant, was open for MY exploration. I could do whatever I wanted......and nobody would know. My heart began racing, as the thought of this exciting new possiblitiy filled my head. But then a sickening realiztion took place. What would happen to me if I cuold never start time again? Then I wuold be forever stuck in this starnge, foggy, glowing world. This was not the same world that I had just been drinking lemonade with my boy friend in. Or so it seemed. I stepped cautiously into the street, and walked slowly to where a horrible accident was about to take place.  Eric, his perfect form, frozen in fear, a foot away from the red van, which I realized was partially airborne. Even the smoke coming from the exhaust pipe was frozen. I opened the door of the van, and saw the woman inside. She was rigid in the driver's seat, her mouth wide open from her screaming. I saw strange ripples in the air...and realized that they were her frozen sound waves. I could do anything now. I guess I could even move the sound waves, if I would want to. I stepped out of the van, and closed the door. Then, I came back to Eric. I notised a bead of sweat on his fore head, and I took the napkin out of his pocket, and dabbed it, then replaced the napkin. I was beginning to panic. Time was't starting back up. All I could do was wait I suppose. So, I sat on the curb, and waited. After awhile though, the sight of the accident about to occur was giving me anxiety. A thought popped into my head. Maybe, I could prevent it. Maybe, if I moved him out of the way, he would be fine. The sound of my heart racing was the only audible thing all over the globe, so it was noticibly louder than you would expect.

I walked, still cautiously, towards him. Then, with all my might, I ran into him. He was as light as steirofoam. He moved so easily, without even losing the pose he was in. .So, I picked him up, and tossed him off the street. And the strangest part was, the second that he was out of the path  of destruction, time resumed. The fog instanly lifted, and the sky lightened. Unfortunately, I was partially in the path of the van, and it ran over my foot. The realization was amazing, the sudden feeling of knowing. I was aware of the power I possessed, and I could do with it. Most people would be thinking of how to use this to get rich, but not me. I thought of all the wyas that I could save people, all the lives that could be spared. The difference I could make in this world with this one, simple trait were incredible. They were life changing. With this power  alone, I had just saved my boyfriend's life. Wait, Eric! I remembered my victory, and rushed to his side. He looked at me, amazed, eyes widened. He cradled my face in his hands, and his lip quivered.

"How....h-how did you.....?" His voice trailed into silence. He was scared. Scared of me, though? I had saved his life, not turned into a monster. What was he thinking?

" were there...." He pointed to my house, where my lawn chair sat, undisturbed, "And now you're here.....and I was there..." He pointed tothe road, between the skid marks, "But now?" He whispered. I knew that this must look strange, because when I froze time, I didn't have to get back to my chair. It must look like I evaporated into thin air. But I couldn't tell Eric. It would break his heart, because he would either think I was crazy or lying to him. I had to think of some sort of an excuse.

"You were so scared that you blacked out for a moment....." I said. but I hated lying to him. It felt worse than lying to my own mother. But Eric was smart. he wouldn't believe something if he knew it wasn't true. He was stubborn like that, and I loved it. He shook his head.

"Elena, I were there. I saw your face...I saw you scream. Then, you started running for the road, and then, then you were here, with me. I'm not dead right?" He says quietly. Then he looks down at the side walk. Ambulances started pulling up around us. Eric held my chin in his soft hand, and looked me in the eye.

"You promise?"

"Promise." Then, a man in white pulls me away, and they put him on a stretcher to wheel him to the ambulance. I knew that it was wrong to lie to him, but what else could I do? I would hate to hurt him more at this point. The only important thing was that he was safe now. I started walking home. It was just across the road, but I lingered at the side walk for a moment. Maybe I was in a bit of shock, but that was reasonable. I guess it was a lot to take in. While I was thinking, one thought struck me. I didn't know how I froze time. I actually felt relieved. All the stress was gone. Maybe i just wouldn't be able to use the power again. That was probably for the better.

When I walked inside, I saw my mom, looking frantically through the cupboards. I watched her rip apart the pantry, almost comically, and my stress from the day was forgotten. After about five minutes of this, I couldn't stand it anymore.

"What are you looking for, Mom?" I asked innocently, but I was laughing under my breath. She turned to me, then smiled.

"Oh, Elena! Where were you? I needed you to go to the corner store for me. We are out of baby formula, and your brother is hungry!" She screeched, but she must have been worried, because she usually doesn't freak out about little things.

"Chill out mom! There was almost a really bad accident across the street. I was with Eric." I say quickly. I was hoping she wouldn't hear me.But unfortunately, Moms always hear when you don't want them to. Her face went pale.

"Was he hurt? Are you ok? What happened?" She exclaimed rushing to me. I put my hand on her shoulder.

"Its ok mom. Eric was almost hit, but I pulled him out of the way. " The throbbing in my foot reminded me of what happened. But she didn't relax.

"And you? Are you hurt?" She asks.

"The van only ran over my foot. I'm fine. " Her face didn't relax. In fact, it seemed to tense up noticably.

" Thats horrible! We are bringing you to the hospital. Come on, in the car. Why would you jumo in front of a van?" She shrieked. But she never meant to yell. She was just worried. i can understand that. but she doesn't get it. Eric was worth my life. And it was made easy for me.....

I noticed that on the way to the hospital, she drove extremely slow. I guess the concept of a traffic accident being fresh in her mind has affected her driving. After about half an hour, on the backroads, we finally reached the hospital. Of course, i tried insisting to her that I was fine, but she persisted. She was bound and determined to find something wrong with me. But Moms worry. Its their nature. The hopsital was a big, white building. It had a lot of darkened windows on the front, and the side had a large red cross painted on it. There was also a garden full of strangely shaped hedges, leading to the glass double doors. When we walked in, I smelled anti-septic and floor cleaner.

A nurse at the front table was waiting for us. Apparently, my mom made a call before we left. I knew that she called Dad, so he could watch my baby brother, but she obviously called the emergency room while she was at the phone. The nurse stood up, and led us down a white hall way, with white tile floors, and bright white lights hanging from the ceiling. Form there, we entered a beige room, with a bed in the corner beside a sink.

"Up, up." She said cheerfully, patting the bed. I sat on the bed, wincing when she pulled the sneaker off of my foot. After inspection, she handed an ace bandage to my mom.

"Luckily, nothing was broken but there is a sprain. When you get home, wrap this around her right foot a few times and pin it up. Don't get it wet though. " My mom knodded, and took my hand, even though I wasn't a baby. The nurse pat my Mom's head as we exited.

"Have a nice day, dears." Said she, as we walked back though the long hall way into the lobby.

"Um, Elena...could you stay here for a moment? I need to use the restroom." She asked me. I nod, and she gives me a 'thumbs up' as she rushes through a silver door. So, then I sat in one of the blue plastic chairs lined up against the wall. There were a few othe rpeople lined up in these chairs, but not many. The only one adjacent to me was a woman in maybe her thirties, with her face in a book. it was rather suspicious...unti I saw the orange bottle from the edge. The woman was taking a pill. Strange.  I tapped on her shoulder, and she looked up, trying to hide the label. her face was tear streaked, and I saw the label. I gasped in horror, and she started sobbing as she popped one of the deadly pills in her mouth.

"NO! " I screamed. Suddenly, it happened again. The sky from outside the glass door faded to black, showered with silver. Fog filled the room. Time froze. The tears in her eyes, like drops of ice.  'Yes,' I think. 'This is my chance to save another life!' I approach the woman, but then stop. How should I get a pill out of her mouth? With gloves maybe. As I approached the box of rubber gloves on the nurse's desk, I stop again. 'What are the consequences for messing with time? What if these people are meant to die?' I think. I begin panincing. I sit on the floor, thinking. Then, I do the strangest thing. I pray. I prayed, and I prayed, hoping and wishing to know what to do.

"God, please. tell me what do. Do I let her die? Would that be unfair, since I saved Eric? Please, God, tell me what I should do." I pray. I think I sang it, but I wasn't paying attention. And then, the second most strange thing in my life happened. I heard a voice.

"Elena. You were given the gift of time. You are a blessed girl. You have the world at your finger tips. Whenever a life in your radius is at stake, you have the power to save it. But good things cannot last forever. Be careful dear, because you can only save two lives without off setting the balance of the world.The third time you save a life, time will  be saved, but you will not survive. You can use them wisely. And everybody deserves their life, so it is up to you to decide who to save. Time will resume when the fate of the victim is restored. Now, use your gift, dear daughter, and change the world." the voice said. My prayer....was answered. Literally. that doesn't happen every day. But I was bewildered at the same time. I knew what was going on. I was given a gift, that I am free to use. But....there was a rule. The third life I save would take my own life. I promised to myself to remember that. Then, without any fear now, I gloved my hands and approached the woman....but stopped. I remembered what the voice told me. When her life was saved, time would resumer. then she would just take a new pill, and I wouldn't be able to save her. So, I took the bottle from her hand, and looked at it. How was I supposed to get rid of this? I stared at it for a moment, and surprisingly, it burst into flames. I instantly dropped it. The bottle was instantly incinerated. I remembered what God told me. 'You control time.' Did that mean that when I was in btween time like this, I had special powers to help me? AWSOME! Was my first thought. Then, I thought for a moment. 'This woman is so unhappy. She needs SOMEBODY to help her...' And that gave me an idea. I slipped a note into her hands in place of the pill bottle, then extracted the pill from her mouth. It also started on fire on my command. Time resumed, by the time I had jumped back into my plastic chair. The woman tried to swallow...but nothing was in her mouth. She tried again and again, but when she failed, she looked down to her hands where she was holding the pill bottle. But, to her ultimate surprise, it was gone. In it's place, was the wispy little note that I had scribbled. She wiped a tear from her eyes, and unfolded the paper. As she read it, her face slowly but surely lightened. The tears ran dry, and she even let out a small giggle. In the note, I had written,

'' Dear Woman,

Your life was given to you. It is a gift. It is yours to change the world with. Don't waste such an opputunity. You only get one chance at it.

Make a difference.''

Obviously, my work was done. I smiled in success, and settled into my chair, as my mother rushed from the bathroom.

"Ok, Elena. Time to get home. I still need to make dinner. And I still need to pick up some baby formula for James." She said, practically dragging me from the waiting room, to the car. She slammed her door, and shoved the key in the ignition. Before I knew it, I was home. I hobbled inside, struggling to wrap the bandage on my foot. Then, in my bedroom, I was left to my own fantasy. I was so happy, but also dissapointed. I couldn't freeze time again. Well, I had the ability, but if I do, I will either die, or live in frozen time for eternity. And I don't want either of those things. Slowly the evening passed, until around ten o'clock, I crawl back to the comfort of my bed. When sleep finally finds me, I find myself wandering around a dark, foggy world. In my dream, time was frozen, but I couldn't find the person dying to save. I wandered the empty streets for days, but then the phone beside my bed woke me up. It was ringing, softly. The caller ID tells me that its Eric, and my heart skips a beat.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey, Elena! they finally let me out of the hospital when they couldn't find anything wrong with me." He said.

"Haha, good."

"Elena, I have a surprise for you. I want to make it up to you." he says sweetly.

"Huh? Make what up to me?"

"Hmm, I don't know. Maybe the fact that you jumped in front of a van and saved my life." He chuckled. "Meet me at the park at midnight tonight."

"Midnight?" I said excitedly.

"Yes. I am going to pay you back." Before I could protest, though, he hung up the phone. I guess it was too late to say no, so I got out of bed and pulled my pants on, and combed my hair. Then, I snuck out the back door, careful not to let it slam. Walking to the park, I observe my surroundings. The sky was pitch black, but sprinkled with a deliecate dusting of twinkling stars. The reflection of the silver moon illuminates the duck pound, and the digital clock board outside the bank says '12:00.' I sit on the wooden park bench, waiting for him. Then, I saw him, leaning against a tree on the corner. I smile and stand up, but then I see something. A man steps out from behind the bank dressed in black...with a suspicious silver object in his hand. He walks up to eric, and I see that he is holding eric by the collar and has the metal object aimed at his head. Oh no.

"NO!" I scream, and they both stare at me, but the man in black doesn't pay much attention to me.

"Elena, run!" He screams, bravely. But I won't. The silver stars face into a strange glimmer, and a fog blanketed the park.  My heart was in my throat. I didn't mean to freeze time....or did I? I knew that it would kill me to freeze time and save him, so why did I? I remember what I thought earlier today. 'Eric was worth my life.' I love him too much.....I had to save him. So, I strode casually through the park towards my doom. I was thinking, as I walked towards the mugger and my boy friend, its funny how many times you can be around a near death experience in one day. Maybe God made all of these happen for a reason. I guess I will never know. I finally get to them. I see Eric's perfect hazel eyes, focused on the point where I just stood. The mugger's mouth was curled into an ominous grin. I couldn't take it. I saw the bullet, frozen in midair, and inch from Eric's face. And I knew what I had to do. I lifted Eric, (People are so light between time,) and moved him back about a foot. Then, I stood in the path of the villain. For some reason, time didn't start yet. I remember what I wrote to the woman trying to kill herself. 'You only have one chance at life, so make a difference.' Thats what God told me. Thats what he was waiting for. So what am I doing here, wasting my life? I had to make it count. And just another girl killed in the middle of the night would not make a difference in the world. But I would. I took my phone out of my pocket, and recorded a message.

"I address this message to all of the people in our world who need it. You are given one life. It is your gift from God. The choice is yours to what you will do with it. Why would you try and take somebody else's? You are never so desperate to steal. There is always another answer. Make your life count. Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices for the good of the world. This is how am going to make a difference." I dropped the recording on the ground, and I knew that I had made a difference in this world, when my story came to an end.


All that remained of Elena Hope was her dead corpse, and her last words. When she fell to the ground, Eric scremed. He fell to his knees in tears. She had saved his life twice, losing her own in the process. Why would she do this for him? The same reason he would for her. Then, his attention turned to the man in black. he didn't look regretful, not even a bit. Not until the recording played. That recording changed the world. When the man in black heard the recording, he ran off. Nobody knew that he cared, not until he turned himself in to jail the next day. The media got the recording, and it was all over world wide news. Then, in the following week, criminals every where began turning themselves in. Homicide rates dropped drastically.

And this story applies to you. Your life is a gift more valuable than the gift to control time. You don't need money or special powers to change the world. You don't need anything but faith and determination.

Submitted: July 11, 2011

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Aww i liked the epilogue...even though it was sad, but the last paragraph was true and real.

Sat, July 16th, 2011 10:08pm



Sat, July 16th, 2011 8:03pm



Okay, I am going to be honest and say science fiction, fantasy etc isn't a genre I'm usually into. However this was more moral for it's fantasy so I thank you for that. It felt a lot like a modern day parable and was really beautiful in it's message. I can tell you're a rather deep thinker and I really respect your talent to get it out like this.

There were a few spelling mistakes with just mismatched letters and things which are easily rectifiable. I just have a habit of picking them out.

The last paragraph was really a great way to bring together what your story was about and I really felt sorry for Eric. I love how she sacrificed herself for someone she loves even though it meant losing him anyway. I love that you put romance in your story.

Thank you for sharing this completely different story (than my usual reading) with me. It really made me think! I'll let you know when the results are up! :)

Annie xox

Mon, August 8th, 2011 1:52am


Thanks so much! You don't know how happy I was to get a comment other than the word, 'Cute.' I am aware of my spelling mistakes, and sorry about that. I was using a sticky keyboard at the time, which as you can see, has its problems. Thank you for giving me an idea about what you liked in my story. It tells me what I can do in the future in my writing to please he reader. (My english teacher pretty much just says 'nice story,' or 'D' if I did well or not.) Anyways, thanks so much and I hope I have a chance at winning. :)

Mon, August 8th, 2011 7:28am



Okie dokie! :)

Fri, September 9th, 2011 9:29pm

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