The Evening Report

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This is a play that I wrote for my friends and I to perform. Sorry if I spelled anything wrong! XD Please like and comment.

Submitted: May 21, 2011

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Submitted: May 21, 2011



The Evening report


Scene One, a hall way
Narrator- Welcome to The Evening Report head building. The Most publicly watched report in all of Colorado.

( Brooke is sitting down, flipping through a pad, worried.)
Enter: Marilyn
Marilyn- Oh, Hello Brooke! How are you?
Brooke-(sigh) Oh, well, I’m-
Marilyn- Oh, Me? I’m on my way to the news room to do a weather fore cast. Where are you going next?
Brooke- Well Marilyn, I’m going out to down town to see if I can find a good story for my report this evening. It seems like nothing is going on.
Marilyn- Ahh.. The weather reports are a much better business, honey. There is always something going on in the sky. If it is sunny, people are pleased with me for delivering the news. If the weather is nasty, people don’t like it, but at least it is something to report.
Brooke- Well, Marilyn, that’s great but-
Marilyn- Brooke, Honey! I didn’t ask for a life story, here! Do you want to make me late for the show?
Brooke- Oh, I’m so sorry, Marilyn! I just-
Marilyn- I don’t have the time for this!
( Exit: Marilyn.)
(Brooke: sigh, and continue going through pad)
(Brooke: dig through pocket book and answer phone.)
Brooke- Hello?
Chuck- Hello, Brooke.
Brooke- Oh, Hello Mister Pasteloni. What can I do for you sir?
Chuck- Listen, Brooke. I need to see you in my office. Now.
Brooke- Yes, sir. I’m on my way, I’ll see you in a few minutes.
(Brooke: hurriedly exit from stage.)

Scene two, The Bosses Office
Narrator- Brooke has arrived at Mister Pasteloni’s office, in room 34 B.

(Mr. Pasteloni is sitting at a desk.)
(Enter: Brooke)
Chuck- Brooke, sit down.
Brooke-What is it, Mister Pasteloni, or, may I call you Chuck?
Chuck- No, you may not, and , Brooke, we have a problem.
Brooke- Did I do something wrong? Oh! Today is your birth day, isn’t it! Dang how could I have forgotten!
Chuck-No, Brooke. It is not my birthday. In fact, my birth day was three days ago, thank you. It is your news report. It is boring, as dry as bones. People don’t want to hear about restaurant specials, and new water fountains! They want to hear about fires, and criminals. Like this guy.( Hand Brooke news paper clipping.)
Brooke- Who is that?
Chuck- This is The Bob. He is a genius burglar, and also a master of disguise.
Brooke- What are you saying?
Chuck- What I am saying, is that you need to get me a story about this guy, or…  or  we will be hiring a new news reporter.
Brooke- Oh… I see, Mister Pasteloni. Well, I’ll do my best.
Chuck- Ok. Very well, Miss Darling. You are dismissed. I will see you at the report tonight at eight thirty.
Brooke- Yes sir, Chuck- Um I mean Mister Pasteloni.
(Exit Brooke.)
Chuck- I’d better make some calls, and find a new Reporter before the show.

Scene Three-
Narrator- Later that day, Brooke and Marilyn got together for Lunch at Brooke’s house.

Marilyn- You know what Brooke, I am getting awfully hungry.
Brooke- Is that so, Marilyn?
Marilyn-Yes dear, and you know what would hit the spot, right about now?
Brooke- What would that be?
Marilyn- An extra cheesy pepperoni pizza from “The Pizza Place.” If only I had my wallet with me…( Makes a sideways glance at Brooke)
Brooke-I see, Marilyn, would you like me to order a pizza?
Marilyn-Oh, no Brooke, you silly goose! A weather girl must look her best, and fattening greasy slop like pizza would ruin that. But I am always open to bread bowl pasta.
Brooke- Oh, (giggles half heartedly) of course Marilyn. I agree. I’ll put in an order.
(Pulls out phone and dials)…Hello?……Can I place an order for a small-
Marilyn-(Fake cough)
Brooke- Make that a large bread bowl pasta and a small pizza, delivered to 123 Cocoa Lane? Yes, I have cash. Thank you. (Hangs up phone.)
Marilyn- Honey, you know you shouldn’t eat that junk food either, as a news girl.
Brooke-(embarrassed) oh, thank you for your concern Marilyn, but if I can’t get the story I need, I won’t even be a news girl anymore after tonight.
Marilyn-(feigning concern) oh, you don’t say! (Roll eyes to audience.)
(Door bell)
Brooke-Oh, that must be our lunch!(Walk to door and open it.)
Bob- Hello, Miss. I have your small pizza and Large bread bowl pasta.
Brooke- Oh, thank you. How much do I owe you?
Bob-That’ll be $31.94. Hey, Miss, can I use your bathroom?
Brooke- Sure, (Squints at name tag) Bob, right through the living room, past my bedroom.. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need anything.
Bob-(Devious grin) Thank you miss. I’ll be out in a wink.
(Exit Marilyn and Brooke.)
(Bob pulls off pizza shirt, to reveal a shirt that says The Bob, and looks around the room. Grabs wallet off of table, fans himself in money. Does not leave set or stop until Brooke walks in)
(Enter Brooke.)
Brooke- hey! What are you doing with my wallet? Who are you anyway- OH! You are the Bob! (Runs up and hugs the Bob.)
Bob-(Confused) Um, yeah? Why are you hugging me? I am trying to rob you?
Brooke- Because you are going to save my career! You have to do an interview for me, and all that cash is yours!
Bob- (Whining) Why can’t you just call the cops or something? I hate answering questions!
Brooke- It won’t be that bad! Come on. I just need to know a little about you so I can read it off at my report tonight. Then, you can walk out that door, without being caught, with all that money, AND the small pizza.
Bob-Fine, but if the cops get involved, I was held hear against my will.
Brooke- Deal.
(Both shake hands)
Exit Both

Scene Four
Narrator- The deal was done, questions were answered and payments were made, in time for Brooke’s eight thirty show.

Chuck- Okay, places people! Come on! I expect a big show tonight! Brooke, I need you front and center.
Brooke- Right here sir. What do you need?
Chuck- Did you get the story?
Brooke- Yup! I got facts about the Bob from a secret inside source! This will be my best show yet, Chuck! I promise!
(Brooke sits at her seat and starts organizing some papers.)
Chuck- (Holding his head with his hand.) How many times do I need to tell this woman not to call me Chuck!?
Narrator- (From off stage) We are on in ten seconds!
Chuck- Good luck, Brooke. You will need it!
(Chuck steps to the side.)
Brooke- hello. My name is Brooke Darlings, and Welcome to The Evening Report 8:30 news. Today I have breaking news, about the master mind criminal, The Bob. Recently, I have received word from a secret inside source about the Bob. Here are 5 facts that nobody knows about him.
1 He always wears his lucky under wear the night before a heist.
2 His favorite food is peach cobbler with cinnamon sprinkles.
3 He has a long lost sister named Louise
4 He made honor roll in 2nd, 4th and 8th grade
And he never misses his girl friend’s birthday.
Well, there you have it folks! Thank you so much, and I’ll see you on Thursday.

Narrator- And that’s a rap! Take five every body!
Chuck- Wow Brooke, Good job! How did you think of such vivid lies? The audience will really buy it!
Brooke- Lies? But that is the truth, Mister Pasteloni!
Chuck- Brooke, there is no way you could know those things about The Bob without personally meeting him. And you obviously didn’t meet him.
Brooke- But-
(Marilyn bursts onto stage)
Marilyn- Move it, ex-news girl! Since you lost your job, the weather section has been extended, with more airtime for me!
Brooke- But Marilyn, didn’t you hear the good news! I got the story!
Marilyn- (sarcastically) Right.. and I am a flying hot dog.
Marilyn- Get off my set!
Brooke-(Turning to Chuck) Sir, surely you can explain to her-
Marilyn- Chuck, do you want her, or me?!
Chuck- Sorry Brooke, but she is the more valuable employee. Everybody loves the weather girl. I think you might want to seek employment else where.
Brooke- Wait, so I went through all this work and stress for nothing?!
Marilyn- You heard him Brooke, get off MY SET!
Brooke-At least somebody got their happily ever after.

Narrator- And so, Marilyn got the extra time slot, Chuck got lots of money, because every body does love the weather girl, and The Bob got a free pizza and some cash. So, in the end, almost everybody had a happily ever after.
Every body- The End

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