When You Cry.

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This song is based on a song I wrote. I really hope you like it, and if you do, show your appreciation with the little blue button! XD Enjoy.

Submitted: July 09, 2011

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



Third person Point of view

Isabel lay on her bed, and she buried up her red face in her pillow.  The day played over and over again through her head, while tear streamed steadily from her eyes. She wished that she never got out of bed this morning, to go to that stupid picnic with Jake....but she did.

 This is how it went.

She woke up early, actually, she practically sprang out of bed. She rushed through the morning, tugging her shirt over her head, and yanking her shorts on. She yanked the comb through her thick, brown hair, and then jumped in her little blue Saab. Then, she braided her hair as she followed the beaten down, grassy trail beside the river to the willow tree. The willow tree was her and Jake's favorite meeting place, since 5th grade when they buried 'treasure' there, but it was just some gummy worms and a soccer ball. And now, as a 17 year old girl, she still found herself in the familiar place frequently. And then she sat, and waited beneath the swaying vines of the graceful tree. The sun was still low in the sky, over the river, and it cast its golden reflection like a bridge before her. The dark, fuchsia clouds slowly lightened, as the sun gained altitude. She obviously came early, but she liked the wait. It was a peaceful time, to think about her life. To contemplate. Today she thought about Jake, like she usually did. His airy blonde hair, his broad, muscular shoulders...his oceanic green eyes. The thought of his eyes, those warm green eyes made her heart melt. Jake and Isabel were supposedly just friends, but she always wanted it to be more between them. 'Just friends' was getting a little old. She knew that he liked her, too, but neither of them had the guts to say so. How could they? They had been best friends since pre school. Isabel knew that being his girl friend would be great, until something stupid comes up, and then they would never be the same again. But today was the day. She decided that today, under this beautiful morning sun, she would make her move. She would show him that it was time to confess to their feelings.

After about twenty minutes, she heard crunching of gravel beneath a car's tires, and saw head lights in the distance. That meant he was here.A tremor ran through her, and she sat in anticipation while he walked down the trail. And nothing takes longer than waiting for somebody to reach you, especially when you know how very close they are. But she promised to wait for him, right here beneath the weeping willow.

She saw feet from beneath the brush, and her heart skipped a beat...but then she realized something. One, two, three...four feet? She recognized Jake's converse, that matched her own, but also a pair of pink ballerina flats and red toe nails. Then, from the wood emerged Jake, and a girl. She was thin, with long, tan legs. She wore a white blouse, and a denim short skirt, and big hoop earrings. She had cold, blue eyes and her fingers were short, pink, and intertwined with Jakes. They walked up to me, and Jake waved as her sat down.

"Izzy, I want you to meet somebody!" He told her, and the girl's drawn-on eyes brows arched triumphantly. She just stared.

"Izzy," he paused, to kiss her cheek. "This is Alexa." She giggled. It wasn't sweet sounding, or bubbly, but more nasly and fake. She still stared, as she fidgeted with a loose strand of her hair. Jake was smiling, oblivious to her shock. He obviously didn't understand. He didn't understand that today was supposed to be their day. Not Jake and Alexa's day, but Jake and Isabell's day. He was supposed to be kissing her cheek, and playing my her hair. Not Alexa. Alexa is fake, she is all lipgloss for kissing, no lips for speaking. She is all hair for styling, but no brain for thinking. Her heart went numb.

"I...I gotta..go," Isabell murmurs. She stands up shakily, dusts herself off, and walks away. Jake sits in surprise.

"Where ya going, Is? We were supposed to have a picnic today!" He says. But she doesn't care. She just kept on walking.

And now, she lye in her bed, shoes still on, and hair still braided for that special day. She knows now, that she was wrong. Jake never wanted to be more than friends. But apparently he can't say the same for Alexa. All of her suspicions over the years were false. All of her hopes, dreams..fantasies during class were wasted for this fake, Alexa. And how long did he know Alexa? Not since pre school.


Point of View, Jake.

As I sat there, toying with Alexa's bronze hair, I thought about how Isabell left. The way her face dropped, but then froze. She almost looked emotionless. What was wrong with her? Didn't she know that Alexa is my cousin? Then it sunk in. I realized the missing piece.

"Alexa, I have to bring you home. I gotta go do something." I said quickly, standing up. I already started walking her to the car.

"What?" She asks. Her voice annoyed me, with that chest cold she always seems to have, but I barely notice. Now I feel numb. How did I let myself slip? All these years it has been right in front of my face but I never noticed. How could I have been so stupid for so long? I notice one thing, the fact that I am speeding uncontrollably. Thinking about Isabell's soft face though..and her sprinkling of freckles....it distracts me.

"WATCH OUT!" Alexa screams. As I glance up at the road, I see the other car, coming right at me. Alexa jumps out of the car. Unfortunately, I still have my head in the clouds.

I hear the sound of crunching metal, and see blood drip down my fore head. Then I black out.

Point Of View: Isabell

I walk into the glass doors of the hospital room, and see him in the bed. His face is pale, and his hair sprawled limp over his forehead. His perfect green eyes are closed, in sleep. There is a bandage around his fore head, and he is covered in bruises. I didn't notice when the doctor walked in behind me, until he started talking.

"He has a minor concussion, a broken rib and his skull is fractured. But he was extremely lucky. If he was two inches to the left in his seat...well...you know." He says, not even looking up from a clip board. I didn't even notice that I was crying until I see one of my tears fall onto his face. And another. And another. The third tear must have woken him up, because I saw a flash of green as his eyes fluttered open. he squinted and looked up at me, then opened his mouth to speak. but he sang.

"When you cry, you wake me from my slumber. When you cry, I never have felt dumber. When you cry tears of joy, its like a summer rain. When you cry you help me feel awake, but when you cry your a thief..." he stopped, then whispered. "And guess what you did take?" He points to his heart, and I smile.

"You are my weeping willow. And I will always love you." He whispers, and he puts his arms around me. Together forever.


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