Let's put our song on replay

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Some dreams can become true if you do something for it... (:

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



Carlos #imagine Let’s put our song on replay

“Come on, [YN]! Just put these few words into a melody. It’s not that hard.” Carlos, my boyfriend, tried to encourage me. He was trying to make me sing because I always said that I had a terrible voice which was 100% true but I was refusing every help from him. “No, Carlos! I can’t sing. Just get it in your head.” I laughed and ruffled his hair. Sitting down on the couch in the recording studio he had driven me to, he leaned his head against the soft backrest of the sofa. A loud sigh was audible from the other side of the room. “Carlitos.” I said somewhat annoyed by the ignoring tone in his breathing. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and didn’t think even about looking at me. “Well, if you don’t talk to me then I’ll just go home. Bye!” I told him and took my bag and cardigan from the barstool that stood in the other corner of the studio. “Don’t go, love.” Carlos murmured when I was about to close the door behind me. He stood up from the sofa and followed me outside the building. “Honey, I know you for almost five years, we’re together for two years and during this time I spent with you I’ve learned that you’re the cutest, most amazing and beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I don’t want this to end up in a stupid fight or something. It wouldn’t be worth it.” I heard him talk to me but it seemed like I was somewhere else with my mind. “Just to make sure that you really believe me I take you out for dinner tonight, okay?” We made a stop in front of his car. “Carlos. I believe and love you like no one else but I kind of have the feeling that we won’t make it to the restaurant tonight.” I startled and pointed out to the other side of the parking lot. Chelsea, my best friend since kindergarten, and her boyfriend Steven had another fight that was probably going to bring their relationship to an end. “I’ve had enough of you, Steven! Just don’t talk to me anymore, okay?!” Chelsea suddenly yelped when Steven grabbed her by her arm. “Let me go!” She tried to break free from his grip and I was able to see tears rolling down her cheeks. I don’t know what came over me when I started running towards both of them. My ears perceived the sound of Carlos’ voice calling my name but I continued running. “[YN]!” The lineaments of Chelsea’s face relaxed when she saw me. “Steven, let her go!” I told him when I stood in front of that 6’2’’ tall guy. He looked scary and… monstrous. I’ll probably never know why Chelsea was so in love with him. “What did he do to you?” I grabbed her shoulders lightly and I just noticed that she had a black eye and a swollen upper lip covered with blood. “You beat her up, you sick bastard!” I screamed and turned around to see a devilish smiling Steven Johnson standing in front of me. “I just did what she deserved. She’s a slut and she’ll never get a guy like me because no one likes something like that!” He pointed out and started laughing evilly.

From the corner of my eye I saw Carlos dialing a number on his mobile. I hoped he would call the police. What he gladly did because ten minutes later the cops arrived.

“Are you okay, love?” Carlos asked and wrapped his arms around my waist. I nodded my head yes and saw Chelsea being brought to the hospital by the ambulance that arrived a few minutes after the police was here.

“Do you think he… only beat her up?” Out of nowhere I asked the question when Carlos and I made our way to my house. “I mean do you think he did worse with her?” It was probably a stupid question to ask but I wanted to hear an answer coming from his mouth. “[YN], don’t worry about her. In hospital they will do many examinations with her to check if she eventually got ra-..” “Don’t talk about it!” He was quiet immediately; maybe it sounded a bit too harsh but I didn’t want to waste another thought about my best friend who was probably being raped by her boyfriend.

The ride to my house never seemed to end. It was a terrible day so far. I didn’t know why but it just wasn’t my day. “Is it okay when Carlos stays here for the night mom?”

It was the first thing I asked when I walked into the kitchen of our house. I didn’t want to be alone tonight; not after what happened with Chelsea today. “Sure, honey.” Mom replied and went on with cooking dinner. It was already 6:30PM. The time went by so quickly these days. “Do you want a dessert maybe?” Almost every time when Carlos was in the house and ate dinner with us dad would make us a wonderful dessert afterwards. “Sure.” Carlos replied politely and took my hand in his. His lips found mine and we shared a loving kiss. “There you go.” Dad said and placed two bowls filled with ice cream, whipped cream, cherries and chocolate sprinkles. “You’re the best, daddy.” I said and gave him a little kiss on the cheek before he left the dining room and closed the door behind him. “Carlos?” I asked randomly and swallowed the cherry I just ate. “What’s on your mind, love?” He placed a strand of hair behind my ear and looked into my eyes. It almost seemed like he was trying to hypnotize me with his look. “I have to show you something.” I whispered with a small smile and took his hand in mine. We went upstairs to my room and I told him to sit down on my bed while I got my guitar from the guitar stand next to my wardrobe. “What are you doing?” He chuckled because he exactly knew that I wasn’t able to play guitar. But he was wrong.

Over the last few months Kendall taught me to play the guitar. And it turned out pretty well. Plus I also wrote a little song together with him, Logan and James called “Loving you is legit”. I still don’t know what came over me but when we finished the song a week ago and I heard the melody I instantly started strumming the strings of my guitar and began singing the lyrics to the song. “She has such a beautiful voice.” That’s what Logan said when I busy with trying to hit the right notes.

I was still unsure about my singing voice but I thought to myself ‘What do I have to lose? Carlos loves me for who I am. Not for my voice.’

“Just stay there and listen.” I smiled shyly and put the strap of the guitar around my upper body. “Remember that I love you, Carlos.” I told him and started strumming the first few chords of the song. With the words I sang Carlos’ mouth dropped a little. I heard him whisper a little ‘Wow’ when it came to the chorus.

Strumming the last chords I saw Carlos standing up from my bed and walking towards me. “That’s what you call a terrible voice, [YN]?” He asked me smiling and grabbed my shoulders tightly. “That’s what I call a completely amazing voice!” The kiss he planted on my lips showed me how surprised he was. The strap of the guitar slid down my shoulder and I sat the guitar back onto the stand. “I love you, honey.” Carlos whispered those words into my ear and I felt the butterflies erupt in my stomach immediately. “I love you, too.” He smiled at me and we went to bed.

I was so excited when I saw the sun starting to rise in the early morning the next day. Not being able to fall asleep again I felt Carlos’ arm wrapping around my waist from behind. “Good morning, beautiful.” He whispered in his raspy morning voice which I loved so endlessly. “Morning.” Giving him a sweet kiss on the lips I suddenly felt like the happiest person in the whole world. The feeling was strange although Carlos and I spent a lot of time together. “Let’s go back to the studio.” He told me when were about to get dressed. I nodded my head and my lips curved into a nervous little smile. He probably wanted the others to hear me sing again. ‘Oh boy, you’re crazy, Carlitos.’ I thought to myself and followed my lovely boyfriend outside the house.

When we arrived in the studio for the second time this week I took my guitar I brought with me and sat down on the couch. “Just Give Me a Reason by Pink?” I asked him and he immediately nodded his head yes.

“We’re not broken just bent. And we can learn to love again.” When I strummed the last chords of the song I heard some people clapping around Carlos and me.

“You should get arrested for having such an incredible voice [YN].” I heard James chuckle and started laughing. “I’m not that good, guys.” “I correct: you’re amazing!” The man who stood between the others wore a black tuxedo and a tie and had a briefcase with him. “I’m Patrick Harrison. I work for Smiths Talent Agency. You might know them?” The excitement was written all over my face I guess because Mr. Harrison started smiling down at me while he shook my hand politely. They all heard me singing together with Carlos. “I wanted to ask you if you maybe want to start a career as a singer, [YN]. I also made these four dorks famous.” I laughed and blushed a little. I just didn’t know why but it was a complete new situation for me. “You would really try to make me famous?” “I already did.” He said and pointed to a little camera that recorded my little performance. “The video will be streamed on Nickelodeon before every episode of Big Time Rush, iCarly and Victorious; if you’re okay with it and sign this contract.” I started smiling like an idiot and felt my heart starting to beat faster than ever. “Of course I’ll sign it!” My voice sounded awful in that moment because I was happy, excited and nervous at the same time. “You’re going to be famous, baby.” Carlos spoke out what I didn’t seem to realize. It was really happening. My dream was going to become true. The whole atmosphere in the studio was gone when my mobile ringed. Chelsea called. I recognized the ringtone I picked for her. “Chelsea? What’s wrong?” I asked her with a huge amount of concern in my already chipped voice. “Everything’s… perfect now, [YN]. That’s what I wanted to tell you. Steven is in jail. The jury made it clear. He’s charged with attempted murder, mayhem, sexual abuse and dealing in illicit drugs. He’ll be gone for twenty five years.” I clearly heard the relief in her voice. She was finally able to live a normal life again after what her so called boyfriend did to her.

One year went by so quickly and a lot of things in life changed. I signed the contract and started a pretty successful career as singer. I went on tour with Big Time Rush, had a few little roles on TV shows like Navy CIS, Law & Order, Ghost Whisperer and Criminal Minds. It was still funny that the most offers I got were roles in criminal series. They probably read the book I wrote a few months ago. The moments you witness might not last forever but memories will; neither good nor bad ones. So I collected them all and wrote a book about it. With only nineteen years I have written a book, had a few roles in very popular TV shows, have been on tour with a world famous boy band and was recording songs for my second studio album. The first one was on the list of best selling albums of the last five years. It was incredible how everything changed. Life was just… beautiful.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome my lovely girlfriend and the best band mates I could have ever asked for.” I heard Carlos making the announcement he promised me to do when we had the performance at the Grammy Awards. Everyone started clapping. Standing on this huge stage with my guitar and the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn I saw so many famous and amazing singers and bands sitting there, watching me. Adele, Celine Dion, Rihanna, Robbie Williams, Linkin Park. I knew almost everyone there and I was sure after this night everyone was going to know and remember me. “Let’s put our song on replay, baby.” Carlos whispered those words into my ear and I heard the music starting to play.

This evening was the start of a life I could have never dared to imagine.

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