Imaginary friend

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Jamie reached out her hand. Kodi said I don't want to scare you.

Submitted: August 13, 2019

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Submitted: August 13, 2019



Imaginary Friend

When it first happened Jamie turner was eight. Jamie was playing in her front yard on her monkey bars and when she tired of that, she went exploring around her house ‘her and her mom and dad had only moved in two weeks earlier and she had not had a chance to really look around and see what the place looked like. So Jamie went around the house into the back yard, where there were swings, and sliding boards and a jungle Jim set so she never did get bored. Now just past her back yard about seventy five feet there was a wooded area so Jamie went through the gate and started walking the stepping stones that lead to the wooded area. The stones were set so as to make a path way through the woods. As Jamie went on, she saw so many pretty flowers and trees she didn’t see a danger that was lurking just ahead on the path. As she came closer she could see a big old mountain lion. The mountain lion started to come closer and Jamie was so scared she just stood there shaking and whimpering. Then the cat growled, and Jamie couldn’t move, then she heard a deeper growl and she saw the cat picked up and thrown down a hill where it couldn’t bother her any more. But she didn’t see what picked up the cat and threw it down the hill. Then she heard a deep low voice say. Jamie, my name is Kodi, and I’ll be around if you ever need me again. Jamie said. Who are you why can’t I see you? Kodi said. I think you will be scared again, I would never hurt you, and I’m your friend if you want me to be. The softness of his voice made Jamie unafraid and she reached out her hand and wanted to touch him. The voice spoke. I will become visible so you can see me, but remember I won’t hurt you. Then he became visible. Jamie put her hands to her mouth and said. WOW. Because standing there was an eight foot tall Kodiak bear. Jamie’s eyes became really wide, but she was not afraid, and she reached out to touch Kodi and she felt so good she hugged the bear, and said. But, I couldn’t see you, how did you do that. Well I have always been able to make myself invisible. And when someone is around you will be the only one who can hear me or touch me because if I am in a crowd of people, others just walk right through me. Will you be here tomorrow? Yes. And every time you want to play or if you just want to be by yourself you won’t know I’m around. Just know I’m here. Okay Kodi, I won’t tell my Mom and Dad, I don’t think they would understand. But you can be my imaginary friend. And when I talk to you. No one will know you can answer me back. So as time went on they became the best of friends. Then came the time the fair came to town and her Mom and Dad planned to take Jamie to the fair, she was so happy she just jumped up and down and giggled and laughed. Her Dad said. They would go on the week end, the next day was Saturday, so she began to think about all the things she would do at the fair, like ride the merry go round, and eat cotton candy, and see the magician. It was going to be the best day ever. So, now it is Saturday morning, and they all were getting ready to go, Jamie was just bubbling with joy. Everyone was in the car and ready, her Dad started the car and of they went on their way. They went about four miles where the street crosses a rail road track. Her Dad looked both ways and saw no train, so he started across the train track, just then the terrible sound came from around a little bend, and it startled her Dad, and he stepped down too hard on the gas pedal something broke in the engine, and the car would not move, and the back of the car was on the track, and Jamie was scared and was screaming. The train was coming fast and everyone heard the sound of brakes when the engineer pulled the brakes on. And there was sparks and fire coming from the wheels of the train. Then Kodi said. Don’t worry Jamie, you all will be alright. Then the car started to move forward fast. Everyone saw the car move but there was no body pushing it or pulling it. And then the car was safe and Jamie’s family was unharmed, just shaken up a little. What had caused the car to stop on the tracks was a rail road tie had broken and caught between the car’s wheels. Stopping the car. And Jamie looked around for her friend Kodi, and thought. Kodi are you alright. You pushed the car off of the track didn’t you? Kodi told her, yes. Your family was in danger and that scared you, and I did what I had to so you all would be safe. Jamie thought, thank you Kodi, I love you. And Kodi thought back. I love you too Jamie, we are best friends. Jamie’s Dad. Checked the car out, and saw everything was okay, he said. Everything looks okay. I think we should go on to the fair. So they all got back into the car and continued on to the fair. Jamie’s Dad found a parking place, and Jamie walked between her Mom and Dad and held their hands, one on each side, she was really excited as she skipped along. Her Dad bought the tickets and they went through the big gates. The first thing Jamie wanted was to ride the merry go round and after that, she wanted cotton candy. Jamie was so thrilled seeing all the lights and hearing all the happy music, then she wanted to ride the Ferris wheel, so, Mom and Dad went with her and it was the happiest day Jamie could ever dream of. As they got off the Ferris wheel, Mom and Dad could see Jamie was getting tired and thought this would be a good time to go home. On the ride home, Jamie fell asleep in the back seat. When they got home Dad picked her up and carried her in the house and put her on her bed, and closed the door. After that Jamie and Kodi had adventures in the woods behind her house, and they had the best of times. Then when Jamie got older, and started school. The first day Jamie was scared, but she knew Kodi was there so she was okay. Then time went by as we all know it can, Jamie woke up one morning on her sixteenth birthday. And said, hi Kodi, and he answered back. Hello Jamie, did you sleep well? Jamie said. Yes. I feel wonderful. And Kodi stepped out of her room as she dressed. Then she opened the door, and they talked as they went down stairs to eat breakfast then it was off to school like every other morning. And after that it just seemed like time just went by faster every day. Then one day Jamie woke up and it was her wedding day she had just turned twenty two the month before. Her Mom and Dad. Had arranged a beautiful wedding with all the trimmings. And when Jamie came down the aisle beside her Dad everyone stood up and applauded and there was not a person that was not smiling. Her and her Dad stopped and her Dad gave her arm to her husband to be. After kissing her fore head. Then stepped back and sit down beside her Mom. After that the years just went by so fast. And the children came, a boy and a girl the boy was named Dawson the girl was named Kodi. With both her and husband working, time just seemed to fly faster and faster. Then one day her and her husband retired. For thirty five years they just traveled, tell they both was just wore out and had to stop. Oh Jamie had told her husband about Kodi just after they married. Then one night, Jamie was eighty five years old and in the hospital, she was very ill. That night Kodi stayed by her bed side as did her husband, but Jamie and Kodi could hear each other’s thoughts and while her husband thought she was sleeping, her and Kodi was talking. Jamie knew this would be her last night. Jamie told Kodi. Don’t grieve I’m not afraid. Kodi said. You soon will see your parents and old friends. That was the last words Jamie heard, then Jamie, passed away. Kodi turned then he felt a sharp pain in his chest, he knew his heart was breaking. He walked down the path, where he and Jamie had walked so many times. He found a tree and he set down and cried till he was asleep and there he died. Then he felt a tug on his arm he looked up and it was Jamie, he stood up and saw Jamie’s spirit Saying. Now we will never be apart again for all eternity and now they are together in those woods playing forever.


Doolin Carrico



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