iam going to tell you about the history of crazy Timmy!!!

Crazy Killers Profiles: Crazy Timmy

There was once a kid named Timmy. Timmy was an average 10 yr oldkid, except he had a fear of clowns, or what i like to call clown-o-phobia. well it kinda happened like this:

One day Timmy's parents decided to rid Timmy of his fear of clowns, so they took him to the circus. Timmy was having a great time, he was riding the rides( he especially liked the ride the twister), eating candy playing games and so forth. But Timmy never expected what was coming. When finally Timmy said, "Alright iam pooped,can we go home now?"

"We got one more ride for you Timmy." with thatTimmys' parents covered his eyes and started to walk. they walked for a while until Timmys' father said,"ok, we are here." They uncovered Timmys' eyes. Timmy saw a big door way. Timmy was to close to the door way to see the sign, so he just went in. As he went in he turend back and said," Ill be back in a few." Then he started to in.He walkeddown the narrow halls for awile. The walls had polks dots and viberante colors. Timmy taped the wall-clank,clank-the wall was metal.It had rust stains and had dents in it and it looked worn.The whole time he was walking the same circus musicplayed time and time again. Timmy was kinda bored. He was still excited, but he was bored.Timmy went passed the sliding circular flooring, the fun mirrors that mkeyou fat, short, skinny, and tall. he went up the steps. One by one the steps craked -creak,creak,creak- when finally he got to the second. floor.There was this balchany you have to go to to get to the other side. While on the balchany he looked down to wave to his mother and father. When he looked down all he saw was hismother.He wondered where his father had went. Butsoon he passed that and started to walk agian. When he entered back into the building he came to a door. He opened the door with a-creak,creak. It was the mirror maze. He whent in happily. He was only about a couple yards in when he heard a slam behind him. He turned to see- there was a clown and he was blocking the door! This is Timmys' worst nightmare. The clown advanced on Timmy with a deathly laugh. Timmy fell down in confusion. While Timmy was geting up he felt something in his back pocket. It was a pen. He quicly drew it from his pocket. Then Timmy did the most unamaginable thig ever he ran at the clown with blinding speed. Th clown put his hands up to brace himself. BUT IT WAS NO USE! The clown was shanked repeatedly until he lie thier dead on the floor. Then Timmy took off the mask. It was his father! His father had dressed up as a clown and scared Timmy. Timmy had killed hiis father!

Some say you can still see Timmy in the mirrors. Some say he wears the mask. Decide for yourself.


Full Name: Timmy Iscred Ocowns

Nick Name: Crazy Timmy

Body Count: 133

Preferred Kill: Childeren, Ages 9-12

Hunting Grounds: Circuses around the world

Signature: Puts a clown mask on his victims

Advice: Dont go to any circuses

Submitted: October 09, 2007

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