My Life as a foster kid

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This is my life. I am not looking for sympahty, i just wanna get it off my chest.




My name is Jason Carpenter. Iam a 12 year old boy right now and going through puberity. I have a lot on my mind latley and this one that has been the most troubleing. I just want to get this off my chest, and iam not looking for sympahy. Here is my life:


I was born in French Camp, California on november 19, 1994. We will skip a few chapters in my life to get to the good stuff.( or bad stuff ) I think i was 5 when i lived in Stockton but im not sure. But any way, i lived in this apartment complex that was filled with Asians of different countries. There was only a few of us white and  black people, and i knew all of them. I had a mother named Chyrel and she was young and bueatiful. I also had a sister named Nicole or Nikki, she was a 9 year old special ed, misfit. I also have a brother named Justin he was to young back then so he wont be mentioned that much right now. I als have a father that was in a custody battle fo me and Nicole, not my brother since he had a different father, but i love him all the same.

Well, i was sort of a misfit, but i wasnt criminaly intent. I used to go to the abandoned building down the street with my friends. We would go there and bring matches from where ever we could find them. We would find a item for each match and we would set it a blaze.

My father owned a motorcycle and he would give rides on it. I would sit on the front of the bike and he would be behind me. My father was a drunk but when he wasnt drunk and wasnt in a bad mood he be a nice father.

Okay we are going ahead some more. Tighten your seat belts, here we go:

My mother was soon diagonosed with Lou Geirghs desease and partly crippled.  My brothers father used to beat my mother and was a criminal by all means.

Okay here is the worst part of my life. I was 7 years old and  living with my dad and my sis was with me and surpisngly my brother too. We lived in a trailer park in Manteca with my fathers mother and my fathers younger brother. My fathers mother was overly mean to me and my brother and sister. My uncle, Nick, was 16 and was really cool. He rode bmx bikes and made ramps where he could. We lived down the street from Mantecas water slides. We used to break in and look around at the slides over the week.( we did not go to school ) This where my life changed forever:

One night my father was out at the bar in front of th trailer park. We were put too bed early so my uncle and my grandma can do drugs.well, my dad came home drunck as usuall. My grandma had asked him to take out the trash. As always my father started a fight by saying no and knocking over my grandmas antique vase. My grandma yelled at him witch made him worse. He started yelling at her, then my uncle got into it and my father pushed him down and cut his hand on the broken vase. My grandma told him he and us cant stay there any more. My father got so pissed he went out side and got a shovel and threatened to destroy everything in the trailer. Ten my grandma called my fathers oldest brother. He came by and picked up a pitch fork, i know what your thinkin and no iam telling the truth it was a pitch fork. Our trailer was at the end of the drive so we had a little court. My father took one side of the drive, while oldest uncle took the other. It looked as if they about to dual. But before anything happened the police showed up. My father took me and my brother and sister to the entrance of the trailer park. We went across the street and hid in a ditch as police car and police car drove by. By then i was actually excited. Then my father was still drunk and he knew that, so we gave up.

Iam going to skip the interrogation and go to the life changeing question.

The same night my father went to jail and a police men came up to the three of us and asked if we wanted to stay with my grandma or go to marry graham hall. My sister had been there and said it was fun.  I said  "yes i dont wanna stay with that devil." We went to the place and a person told us the rules and he showed us our room and we went to bed.

The next morning we went to a foster home. We went to the family called the hills. They were mean.  We were the only white people there, and there was like 12 kids. My ran away and was found and put in a group home. Well there are to many bad experences there so i think you get the point. Well after about 2 years in that place we went to another home for about 6 months. Then me and my brother went up for adoption. Luckily we stayed together. We went to another home for about a week. They didnt want us. Then me and my brothers social worker Jerry Carpenter found us and he had to quit his job there to take us in. Well he had a husband named David. They were a gay couple. I dont really care. Iove my dad and daddy. ( dad is jerry, daddy is david )

Me and my brother have been with them for about 5 years now and i love it. It is my best part of my old droopy life. My mother is in the hospitile. She has been for about 6 years. Me and justin visit her every month. I dont know what happened with my father or justins father and we dont wanna know. 

Submitted: October 12, 2007

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At such a young age you were faced with so many hardships. I am so happy that you have found some sense of peace and stability. You should also be so proud of yourself. To have endured these challenges, you must've developed great inner strengh.

Fri, October 12th, 2007 5:54pm


thank you. it is great to know that somebody listens.

Sat, October 13th, 2007 1:36am


Interesting to say the least. People like you become stronger due to your life's experiences and therefore will end up a successful adult.

Tue, October 16th, 2007 5:29am


thank you, and i hope you are right. so far my life is back on track so i expect to see a lot of changes. thankz again!!!

Mon, October 15th, 2007 11:34pm


wow very eventful. lucky ducky. gays rock. no fair.
peace out.____xxemoxbfsxx_____

Fri, January 4th, 2008 3:06am



Sun, January 6th, 2008 10:40pm

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