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a story of a person who is shy, having no backbone and how such type of people can never cope with the real world

Submitted: May 01, 2017

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Submitted: May 01, 2017



Jay. He is the main character of this story. The half bald, chubby, sweet fellow who always tried to keep everyone happy. His only problem was that he always tried to keep everyone happy. Given that, he could never speak his heart out. He was always calm and quiet, always found faults with everyone else but never confronted anyone, not even if he himself was hurt. He used to keep shut and behave with everyone as nicely as could. Being a normal human being, he needed to get share his problems with someone and so he did but he always told them not leak the secrets but he shared them with multiple number of people, expecting all of them to be quiet.

Jay has two friends, two friends with whom he always roams about, hangs out, whom he says he can trust blindly and thinks they trust him equally. Maddy and Debbie. Now the problem is, Jay has some complaints against Maddie but he never told her that. He rather chose to share the problem, not with Debbie but his junior, Sam, her boyfriend Tatz and his other friends who don't even know Maddy. Now Jay regularly complains about Maddy and many other people to his friends,  so they asked him why doesn't he stop talking to her? To this, he answered that she is a good friend of his and he doesn't want to hurt her.

Now, Debbie made  a new friend Sarah. They became very close and Sarah started to hangout with Jay, Debbie and Maddy. It was the day of Fresher's. Sarah's boyfriend Kevin came along with her to their college. Everyone was busy enjoying the party. It was time for the games and suddenly everyone realised that Sarah was nowhere to be found. Jay went out of the room for a smoke and went to another room which was supposed to be empty. He opened the door just to see Sarah making out with one of their classmates, Norman. Jay was confused; he didn't know what to say, what to do. Hence, he stepped back and closed the door again. He went back to the room where they were celebrating and kept quiet. He didn't say anything to Kevin, Debbie or Maddy. He let Sarah deceive Kevin because according to him, Sarah was his friend, Kevin was not. He didn't share this with Debbie because she was her close friend and if Jay leaked this, then he would break their friendship which he didn't want to.

But Jay did share this with someone. He shared this with Sam, Tatz and one of his classmates Gabby. Months later, Sarah started doing something similar to Norman, as she did with Kevin. Norman, knowing well what Sarah is capable of started abusing her in front of the whole class but couldn't do anything more because he was not yet sure if things have actually turned bad and if he has actually got back what he did to Kevin. That was the time when Sam got to know that Jay has shared the previous incident with many other people and has told everyone not to tell anyone else.

Now it so happened that Debbie made a new boyfriend. By this time Sam and Tatz were close to Jay as well. He always stayed with them, hungout with them. They used to smoke up together but Jay had one self-abiding rule. He never drank in college. No matter how much his friends told him, he didn't break this rule and everybody thought him to be a man of principle but he was not. He only drank when Debbie drank in college. One day it so happened that Debbie, her boyfriend, Sarah and Jay decided to drink in college. They asked Sam and Tatz to join them too. Now, there was this girl, a classmate of Tatz, Taylor whom nobody liked but she used to stay with them. Jay avoided Taylor as much as possible. So, Tatz and Sam contributed their share and it was time for them to go and buy the bottles. Suddenly Debbie and all decided not to drink. As expected, Jay said he won't drink either. Tatz, angered at their sudden cancelling of the plan, took the money and went out to buy two bottles of beer for Sam and himself.

While returning to college, on his way, he saw Jay, Debbie, her boyfriend and Sarah, entering college with alcohol in hand. Tatz called them from the back and Jay had an expression of guilt and scare on his face. He didn't ask anything but Jay himself started mumbling, saying that Debbie was confused and this and that. Tatz didn't say anything to him and left them behind. Later in the evening, Sam got to know that even Taylor joined them, the girl whom they all hated. She informed this to Tatz and he was furious at Jay for behaving like such a retard. He went to college the next week and he, alongwith Sam, started ignoring Jay. They were really hurt at his behaviour. Jay tried to talk to them normally once or twice but everytime he got a cold shoulder. He is again confused. He doesn;t know what to do or what is the right thing to do? It's only a few days that Jay will graduate from college and he never thought, his not speaking up will make people hate him someday; so again he kept shut. He kept quiet and decided to bear the burden and leave college without saying anything to anyone.

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