By the Creek

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for my best friend

Submitted: May 10, 2011

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Submitted: May 10, 2011



Remeber the nights we would sneak out of the house and met by the creek?

We'd go to our little secret place and talk for hours by the firepit.

Laugh over the smallest things,and trade funny stories.

Make crazy plans for ours futures and talk about how we wanted our lives to be.

Hide our secrets on paper in the bushes and under rocks.

Fall asleep next to a warm fire and wake up with our faces touching sunrise.

I miss those carefree times.

When life was so simple.

I still think about those days.

Our "Golden Years" seemed to fly by.

I wish I could go back and you'd be there waiting for me by the willow tree.

I miss you so darlin.

Its crazy looking back on all our dreams and pictures we drew.

Of how we thought our lives would be today.

I guess we are the worst "fortune tellers" in the world.

And let me tell you girl.

Winter seemed so much colder when you left.

I guess heaven needed to be extra warm for you.

So the angels took spring.

You always did have to borrow my jacket alot.

Oh sis, you left me here alone.

I burried a note for you before I moved out west.

Its under the big rock next to the willow tree.

I just wanted to tell you I quit the dope.

And Im doing better now and begining to build our pictures into reality.

I know your watching over me.

And I still carry around that fake can of pepper spray you gave me when I broke up with Tommy.

I love you girl.

And  miss you so.

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