A Child's Troll

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Can you guess how old the child narrator is?

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



My world is full of Trolls.

Ugly, Sitnky, Stupid Trolls.

These foul creatures call themselves my 'Teachers'.

Well, I'm so soorry miss Stinky Breath that I can't keep my box shut! It's not my fault that that witch, Melanie, has decided that there's no need to turn me into a toad, since I already look like one! And it's not like I wanted to wake up with yucky spots all over my face, it's my older sister's and her evil permanent marker's fault! Why can't you punish them?

And I feel so bad about giving Martin a punch or too, he called me a monster! I don't look like a monster, and even if I do, all the more reason to squish little crybabies like him!

Oh, and don't make me start on my feelings about calling you a troll, or stinky breath. You weren't supposed to see this, Miss.

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