The Wrong Bus Stop

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When you're life is so monotone, what cheers you up but a rarity?

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



It's out light. I feel it, it strokes my sleeping self, yet does not awake does not allow me to wake up and look at the world around me, not a dream. Why won't it show...?


Everyday is a boring routine that repeats itself, over and over and over again. In fact, I plan out every day exactly, and even special events don't bother my schedule. The world is a dull grey that does not seem to be understood by my half-sleeping state of mind. Nobody comes close, yet nobody backs away. I know people, people know me, but I leave it at that. perhaps, because of that, so many of my classmates talk to me. I listen, and say what I truly think- there just no point on wasting energy on lieing. I suppose all I am is a subconcious being that cannot think like others. Just an echo of the real me, that's bursting to meet with Him.

My classmates talk about so many things- parents, friends, enemies, disputes, make-ups, etc, but their favourite topic is love. How jealous I am of them. They live in such vibrant worlds, planets so far away from mine. They have that aspect of Life...

I am an orphan that lives with her aunt and uncle that don't care about me. We live by by acting nicely to each other, being polite, yet not being close to call it family love. My teachers don't care about my grades- they are average- enough to get into a good university, have a normal life, and die happily. My classmates may be the only people who mind my existence- I am their main adviser.

I live not so far away from school. Everyday, I ride to school on the bus. The bus is small, and few people get on. Nobody even touches anybody on that bus- the main rule is to mind yourself, and ignore others. I live by that rule. I have no friends, noone to listen to my deepest desire- to wake up, to fall in love!

I don't know when it was that i understood just how much I want to fall in love. There are no boys in my school- not even male teachers. I have zero contact with guys, and the only male in my life is my uncle, who acts like a statue that spends everyday sitting by the fireside reading the newspaper. There's no warmth in my life, yet no cold, either. I am not hated, nor loved- just invisible. A transparent being.

The cars that are passing by...they are so dull, so uniformed...I am falling asleep again. Same bus, same people, same bus stops, same seats, same uniform, same hairstyle...nothing out of the usual...


Wait! What's this? The bus has stopped! It has stopped on an unusual stop! It never stopped here!

Somebody's getting that..a boy? A young male? A teenager guy?

Seems like He really exists...

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