the struggles

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as I see my life unraveling into a storm I can't control the path of moving forward is harder to see all the the things in life that has let me down the struggles I face with no one around . I try and try but still the pain I feel is like my life has been already killed with the emotions and such a dreadful mess I think to myself God is surely putting me through a test . as I see my life lash before my eyes as it until roll itself into a something I can't even describe but the struggles I face in this crazy life . being alone left in the cold having yourself to hold the wondering why of how these struggles can be so cruel starving away deep inside you as it boils and turns a flaming fire burns your life to the ground rebuild yourself all on your own no one there not even a home the life of living a crisis I can recall on every corner I seem to fall into the darkness with nothing to see but as it goes on that pain grows inside me . the tears of why it's seems so much these struggles makes it harder to touch .the emptiness that's no surprise but being shattered like some glass easy to break just like a storm that comes and goes where life takes it no one knows . the struggles in life is suppose to be a lesson learned but with everything going on everything is left to burn . into the with like the dust . the struggle of everyday sometimes I wish it can go away it leave a scar a mark on life for the struggles it's hard to get by . but out on the wrong road doing all that you can to be strong to carry on the life you want to live but the struggles of hunger the feeling of dying within the thought of giving up was never on my mind but years as past time has gone by but still those struggles leaves you in the cold in the darkness contemplating of everything can fall apart when in the end you try so hard but it all seems so far away nothing but darkness and shade of grey with the tears and all the pain it's my struggles and it's myself to blame.

Submitted: August 22, 2017

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