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THIS is A short STORY by ME

so originally it was a story but then somehow it became kinda story/ poetry thingy so yeah....

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



Running so fast, i can hardly breathe. But i cannot stop, they are chasing me, following me. 

They wont leave me alone, they wont stop until they catch up. So i must keep running,

I must keep moving forward. One foot after the other. 

Everyone is counting on me, I am the only hope for us.

I turn my head to look behind me, big mistake.

Why did i do that?

"Better luck next time" my competetor pants with a smirk as she passes me.

Thats it. I let them down. I let everyone down. Its all my fault.

Keeping my head high, i keep going. Less determined as i was before.

As i round the final turn, i hear yelling.

How disappointed they must be.

I turn and look at them, expecting the blows of their faces.

But no, they aren't mad.

They are.... Cheering?

They are still cheering for me....

They are still cheering for me!

That was all i needed, they saved me.

Using all i had in me, in addition to what they gave me,

I pushed past my competetor

Panting as i went

"Maybe next time" and crossed the finish line


I won

We won

We won the race.







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