The Wish To Die

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Short story thingy that i wrote in math like a weekish ago
enjoy ;) haha

Submitted: February 10, 2012

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Submitted: February 10, 2012



Her name? No one knows. Her wish? To die. Her reason? Why do you care, it wouldn't make a difference to you. She feels as though life would be better if she was dead. She believes that no one loves her. In her mind, it would be better to be dead than alive. To her, no one understands. She is alone. To her, she is already dieing. 

His name? No one knows. His wish? to die. His reason? His life is pointless and a waste of time He thinks life isn't worth it, isn't worth living. He cant survive without her. His heart is breaking, and no one cares. He feels alone. He thinks that if he is dead, it will all be easier. To him, no one understands...

They don't know each other, they don't know that there are others who feel the same. Had they known, would they still be here? Had they known they weren't alone, would they still walk this earth alive? Did their decision affect you? You and your life? Do you miss them? These people, these kids. Did you even notice their absence in class? How the teacher didn't call their name? Did you? Or did you just shrug it off as nothing?

You think you don't know them? You think that they are fake? Made up? You think that i am crazy? Oh, but you do. And i am not. She is the girl who was tormented everyday at school. In class, in the halls. She is the one that you laughed at with your friends. Who goes home crying. And he is the one with the glasses and braces that no one leaves alone. He goes home and talks himself out of killing himself everyday. 

She is the 'perfect goody two shoes' with straight A's that never gets in trouble. She is the girl you hate. She goes home to her absent father and drug addicted mother everyday. She cant take it. She cant handle it anymore....

He is the star football player with the 'dazzling' smile. Everyday he goes home to his drunk and abusive father. His dead mother cant protect him anymore. He wishes that someone knew, he wish he could pull the trigger....

You think you don't know these people still? You think that you do? Well, you still don't. You don't know what they hide, you don't know how they feel. You don't know what they try behind closed doors and fake smiles. You don't know them, and you don't know about their wish to die.








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