Enjoy the Time You Have Left

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I don't want to summarize this.

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



we were lying in bed

the sheets intertwining between our legs in the sun slanting through the open french windows

a soft breeze caresses your golden hair, sprayed across the pillow

I am happy lying here for now

but soon you will wake up

and say something

and I cannot stop myself from saying something you don't like

a comment about your weight

your makeup

how you dress

and for the first and last time you walk out on me.

I will run to the balcony, wrapping the sheets around me

and gaze down into the streets, waiting to see if you will appear down below

and as you burst from the front doors of the hotel

high heels clicking merrily on the pavement

free from me

I am happy that you are finally happy.

but for now

I will watch you sleep

and look at the soft smile that spread on your face in your dreams

and enjoy the time I have left

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