Busting a sag

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Just the opinion of one old white guy

Submitted: March 02, 2018

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Submitted: March 02, 2018



I live in a predominately black neighborhood and I see it all the time as I sit out front smoking and reading.  A young man with his pants down around his knees showing off his underwear like he is some baby that don’t know no better.  Don’t get me wrong it isn’t only the black youths that do this it is done by any young man that thinks it cool or makes them look tough.  Truth is I find it makes them look stupid.

Busting a sag started in the prison system and one story says it started because prisoners were not allowed to have belts and the uniforms were ill fitting.  The other story is it was a way to show you were open to being the female in a relationship.  Even if the first story is true the second persists and begs why would an intelligent person do something that could be seen the way the second story makes it look?

Back in my day the only person to bust a sag was the plumber and he usually didn’t show underwear when he did either.  Today you have kids going to school like that even in church busting a sag like the good Lord wants to see your underwear.  I have heard certain communities have started fining those the cops catch busting a sag and I think this is great for two reasons.  Maybe it will wise these little idiots up and it will help bring money to the communities that it is happening in.

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