guy gets girl

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Cassi looks to Miriam for advice

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Miriam stands atop the hot sand...penetrating her somber gaze into the crashing water. Cassi shows up a few minutes behind her, hair unbrushed, thrown into her baseball cap haphazardly. Out of breath, she asks Miriam, \"why did we have to meet here?\" Miriam can't help but smile out of the corners of her pursed lips. \"You'll understand when I tell you.\" Cassi had called the day before and was crying. She had met the true love of her life. After a bumpy road, they realized they were in it for the long haul and Michael had proposed. Of course she said yes! He was everything she had ever wished for and dreamed about in a man. However, shortly after the proposal, he vanished. She couldn't understand why and cried many tears. She also kept having these dreams that his best friend, Brent had kidnapped him. It didn't make sense to her so she sought out her spirit guide,Miriam. The wind blew Miriam's hair across her grey eyes as she spoke. \"Cassi, the world is sometimes a strange place. Brent was hurt deeply in his childhood. It caused him to do a lot of things to try and release the pain. Michael was there through much of it and was even the target of much of Brent's anger at times. Even when Brent questioned his own sexual identity, Michael was there, much to his own disgust at times. When Brent got married and started having children, Michael thought all of that had finally passed. But no, the kissing continued, which means the thought patterns are still there in Brent's mind. Michael has always kept this secret about his friend, though it has caused him tremendous pain. In meeting you Cassi, he feels complete trust in another human being for the first time in his life (outside of his family). Brent can sense that and will do anything, perhaps even blackmail his own friend to keep his secrets safe. That's why you have been having the a sense, Brent is holding Michael captive. You MUST tell Michael that you don't care what transpired between he and Brent. Any and all of it is in the past. That is what will set him free from Brent's invisible chain\". She reaches into her pocket and pulls out the basalt stone that she annointed with frankencense earlier that morning. Very gently, She places it in Cassi's hand and wraps her fingers around it. \"Now go on Cassandra Autumn, you've got a date to set. And even if you elope, I better be invited!\"

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