I Want to Write a Harem Series but no Girl has Ever Liked me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hanae Natsuki wants to write a harem manga. The only problem? No girl has ever liked him so he has no experience!

Submitted: April 30, 2016

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Submitted: April 30, 2016



My name is Hanae Natsuki and it has been my dream to get a harem series published weekly. The only problem is I’m in high school and have zero experience with women. Not only have I never dated by I doubt any have ever even had a crush on me. How am I supposed to write about a dude with girls throwing themselves at him, constantly seeing their panties and grabbing their boobs, if I have no experience? I walk to school dejected when Saito-kun came up to me.

“Still working on that manga Hanae?”

“Can’t just drop it now that I got Ozawa-san to help with art.”

“You think she’s using her art skills and free time to draw your ecchi manga for fun?”

“She said she loves To Love Ru so I guess she wants to help make another story of the same style.” Saito Soma has been my best friend since kindergarten and seems to think every girl who gets near me has a crush on me. Some friend, huh? Thinks no girls want to come near me.

The rest of the walk was fairly uneventful. We got to class and I took my seat at the back near the window. I looked beside me to see Aki-chan seemed to be missing. Aki-chan was my childhood friend and has been in a class with Saito-kun and I all through school. When we entered high school she entered band as a guitarist. She’s so bad at studying we’re all shocked she managed to learn the guitar.

Nanjo sensei walked in and shook her head at Aki-chan’s empty desk. “Hanae bring Toyosaki today’s notes after class.”

“Yes sensei!” I call back, used to it by now.

“Anyway class, today we have a transfer student!” Nanjo sensei says looking completely hot.”

“Is she hot?”

“No one even said it was a girl you idiot!”

“Is he hot?”

“It is a girl” Nanjo sensei interrupts the chatter.

Saito-kun turns around “Just like a harem manga.” he says laughing at me.

“Anyway come in an introduce yourself.”  Sensei clearly wants to go home despite the day barely even starting. The door opens and a tall blond girl walks in. Her skirt barely covers her personal bits and gets even closer to revealing everything every time she takes a step. The world seems to sparkle around her.

“I am Touyama Nao. I am half American half Japanese. It’s a pleasure.” she says bowing.

“Yes yes, we have no extra seats so you can take Toyosaki’s empty seat to—“ just then the door flies open and Aki-chan is standing there out of breath.

“SORRY SENSEI!” she yells “MY ALARM DIDN’T GO OFF!” and she runs to her desk.

“Nice to join us Toyosaki.” Nanjo sensei sighs. “Touyama, pull up a chair to Hanae’s desk. You can sit with him today.”

“Who?” Touyama asks and Nanjo sensei points at me. Touyama pulls a seat to my desk and whispers in my ear “If you pop a boner while I’m here say bye-bye sausage.” and I gulp. Let me tell you, the girl’s uniform is already quite sexy but Touyama decided to get a size too small, leaving nothing to the imagination, and concentrating on keeping it down was way too hard. Finally the bell rings for lunch and I run to the cafeteria.

“DISGUSTING! You call this food? My dead grandmother makes better slop than this!”

ah Taneda-senpai, the head of the cooking club that assists making cafeteria food since she has some sort of divine tongue or something.

“Senpai, what’s on the menu today?” I ask walking up to the counter.

“Curry. If someone can actually make something acceptable.” she replies glaring behind her

“Curry’s my favourite!” I yell excitedly at the news.

Taneda-senpai’s face flushes red “I-i-i-it’s not like I decided to make it for you or anything!” she stammers.

“Of course you didn’t. Why would you specifically make a menu item for me?” I ask quizzically. For some reason this makes her face redder and she practically throws a plate at me. I take it to the table Saito-kun and Aki-chan were sitting at and begin eating.

“There’s like the cutest first year that joined our club!” Aki-chan says between mouthfuls of her bread, “she basically a cat in human form! She plays guitar though so I’m her senpai in more than one way!”

“You’re able to teach someone guitar?” Saito-kun asks really surprised almost spilling his cup ramen.

“Nah she’s been playing guitar since she was 5 or something.” Aki-chan replies sipping on milk. Saito and I look at each other mad at ourselves for even thinking for a second Aki-chan could teach anyone anything, never mind guitar which she barely plays. “Anyway who’s that girl that was sitting with Natsuki? She was so pretty!”

“Touyama Nao.” The girl in question says behind me. I turn and see a piece of toast hanging out of her mouth.

“No you missed your chance!” Saito-kun says face palming, “The toast is supposed to be in the morning as your running, late for your first day, you run into Hanae and become tsundere.”

I spit my curry out and Touyama glares at Saito-kun “what the hell is that supposed to mean and what’s a tsundere?”

“Hanae dreams of writing a har—“I shove his ramen cup into his mouth causing Saito-kun to choke.

“Ignore him.” I say, “He is known to spout crap.” Touyama scoffs and leaves us. Aki-chan is beating Saito-kun’s back, probably trying to preform CPR on him and I go back to enjoying my curry.

After lunch a new desk has been shoved in between mine and Aki-chan’s, presumably for Touyama who enters the class a few seconds after I looking angry.

“I Googled tsundere during lunch. Is that what you’re into perv? i-i-it’s not like I want you to see my panties Natsuki! Oh ba-ba-baka please don’t grab my boobs! hentai *slap*.”

“You sound like the perverted one in this case Touyama.” I say looking around, “You also might want to quiet down.” I say pointing at a group of girls laughing at us. I don’t care what they think since there’s no chance of any ever having a crush on me. Touyama runs over and explains how I was trying to make moves on her or something but Nanjo-sensei walks in and starts class.

After class I go downstairs to the manga club. Ozawa-san is already in there but I think her class is only a couple doors down.

“Senpai! I drew the hot spring scene you wanted! I wasn’t sure how ecchi we were making this so I left the breasts but added steam over the crotch. I can add steam to the breasts if you want!”

“Great job Ozawa-san! Now we need to introduce a new girl to keep things interesting! Should we make her the protagonist’s fiancée or long lost sister?”

“hmm I think fiancée will work better, Senpai.” she replies after thinking for a bit. We work in silence before Ozawa-san speaks up again, “Say Senpai, why are you so formal with me? I’m your k?hai. You could call me Ari-chan or something more friendlily.”

“I’m not sure. I’ve always just called you Ozawa-san. Let’s see… Ari-chan, Ari-chan, Ari-chan. Ok, I’m used to that now.” I say feeling proud but Ari-chan looks disappointed, “what’s wrong?”

“Ah! Nothing Senpai!” she says shaking her head “I was just hoping you’d have a harder time saying my name” she barely says.

“What was that?”

“Nothing!” and the rest of the day was spent quietly working.

I got home with a note from my father “Dinner is WcDonalds”. Wow he actually bothered leaving a note today? I sigh and eat my hamburger while continuing to plan out my manga. I can’t believe I know so many girls and not a single one is able to help by falling in love with me. Oh well, there’s always college. 

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