Yesterday's Regrets

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this is an assignment i did for a writing class. the prompt was "yesterday" but everything else was up to us.

Submitted: October 29, 2018

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Submitted: October 29, 2018



“I’m so stupid” Paul says staring at his keyboard. “I had all of yesterday to do this stupid assignment and I wasted it away.” The time was currently 11:23 PM with Paul’s Psychology response due at 11:59. A major roadblock Paul was facing was he hadn’t even read the article in which he needed to respond to. A task that likely would take at least 15 minutes leaving him with just over 20 to write the response. Paul regretted his actions over the past day.

Yesterday he came home from his classes and immediately threw his bag on the floor of his room and went to the kitchen to make some food. The chicken sizzling in the pan of oil spreading the delicious aroma of fried chicken through the house got him even hungrier. Once it was done he cut up a potato and tossed it in the grease for a few minutes for his favourite, home cooked fried chicken and fries. Paul downed the meal quickly and went to his room. Opening he saw his favourite streamer was on practicing a speed run of the original Legend of Zelda, Paul’s favourite game and immediately started watching. “Man can this night get any better” Paul thinks to himself as the streamer finally pulls off a fairly difficult trick.

The night continues on with Paul interacting with the chat and streamer, preparing to memorize the great one-liners that might become running jokes within the community for years to come. Eventually after clearing the game (although not breaking the world record nor his own) the streamer shuts down for the night. Paul looks at his clock “only 9:46” he says and gets up to the kitchen to fill a bowl with cookies and cream ice cream, his favourite flavour, and brings it back to his room. Doing his readings briefly passed Paul’s mind but the lure of Netflix was simply too strong. First looking through his queue there was over twenty shows and movies Paul added due to suggestions or because the image looks interesting but nothing here catches his eye as something he’s in the mood for. Paul continues to scroll down the homepage glancing at all the shows being suggested to him for watching Friends 4 years ago then continuing on to the next row. Eventually Paul started getting repeat suggestions so he refreshed the page. Scrolling still nothing was jumping at Paul as something he needed to watch tonight, although he had seven new shows and four new movies in his queue for later. By this point he’d finished all his ice cream and returned the bowl to the kitchen.

Sitting back at his computer Paul glanced at his computer’s clock once again. “10:54. Maybe I should get to bed. I have an 8:30 class tomorrow” and with that he shut down his computer and crawled into bed. Phone in hand he began whining on social media how he was unable to sleep. Reply from @Cowsgomoo “Drink warm milk bruh” to which Paul replied “nah ate to much icecream. more dairy isnt gonna help” another reply from @Cam_Psych_Prof “Did you do your psychology readings?” to which Paul responded with a picture of the “block” button. At some point Paul must have fallen asleep as the next thing he knew his phone, still in his hand, was ringing and buzzing to signify it was time to get up. Drowsily Paul got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. Finishing his business there Paul made it to the kitchen where he poured himself some Honey-nut Cheerios and ate while checking Twitter. It seems he fell asleep mid conversation with some people so he replied hours late.

Paul grabbed his bag off the floor, switched relevant books and headed out the door to the bus stop. On the bus he stared out the window until his transfer point where he got off and on the more crowded bus heading to his school. Once home Paul’s actions were reminiscent of the day prior, except today he finally found something to watch on Netflix but as soon as the phrase “Schrödinger’s cat” was mentioned Paul knew he had made a mistake. “Why didn’t I do the stupid readings yesterday” he moaned opening the article “Who cares about some dumb prison experiment”. Barely making the deadline, his grade is reflective of.

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