the bad poet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
to each, their own.

Submitted: November 27, 2016

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Submitted: November 27, 2016



Douglas D. BeatenheadPoetry
342 Loyalist Ln5300 Words
Flint, MI 48507 First Serial Rights-North America
Copyright 2002, Douglas D. Beatenhead






The Bad Poet Book

A collection of strange and weird poems


 Douglas D. Beatenhead




In my time of human companionships, there is none

When I feel lonely and in need of love, I am the only one

Inside my heart, there is emptiness and black sadness

And my soul has been stolen and replaced by dead ashes

Whatever joy I had, has some how turned to sorrow

And my pain of heartache, I pray, will go away tomorrow

But I am afraid to say, it's here to stay, and I know it's me

Goodbye to myself, and no one else, but I must now leave

Life comes in many forms, but I come in none







At first it was just a little light
A tiny speck in the night,
An astronomer's delight,
Very hard to sight

Then came the strange change.
It changed in every way!
Everyone but the children were afraid.
Amazing Powers it displayed!
The focus of attention every day!
"Have you seen it yet"! I heard someone say,
"Is in the sky today"!

Bigger than a city block,
Everybody knew that it couldn't be stopped.
"What is it that they want!"

"Repent! Sinners of the world repent!
This is the work of God; this is what He has sent"!
"We're all going to die"! I heard a person cry.
There were numerous cases of suicide.

Pseudo-intellectuals tried to communicate,
and wise men sat quietly to wait,
While philosophers talked about fate.

The world was caught in an awkward state?
Then one cold, crisp November dawn,
Came the morning that many people saw!

One of those things I saw land,
Right here!, Right here where I now stand!
All the trees looked dead,


Still no snow on the ground yet,
just colors of brown and gray---on that day of days.
Suddenly,...there came some sounds,
nice rainbow sounds from all around.
Tones that resonated while tuning,
and no one knew just what they were doing.

Then strangely, they rose real slow,
at first they stayed very, very low.
I sensed the presence of understanding,
compassion was somehow the meaning?

And with the blink of my eye,
they were high in the sky.
Another wink and they were gone,...
and no longer could I here their song.

I turned my head to the ground,
I,...I just had to look down.
My breath vaporized in front of me,
and I just couldn't believe what my eyes could see!

In that frosted place where the frozen weeds towered,...
stood one lonely, and lovely Flower!

It lived in that frozen ground,
and people came to see from all around.
They could not believe what they were seeing,
even praying at the sight they were seeing!

But it wasn't very long,
before the people had gone.
It became a common sight for stay,
the sensation just went away,...
and the people went astray,
it became just another ordinary day.

And the world went on with it's business,
nobody with any forgiveness.
Always struggling for the power and might,
While the leader's nations broke out into a fight.
And the world powers played such dangerous games,
the governments went insane,...
screaming racial hatred and non-beliefs,
screaming that they all wanted to be free!

Then came the national nuclear catastrophes!
And the world was no longer the same.

But in that ground,...that frozen ground,
stood the only thing for miles around.
In a world where there is no more love to give,...
grows a flower that will forever live!




Veins protrude from an old, once prolific hand
Dust accumulates where the easel use to stand

Drool on the stool, beside the old fool
Stares at his dried, now defunct tools

Aged oils blend fawn-colored hues from gray lights
Wrinkled lids, bad sight; in a state of strife

Perched on his repugnant wheeled throne
He blankets his lap; he's all alone

Magnum opus, purple velvet and polished marble
Unknown to him, death awaits tomorrow









The Bad Poet

He sits alone and writes at night,

Darken spirits of a medieval age,

Malevolent and evil, he mutters of death.

Lore a stormy night is his delight,

But in this gloom he'll walk the room

Omens of horrors that he'll caress

Because he is the poet of death.












The dried blood stains the odor of decomposition,
while more creatures welter in agonized submission.

Infants' purple dead faces, stare at God from their cribs?
Deformed squalid monstrous limbs squirm hellishly.
but yet the head and torso lives!

Adults play with blocks and let their brains rot,
and when will all the insanity stop!?

Entropy is always haunting me,
and so I pray for the seed.

But the two will combine to make one,
only to come apart in some sun.

Steel meets flesh meets steel meets death,
and the survivors will claim all the rest.

Equations and numbers,
foretell God's blunder!





Society's Demands!

Come live like me
In a world of carefree

We shall be God's fools
We shan't play by any rules

Let's be the castaways
We'll be the last choice always

We'll give the drones pleasure
We'll let them be our betters

Don't lay in any molds
It just may take hold

When we know we're different
We ignore the scare of it

We simply play along
Pretend to know the words to their songs

We'll tell them what they want to hear
It's the only way they'll let you come near

Just remember when you walk away
It's just a game you had to play

We do this every day


The Breaking Point

Give the man a hand
He's doing all he can
He's running scared
He's taking a dare
This guy is in despair
He's desperate
He doesn't give a shit
He'll kill for the hell of it
Get out of his way
Less this be your last day
He'll stop at nothing
He's fed-up suffering
He's gone insane
He's on a rampage
He's got a gun
and he's out to kill someone
Their name may be John or Jane Doe
and he could be anyone that you or I



The Cycle of Life

Time is like the wind,
blowing forever with no end,
and we'll watch with questioning eyes
at all the lovely things we see die?
Leaves decay and kiss mother Earth,
while new buds give hopeful birth.
And in this light we'll contemplate,
and wonder what'll be our fate.
Some know a deepening faith,
then let their lives go as it may.
We sometimes forget to realize the one day,
knowing some day,
we must all go away,
and help make way for the dawning of a new day.
We were the lucky ones once,...
just like the ones who come after us.






MAN created GOD in his own form
GOD created MAN in his own image
WE may be thunder struck by the images of GOD

The light fell out
through the man-made incisions
surgeons' laser scalpels
unfolded untold hidden visions
incandescence and phosphorescence
dials went wild
digital light became unreal
in strange force fields
hemoglobin of green intensity
gasping in fantastic perplexity
at the alien anatomy
gone were all the superstitions
fairy tales commuted religions
gone were the millenniums of evolution solitude
extra-planetary life forms die by the multitude






Part I

Many days, it seems,...I take life too seriously
As if there's something wrong with me
Something that I just can't see
A sense of helplessness and hopelessness
Maybe to much a romanticist

I know there's more like me,...trying to be free
Wanting so desperately for their dreams to become reality
But we must see life realistically
Only then shall we be decreed free

Dreamers are certainly doomed to a life of agony and pain
Playing mind-games which border on the insane
But there's a good side through the dreamer's eye...
Unrelenting, fascinating beauty in everything he spies
A million-fold before he dies.






Part II

But tomorrow's joy is just a ploy
It's a scheme gone unseen
Many eyes with no dreams inside
Blinded by their habitual slime
And they'll pay the future never no mind
It's just wasting their time

So you craw onto a "dream trolley"
Where all these lives follow some folly
But then, where are the others?
Camouflaged?,...partitioned, or covered?
No one here is really discovered

Suffering, some fool has said, is the maker of great fame
But it's a long,...lost,...waiting game
And it will surely drive you insane
Because no one will call your name





Part III

So let it be known, and forever!
That human lives are cycles of simple and complex forms
And the they follow no norms!

Some people live for their dreams unseen
And they'll even die while trying,...
While other will go it with ease
Maybe they know something that the failures don't see?

Foolishly,...hopefully,...we wait, and wait
For that big unmistakable, longed-for break,...
The break which are lives are at stake!

Hoping for the right direction it takes
But we live in a confused world of personal uncertainty
And the most ultimately, devastating tragedy that life can be
Is that some people will never break free!






The World of Shattered Dreams

Walk head strong into the storm
Where unknown actors and unsung singers dance alone
Come swiftly, quickly unto this noble world
Come and see all that's not right
And with broken spirits and forgotten days
We'll stumble blindly, unwisely along the way
Choose the directions with sightless aim
Follow the remorseless madmen who show no shame
For in the end,... you and them are truly the same
Your thoughts are controlled by wicked ugly gods
And hoards of lost souls make one big black blob
In this darkened world that lives upside down
Where all the laughter and smiles are commuted to frowns
Where all the people are doleful, forlorn clowns
With one act plays sporting the disgust of life
In this world where nothing is right
So walk head strong into the storm
Where unknown actors and unsung singers dance alone
And with pathetic red crying eyes
I’ll sadly wait for my turn to die








The Fun is Through and so are You

Today, I want to cry
and I'm not even sure why?
Maybe it's because I'm feeling say,...
Maybe I'm really just glad.

Reminiscing about the past
and the fact that life moves so fast.
Oh! I had so much fun when I was young
and now it's done, just when I thought it had begun.

The responsibilities of life will crush your dreams,...
and then it becomes time to wipe your slate clean,
it's now time to see reality,
things that you're not meant to be.

You can throw away your adolescent toys,
and prepare to face the delusive noise.
You are an adult now,
and you must learn somehow,
to find the happiness and fun you once knew,...
in this world of the crazy adult zoo!








City lights and busy nights.
There's a man in town
that nobody wants to meet.
He rides in a big car,
and smokes his big cigars.
He smiles with a frown,
but you still see his gold crowns.
He kills for loot,
but nobody ever sees him shoot.
He's an enigma even in sunlight,
You would never know his insight.
Say's he never knew a childhood,
and that his soul lives in Hell.
He takes everyone by surprise,
and holds them in his spell.
He trusts no one except one,
and because of that, I'm his friend.
Suddenly with a deep breath,
while clutching his chest,
he falls with kicks and convulsions
and heaves ugly demonic expulsions.
He finally dies,
with a whimper and a sigh,
and his only friend pulls a tooth,
and steals his loot.





Untouchable needs

Always in the off-key

They're the harlequins of a tragedy

Lost identities

They're the victims of laughter

Jokes dogging after

They live an unwitting bliss

They'll trip on the marble plinth

They're the silent melancholia jesters

A pain in the side like an ugly fester

They're always last through the door

And the first to be felt sorry for




The Short Term Irrational Relationship

Let the secret liar lead

Double-tongued deception

Mislead and deceive

A mental game of out-wit

Without the other knowing it

Playing Judas every now and then

The power of awareness

A superior mental level and intelligence

You're sure they're not aware of it

Then you can steal their pleasures and treasures

And make them yours forever

But have they found you out

Knowing what it's all really about

A game of lives' charades

Who leads this fool's parade

Life Evolution

The creation began the beginning of eternity
Whiffs of misty twilight swirling
Tiny points of lights appearing and disappearing
Littering the mist of space with spectrums of the rainbows
One of the multitude of points blazed wildly with madness
And became a God for living creatures
They first learned to fear it
Then began to worship it
And learned how to enslave it
Knowing they would leave it
These creatures became very aware
Of their worlds
Of other worlds
Of themselves
Of others
But with their forever growing awareness
Became a realization
Not only of true triumph and happiness
But knowing it could also end
With a jolt of absolute loneliness
The universe was all their domain
And now only the eternity of time
Stood in their way





Accept Change

Put on the arm band
The black band that most can't stand
It signifies the end
Time to begin again

We have to blaze that new trail
We don't want to fail
We don't want to look frail
We must find success and unveil

And bare in mind your precious time
Try to extend the bend
In the peripheral line called time
That maker of seemingly illusionary fantasies
From memories of the misty past

Childhood lovers on a foggy dawn
Remember each other after years' gone
And a strange eerie feeling of being all alone
In those memories of time like that foggy dawn
It was real once -- that I do know
But yet it seems so long ago
But it's time to shake the dreams of life's past
Because nothing ever lasts

Time to put on that arm band
That black band that most can't stand
It signifies the end
And time to begin again



There are many dark places and ugly faces
Repulsive blemishes with necrosis
Excrement smeared on cell-block walls
Starving children eat the insects raw
And the world masses bow to the Wailing Wall
The monster grows tall
It heeds to the omnipotent call
The call for the fall of all
Rats bleed while the parasites feed
Weeds grow from unwanted seeds
And an old woman dies alone without a home
Decomposed with odorous old bones shown
In some unknown hole she is thrown
And the masses bow to the Wailing Wall
While still the monster grows tall
Heeding to that forever omnipotent call
The call for the fall of all
Suddenly the children of the world die
Side by side they lie
One by one they leave
Because of some unknown disease
That no one could believe
And the world masses bowed to that Wailing Wall
The monster grew tall -- very tall
It heeded to its omnipotent call
The call for the fall of all



Awareness begins when?

The microscope holds many hidden secrets; just as the telescope.

The Micro-Celestial. Looking at atoms through tunnels of the particles.

Just when does the "heart-pulse" of life begin?
And just how small must this life lie herein?

An energized awareness!

Complex combinations of electricity coded energy.
Organized into an infinite variety of it's mass equivalency.

And these stupid particles think in genius terms when combined to form a whole? And how nice it is to be aware of things unknown before!

Amazing things!

Do you know exactly what I mean? From the drop and a spot of creek water convinces me; in the realm of scales for all things.

Watch them!

They are complex creatures and yet paradoxally systematize on a path of seemly stupidity. They are small creatures equitably made of atoms which make the form of matter. Ignorantly aware and purposselessly pursuing their destinies.


Just how small can they be!

Let's name them starting from the tall. Creatures, plants, cells, nucleolus, DNA, atoms, nuclei, particles, quarks and other smaller things that we just haven't discovered their secrete talks.

Look at them all!

My very first look and realization of small living creatures underneath a microscope. Try it sometime and then you'll start to think how and why.









Go with yourself to be alone
Tease realities twilight zones
The moon lit weeds will swing with the breeze
And the clouds always float strangely through the trees
There must be no one near for hours around
Only faint noses and God's far away sounds
But yet here I sit in the middle of this hidden field
Being forced to weird thoughts and sudden chills
No one would every dare and come near
And feel the thoughts that I now fear
I'm completely alone in this miry dark
Hearing the irregular pounding of my heart
Suddenly the demons and evil furies mix and dance for me
And with nightmare jabbing stabs, they all start to bleed
Damn squeals and screams -- white knuckles and laughter
I realize that I'm the madman whom they're all after
There's always some spot where none's ever been
And in the dark it becomes the devils den
Venture to go with yourself -- into the dark -- and all alone
Just one time and you'll know -- the essence of home






Third World Nations

Some human stories are tragedies,
and ugly travesties.
Small aristocratic classes.
And the large bloody masses.
They start to make monumental strives,
but in the end, everything they do dies.
Now Third World Nations begin playing carnage games,
with their very sophisticated arms change!
Tiny, weak ignorant, foolish brains.
Butting their hollow and shallow heads,
they just don't seem to get it yet!
They're forever always burying their dead.
Fighting over religious nonsense,
for their pretenders with unholy pretense.
Too busy enforcing asinine rules,
too busy being unknowing fools.
The masses have to someday believe,
that life holds no guarantees.
Is that so hard to see?
They're like swarms of stupid busy bees,
sucking on the nectar of false, diabolic prodigies.









The Particle Bomb
The Revelation of Physics

Little Sally Sue watches her scintillating screens

Synchronous satellites send down their beams

Two thousand fifty nine

Andromeda still looks fine

Little Sally Sue sees a strange light

Fumbles for some knob and turns it right

Two thousand fifty nine

Planet Earth still looks fine

Little Sally Sue feels the ground shake

Jumps to her feet thinking it's an earthquake

Two thousand fifty nine

A particle bomb tested and there's not much time

Little Sally Sue falls back to the ground

Feeling accelerating speeds from all around and around

Two thousand fifty nine

A particle bomb's success and silent cries

Little Sally Sue doesn't know what to do

God damn planet is splitting in two


















The United States of America

The silver bird flies only at night
With deadly accuracy and precession
It pursues its secret mission
Metallic voices foretell its flight.

The Scientist and Engineer

Underground there are strange sounds
Blank faces and abstract relations
Iterations and calculations
They walk around in sterile white gowns.

The Cold War

The crystal home is where he was flown
Deals were sealed and destinies revealed
Decisions with no appeal
And where the masses are drones made unknown.

The Mafia

Death awaits at the sign of a hand shake
Expensive dreams and social classes
Ugly thugs with dark black sun glasses
Worlds of inward laughter and hate.



The Psychopathic

Espionage and camouflage
Grainy light bends through telescopic lens
Blackmail is what the sender sends
You want to dodge that chaotic hodgepodge.

The Aristocrat

And name tags are needed backstage
Arrogant bastards with pious laughter
Hypocritical snobs headed for disaster
Not even one sage of any age in this stupid play.

The Children

Whispers and giggles with pointing fingers
Poor beautiful young eyes that want to see
And with naiveté do they perceive
Eyes still unaware of bad rumors that linger.

The Me

Life's degrees of complexities
Knitted into a web of living continuity
Always seeking and wishing to be clean and free
It puzzles me?






What is this awesome power of fate?
And why does it seem to hate!

What kills the innocence of a joyful moment,
and transforms beauty into horror and torment!

Why does it strike when least expected,
not caring what it has affected?

Who summons this angel of death,
that it should steal the last living breath!

Show your fucking face O demon of fate,
for it is I that you should hate!

Seek reverence towards me,...
for I am your fucking symbol of blasphemy!

The futility of humankind

The ancient Corinthian columns tower along

Majestically, they endure their foes

Skeletons buried in the desert sands

Dead babies in garbage cans

Blind people trip on the curbs

Dirty derelicts retch, gag and burp

Nazis, terrorist and the KKK

Polybrominated biphyenyls

Earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes

People who destroy and kill

Beauty ravaged for a simple thrill

So much chaos and havoc

the all of the goddamn masses

and so time passes by and by

and we never seem to question why

The broken glass temples tower alone

Majestically, they endure their foes



Today I celebrate my life,
But more than that --
Tonight I celebrate my death!
For I have a revelation,
And a strong realization
In life's quantum force.
In the night of my death
Look to the stars.
Maybe in the constellation Cygnus.
Maybe near the star Deneb.
Maybe not ever that far.
I have become indestructible,
Because I am now the Uncertainty Principle.
I will live forever and ever --
On star after star!









When you can believe the world at your feet

When you can know when to believe and not believe

When you can endure the unforgiving heat

When you have the wisdom to foresee

When you can see the make believe

When you can discern the deceive

When you can live worry free

When you can give during stormy seas

When you can receive gracefully

When you can pursue your life's dreams

When you can turn around and leave

When you can acquire your monies

When you can think and sleep at ease

When you can sing songs softly

When you can sow and grow life's fruits and seeds and trees

When you can spend friends evenly

When you can come and go as you please

When you can do all of these

Then you can call yourself free



The Irony of Humankind

And the silly persons smashed down on their thumbs

Crushing the life of small creatures, -- Oh hummm,...

But high in the skies, beyond our reach

Stir many creatures, all very unique

But common, to say the least

Its knowledge to us is not

Although very hard we try

If only we knew,...

Oh! what a new surprise!

And the silly persons pointed to the dead in jest

While all the time -- the joke was on us!

The meek shall inherit the Earth

The merciful shall inherit the Universe!




Shades of gray from far away

Floating in the Sea of Tranquillity

Space is the only place for its unearthly face

Their ghost shadows' haunt the midnight's daunted sight!

So in this light, we'll stage our masquerade.

It's a drunken game of the temporary insane!

It's a game that we all have played.

Then we'll all laugh the next day,

Because we all know that in the sunlight,

Their is no fright!



Say Bye, Bye,...

He couldn't find a job and so he had to leave

He moved away to a busy city

He's all alone and on his own

He knows he's far, far from home

He's determined to make his life better

He may ever write his friends some letters

He aspires and seeks for a job he can keep

He tries to make the very best of things

He tries to keep his spirits on the upsurge

He tells himself that he must be assured

He even intends to see his friends again

He is sure that this will be by years' end

But unaware of the struggles and hardships ahead

By years' end he was dead 

And all his dreams they too died

Only his last letter that said, Say: Bye, Bye,...



Goddamn Life!

Are you thinking of just giving up?
I here it,...out of money and out of luck.
The old gas gage reads E,.....
Shouldn't had that drinking spree!
Of course, you're losing weight,...
and some medical bastard up state,
tells you that you won't stay , it won't go away.
It's bend a very log wait,...
and I'm sure of my mind's state
and what about the world called L-O-V-E!
or is it now, the word M-U-D?
And where are all your fiends?
Or has that too, come to and end?
And I'd bet you'd like some recognition,...
Substituted for your depression and rejection
Well,... don't hold your hand out in pity
No one owes one a living
Goddamn life!
Like it or not , . . .
This damn planet just doesn't stop.
It's all up to you--
To do what you have too do.
Go out there, and shove and push the shit away,
But it will be only I,...
To show the damn world what I've made of!!!!







To see in a light beyond bright
Into a weird world with no sight
With grumps and bums
and waste and old gum
Into this world I'm thrown
of ignorance and not knowing
I am the jackal of the night
an ass to behold by sight
To cast me into a well lit cell
I will pay for my evils, do tell...
and they are the bastards who toy with me
They will determine when I'm to be set free
Society demands the laws of the land
and the court is yours to be the last stand
Do not every fool yourself that you will not land
In a room where the steel bars slam!
Where you will lie
Where you will sigh
Where you may cry
Where you may die!









You can promise me love,...

You can tell me that there's a God above

You can promise me a new life

You can tell me that I'm all right

You can tell me that I'm good

You can tell me that I'm understood

You can give me a million tomorrow's'

But if you can't stop TODAY'S sorrows

Then I'll just politely and  sorrowfully say good-bye!









The End of a War

When will the magic hour arrive

To separate the white from the rainbow

Walk away with the riches and gold

And whisper in soft breath a sweet sigh

The war is over

Battles have been won and lost

And yet we know not the cost

No questions of why

Our quest for success is here to cry

It's time to cheer with pride

Our dreams have materialized

And the blackness just fades away

A new life starting today

Above the disarray we'll fly

Victory is sweet and spry!












Day last

They began to clear the streets and simply let things happen as they would unfold. This is what the mayor told them to do. And so they did. Strangely, some people walked up and down the streets to see anything different, anything special, anything that might give them some sort of clue,...some hint as to why these UFOs were here.

The heat of the night was almost too much to endure. The GWF (Globo Warming Factor), was 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

This went on for days and days. The people,...the press wanted some type
of an answer from Washington. They must be talking to the aliens. And it was just not here, but everywhere. What did these UFOs,...these aliens want?

God damn them all!

I heard many cries of, "take me," or "I'll have no part of it," and "Please don't let them
take my baby!"

I heard voices and cries, prayers and songs,...on and on...

They're here to take over our world--damn those bastards.

"If only they would say what they want?"


The President of the United States came on the TV at 12:00 noon the following day of their appearance. He was very somber and chose his words carefully. This is what he had to say: "I have in my hands a copy of their recording. I am going to let you hear for your own hears what these being are here for. Here is their message:"

People of this world, please do not be fearful.
We have communicated with all of your countries.
There is only one thing we can give you--
our God given right to present to you and your planet,
an understanding of your past which has been foretold to be known as fact.
The thing that we give you is not future science;
we chose to give you your history.
In this cube, your history is given to you.
You will see your solar system form.
You will see your sun, planets, moons and other things come into being.
You will be given pictures of your worldly Earth--
from the very beginning.
You will view in great detail, the formation of life
 and the entropy that controls it all.
In this cube is your history of evolution,
especially for the human populous and all you stand for.
We hope you enjoy the things that amaze you,
or even the things that may not.
However it shall be, this a gift to you.
There will be no future wisdom,
without the wisdom of the past.
And from this information, will come your
seers and sages.


After the UFOs left, there were many conversations between the different governments--there became a world congress. Strangely, from that point on, all the world saw was mutual co-operation, dialogue and some God given peace on the Earth. And at the year of 30,000 A.D., to this written date, the universe is great, and our world is still at peace...



How is it that someone who has never sung before, becomes a singer?
And why are there college drop-outs who become millionaires?
How do they power the city's lights at night, when no one can do it alone?
And who writes the math books that the mathematicians learn from?
How come an astronaut can walk on the moon, while we watch it on television?
And what's the problem with an unwanted quark, who's place we can't even see?
How is it possible for our spacecrafts to exist, when we understand that everything comes from the ground?

And why are we so assured of the future, when we all know that a mountain from the skies could kill us all?

How is it that physicists work in multiple dimensions, when apparently we only need four to live in?

And who teaches the teachers who teach the children, while the murders who used to be children sit in jails?
How is it that a single man sets the speed limit at c, when everyone else thinks we can go faster?
And why does it appear, that most of the younger adults today, seem more intelligent than those of our past?
And how does it happen that the precision of machines of tomorrow, will be better than today's, How will it look in the far future, when we need only look at the past? 
And when will we discover the purpose of our existence, when maybe all the while, it has discovered you.3/29/02
My Life

I smiled, and it seemed that everyone smiled back at me.
I made a joke and everyone laughed.
I made a simple little dance, and everyone danced with me.
I made a funny face and everyone made a funny face back to me.
I told everyone my troubles, and everyone walked away?





08/24/06 My Black Tree

Come and see my black tree

It’s the tree that I’ve been climbing all my life

Come and taste the leaves

But please don’t eat the bloody berries

Feel free to hug it if you wish

But not too tight

Sometimes if turns on you and bites

But that’s no wonder

Because it’s dead and somber

But yet it lives in the dead of night

Never growing in the light

It’s my black tree and I try to climb it every night

Oh yes…this is my lovely black tree

And I’ve almost reached the top

And the night that I succeed 

I’ll see it bleed in the dark agony

And we’ll fall down in pity

Come and see my black tree and me

Lie dead and dormant on the ground

With black ashes and black bones

Piled all around


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