i gotta get out of here!

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a boy wants to get his brother a present for his birthday. he applied for a job at a mansion just 10 miles away from his hometown. he was going to work for a scientist named Dr.von. he had no idea what he got himself into. these "things" are after him, even in his dreams.

Submitted: October 11, 2010

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Submitted: October 11, 2010




I got to get out. This place, its unreal! All I did was walk down the path and now I’m trapped, in a place that seems like hell! These things, they just Can’t do this to me, its torture! I got to get the hell out of here before… “it” happens. Here is the story of how I got here.

My brothers birthday was coming up. I was going to get him something nice. I had only ten dollars. I had to make some money, fast! So here’s what happened. I applied for a job online. One in a small town about ten miles from here. The job I applied for was a butler at a mansion . I had no idea who I was working for. I had no idea he was a FREAK!

The ad said he was a scientist named Dr.von. He specialized in cloning. I did think it was weird at the time, but I still needed money.

I had an interview with him the following day so I needed to get some rest. This would be my first real job. I was excited as hell.

I had trouble sleeping that night. It was like someone haunted my dreams! In my dream there was a loud scream! Followed by silence. In the dream, after the scream ,I walked around a corner and saw these… things! Devouring an old woman. Blood shot all over the walls. Then, they came after me! I wake up just after they are two feet away from me. I wake up breathing heavily. And when I fall back asleep I have the same dream over and over again! So I did not sleep

I stood from my bed at about 6:00 am and go downstairs, have a cup of coffee, some cereal, then walk out the door. My interview was at 7:30am so I drove my car.

When I was 1 mile away from the place, one of the “things” crawled in front of my car! I spun the wheel trying to go around it, I swerved off the road and smashed into a tree.

I was not hurt, thankfully, but the thing was still out there. I had to move! I could not walk all the way back. Then I remembered I had my cell phone In my pocket. I pulled it out only to see it smashed. I started saying every swear word in the book. Then I went out to get a look at this “thing”.

It was then I realized it was the same “thing” from my dream. I shook my head in terror. It was crawling towards me! I had to kill it! FAST! I looked around for something to kill it with, but found nothing. So I beat it with my fist.

I must have punched it one-hundred times, it started hissing, then it just stopped moving. Then I went on to the interview. I don’t know why I went on. It felt like a force was pulling me toward it, so I just went with it.

When I made it to the front door of the mansion. I rang the doorbell and the door just opened on its own. I went in and called out for someone, but nobody answered. So I just kept walking.

The force was still grabbing me. And it led me to a basement. Then I looked down the stairs, the force still pulling me, and I saw the “things”! hundreds of them! When they noticed me they let out a hiss. They ran toward me, grabbed me, then pushed me to a wall, the floor was covered in bones! Then the chained me to the wall and left me there. And that’s how I ended up like this.

I have to get out of here! Now! Before “it” happens, whatever “it” is. But I’m too late. Those “things” were running toward me, FAST! I try to break free but can’t! so I say one last thing

“happy birthday brother”

Then I pass out.

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