Beginning of the Third Generation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
What do you use to control the world. To shape it to your idea of perfection.

Submitted: May 01, 2011

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Submitted: May 01, 2011



The heavy metal door the enclosed the lab observation opened with great strain, in walked a suited man followed by a soldier like person wearing a balaclava and a camouflaged uniform he would have been completely normal if not for his mismatched eyes, one Silver and the other red, and the large suitcase he carried. The Suited man kept his face in the shadow as he approached the scientist. Turning to face his faceless boss the scientist began to speak without any prompt.

“There has been significant progress with Test Subject No.3 but the others have begun to show signs of necrosis and organ failure.” He seemed proud of this fact.

“Let me see it.” The man’s voice came from behind his veil o shadows.

“Yes sir,” the scientist responded without hesitation and turning to the intercom gave the order, “Show No.3.”

Nods came from the scientists within the lab as they began to move, the floor in the middle of the lab opened and a metal bed device seemed to grow out of the hole left by the open floor. Once it stopped the thing it restrained was clear. It was human, about six feet tall shoulder length blonde hair and a well built body. Tubes came out of the body in every direction leading back in to the metal slab it was bound to.

It opened its eyes, which were clouded over, and looked straight at the man hidden within the shadow.

“Can it see us?” the puppeteer asked from behind his veil.

“No, the side effect of this one is almost complete blindness.” The scientist responded sounding proud of his crowning achievement.

Suddenly an alarm went off from within the lab; all the occupants of the observation area with the exception of the soldier turned their attention to the lab. Within the lab itself the thing on the metal slab had broken free of its restraints and was proceeding to destroy the lab with superhuman strength and speed. It showed no mercy to its creators as it slaughtered the scientists in the lab with it.

Once it was all over it stood in the destroyed lad on its own surrounded by bodies and blood.

“Impressive, it chooses the best time to attack, Very clever.” The man’s smile could be seen from behind his veil of shadows.

“You are impressed I hope.” The scientist was hoping he could escape this incident with more money for his research.

“Yes is it programmed to respond to me like requested?”

“Of course it will do anything you command.”

“And there are no others?”

“No, he is the only surviving one, but the matter of price since I seem to have lost some staff, I expect to be compensated?”

“Of course, Cerberus, give the man what he deserves.”

The soldier still holding the suitcase walked towards the scientist as his boss left the room. He laid the suitcase on the table and waited as the scientist opened it. But when the scientist opened it al he found was a single 9mm pistol.

“What is this?” he asked the soldier as he looked up.

The soldier turned the open suitcase round and picked up the pistol trying to look surprised as the scientist.

“Your just reward...” the soldier murmured as he aimed the gun at the scientist head. The noise of the gunshot was muffled by the noise of the lab below doors being blown apart by the thing inside. The soldier proceeded to shot the rest of the scientists in the room and then dropped the gun on the floor as he left.

When the soldier caught up to his boss he found him facing down the thing from inside the lab, it was not moving and had obviously been giving an instruction by the boss.

“Cerberus has the matter been dealt with.” The man asked without looking round.

“Yes sir.” The soldier responded

“Good now let us and No.3 here take out leave before it is destroyed by the cleanup team I just phoned.” He began to make his way to the helipad followed by Cerberus and No.3.

Later they watched from the helicopter as two F-22 Raptors flew overhead and destroyed the base.

“No.3,” the boss spoke once more and the thing lifted its head, “Welcome to Tartarus.”

© Copyright 2020 DouglasASteel. All rights reserved.

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