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I wrote this years ago and I have just found it after siving through all of my data within my computer. Please tell me what you think and whither I should keep writting it?

Submitted: September 20, 2010

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Submitted: September 20, 2010



He stood on top a building, staring down on the life forms that made this planet their home, they destroyed the planet, mined it’s resources, killed it’s wildlife, yet all he could feel was pity for them. For they could not here the noise of the universe nor the songs of the suns. They were deaf, they were the human race. This young species claimed this planet was there to do with as they pleased and already laid claim to the rest of the universe.

He jumped down off the building to the streets below unseen by the crowd, and the crowd unseen by him. Nothing but shapes of the people, buildings and cars. All of them deaf to the very crying of the planet around them, not caring for the planet or the other species that they share it with. He continued along the street ignoring all he saw and heard, he passed by people and they passed by him. He moved like a ghost, a wound on the planets surface.

He noticed a shape that seemed to be following him, he turned to look, there was nothing there but shapes and shades. Turning around to continue on his way and there it was, the shape he had seen following him, but he saw more that just a shape this shape had form and colour. A young girl stood before him. Looking at him with a caring look in her eyes. A look he had never seen from the eye’s of a human.
‘You look sad,’ she spoke, a human could not only see but speak to him. He raised his hand to her face. She stood there unfazed but focused, maybe this was the kind of human he was looking for, the human that could change history and set humanity along the right path not the wrong road. He spoke to a human for the first time.
‘See the paths you have tread, see the roads you’ve walked,’ his eyes meet hers, she staggered back as though seeing the horrors of the past like they were right in front of her, ‘Now see the paths you could have walked, and the road you should have taken.’ Once again images appeared in front of her, this time her reaction was not as violent as the images showed a perfect world. The images were too overpowering. She fainted.

She opened her eyes to the smell of grilled fish, looking around the small shack she was located in; she saw the fire in the middle of the room with the fish grilling on top. The door moved, she jumped to her feet. The door opened a man walked in she did not recognize him nor did she think much of his dress sense; a green tunic and brown slacks held up by string.
‘Your awake, that’s good,’ the man spoke in a calm voice, ‘but you really have to be careful, a foreigner should not be sleeping in the middle of the forest.’
‘Why do you assume I am a foreigner?’ she asked the man.
‘Your not. I apologise, I just assumed due to the strange clothes you are wearing.’
‘What’s wrong with the …’ as she said this she looked at herself and then back at his, her short skirt and polyester jacket she then looked back at his tunic and slacks.


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