The Red Wolf

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A very short story on how reality can be much, much more cruel than fairy tales. A recreation of Little Red Riding Hood.

Submitted: May 19, 2008

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Submitted: May 19, 2008



The Red Wolf

She swallowed hard, clutching on to the basket of goodies with one hand, her red cloak with the other. She stumbled, over a rock, her red hood falling to her neck. Her brown curls attacked her face as she stared with fear into the darkness. She could hear his shallow breathing, much slower than her heart beat.

She gasped again, now seeing his glowing red eyes appearing out of the darkness like a lighthouse on a stormy day at sea. His face was becoming more and more visible as he stepped into the moon bathed area. Now she was certain he was the one following her the entire way. His fur gave off a red glow in the moonlight, his arms dragging at his side. Her eyes, now full of fear and wide, fell upon his two giant fangs.

She closed her eyes, clutching the basket to her chest. She could hear him slowly stepping closer. She could out-run him, make it to Granny’s before he did, warn her. No mater how hard she tried to, she couldn’t move. She shuddered, not hearing anything but her heart beat. No shallow breathing, no footsteps. She shut her eyes tighter, telling herself he was gone.

After a few minutes she gained the courage to open her eyes.

Her shriek pierced through the night air. She stared right into his red, glowing eyes. Now she could also hear her fast pasted breathing. Tears formed at the rims of her eyes out of fear. She held out the basket with a shaky hand, watching horrified at what he would do with it. She watched as he sniffed the basket, right before snatching it up. He threw it to the ground as she shut her eyes again, he didn’t go for it. She opened her eyes to see his again. She silently wished she hadn’t wandered off the path.


Granny never got her basket; she never got the flowers Little Red had wandered off for, never got Little Red as a guest.

The Red Wolf, he however got a tasty meal, and fur that glowed even more red.

So next time somebody tells you to stay on the path, I’d listen.

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