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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This peice was written in September of 2006. It is about a young girl whose mother had just died, and is faced with the responsibility of basically raising her little sister, who is still in grade school. On their way home, a car coming down the road was bound to hit them, but they were saved by an angel, who pushed them to the side of the road, and out of harms way. No one else but her saw him. There is a sequal to this story, which is why, if you read it, you'll find a bit of confusion at the end. The sequal has not yet been written. Hopefully, it'll turn into a novel, but for now, it's just a short story. Enjoy!

Prologue: Fallen Angel

Long ago, before the birth of the world, there was an eternal spirit. Never born, never to die. With simple words, our universe was born. His voice ispowerful, but kind. He loves all, and fogives all. The father of those who believe and those who don't. The guardian of those who sin, and those of benevolence. The angel of the world, representing the only good left in this place. His name is holy on one's lips and in one's words. His name is God.

Beauty overtook our universe, and God decided to create angels. All were beautiful, blessed with white-feathered wings, and shining halos. All were beautiful, but not as beautiful as God. The most beautiful of all God's angels had a sense of defiance inside of him. Lucifer. Known today as the evil archangel, Satan of Hell. His tale is well known throughout the world of modern Christianity and Catholicism. A lesser angel, who thought with conceit, that he was greater in power and beauty than his Creator. He and a band of angels unified, and decided to go against the Lord. A typical story of good versus evil. Who wins? The good will always overcome the evil, however, the evil will always attempt revenge.

Michael, the first created and most powerful of all angels. He is God's soldier-general, and protector of righteousness. Perhaps best known for the War of Heaven and the defeat of Lucifer and his demons. It is said that some of the most honorable qualities may be too excessive in a man. This is called a tragic flaw, when these qualities lead to the man's downfall. At one point, Lucifer was known for his beauty and intelligence, and Christians believe that is may have led to his defeat. It is his intelligence, reader, that he uses today, to lure God's followers to turn against Him in sin. Persuasive and evil, his wicked mind was put to, for him, good use. In a never-ending battle, Lucifer will attempt to overthrow the Lord, and reign over all creation. So perhaps, we may say, that Lucifer was never defeated.

Michael and his angels eventually cast Lucifer and his wicked followers into a deep and dark abyss, which God named Hell. Halos confiscated, plunged into a weary place, where all evil belongs. Never to look upon the face of God again. Lucifer soon found his place in the darkness and became known as the devil. King of Fallen Angels.

End of Prologue

Part One: Short Breaths

She puts up with everything. Her children call her names and torment her. They even mock her about her smoking habits. They make her feel inferior, and minutes later, she jokes with them. As if their mouths has never previously opened. She forgives them to easily; I don't know how she does it. But I'm sure her pillowcases are drenched at night. Perhaps she finds comfort within the church. Or within her own walled mind filled with insanity, padded walls blocking her real thoughts from exiting, like an asylum. She wakes up every morning, maybe with a pinch of regret, and a dash of neglect. Five children and a hardship of a marriage must have been like Hell to endure. And to see her last two children, succeeding, living a life of happiness must be hard to watch. There were so many things she never got to do. But she's too old now. A 50-year-old woman with no money, and nowhere to go. It must be depressing to see her children don't need her much. Or so she thinks. Everyone needs a mother.

She is confined within the church walls, kneeling down at a pew. She clasps her hands together, and looks up at the man being crucified gruesomely. A prayer wisps through her mind, and her eyes close with sudden intensity. A prayer, reader, for luck. Luck that one day; her children might realize what they've really done to her. That one day her husband might cry over his loss. Luck, that one day, despite all she's done wrong, she make it to Heaven. She knows God is listening, she knows she's got his ear. She knows He is there. She lifts her body up, and kneels down at the end of the pew, imitating the sign of Jesus' cross over her face and shoulders. She exits the building and enters the outdoors, a completely different scenario.

Birds chirp and sing, and she walks slowly to her mini-van. Bum-bum, bum-bum. Steady as angel's wings. Her breaths are suddenly short. It is all too real, when her lungs collapse in a church parking lot. There is no need for luck now... everyone needs a mother.

End of Part One

Part Two: The Story

I pulled the purse over my shoulders, and walked hastily across the suburban streets. I need my mother, I thought. Finally, I arrived at the elementary school. I waited, standing by the silver garbage can chained to a metal pole. As if someone would steal a garbage can. The heat trapped in the concrete rose up to my flip-flopped feet.

Ring! Little children ran out of lunchroom doors, and Elizabeth Katrina finds me.

"Hey Mooga, how was school?" I asked her, as I grabbed her lunch box and book bag.

"It was fun! I got an A+ on my math test!" She looked up at me with her smiling eyes, magnified by big glasses.

"That's great! Looks like we've got something else to hang on the refrigerator. You got any homework?"

"Yeah, I have to write sentences for my new spelling words. Is Daddy home yet?" She looked up at me, heart filled with hope. I felt horrible to let her down, yet again.

"Sorry Liz, he's still at work, he won't be homw until later tonight. Why, what do you need him for?" I looked at her and saw her eyes go from smiles to frowns.

"Nothing, I just haven't seen him since yesterday. It feels likeI don't have a mother or a father."

"You've got both, Liz, you just don't realize it yet. Besides, you've got an amazing sister right here!" Here it goes, my dull attempts to cheer her up. Except... that gets hard to do after a while, when you feel the exact same way. In some way, it worked, because I found her mouth quietly smiling.

We walked down the streets together in almost complete silence. I guided her by holding her hand, although we both knew the town very well, and I knew she could find her own way home. But she was only 8; she couldn't walk home by herself. There are lots of crazy people out there. Especially in New York, subarbs or city. Remember when your parents taught you to look both ways before you crossed the street? Well, my parents taught me very well, and I always followed that rule. Except that day, I wasn't thinking. My brain wasn't functioning correctly, because I was focused mainly on Elizabeth Katrina, and how I had let her down, and my mother. How she'd let me down when she died. How I could possibly live without her. Then of course, there was Juliana and Gregory, two of my older siblings, one just getting out of a divorce. The other,just a potential screw up, whom refuses to grow up and act like an adult. And Xavier, so socially involved, doesn't focus on school. My father is afraid Xavier will end up like Greg. My brain wasn't in the right place at the right time.

Beep! I heard tires skid across the cement, and headlights beamed into my brown eyes. Liz screamed, and both pairs of our eyes closed tightly. Our lives were almost lost, but we were saved. I've never told Liz this, but I know how we lived. It was a miracle.

Some people don't believe me, but they are those "seeing is believing," type people. But those people should really know that that statement is in fact a belief. I am a Catholic Christian, and my belief in God has changed from little to immense ever since that day. It is known that God has assigned all of his angels in Heaven to watch over and guard one human on Earth. These angels, of course, are known as Guardian Angels. My Guardian Angel is the great and powerful, Michael. He was there that day, I know because there was no possible way Liz and I could have survived without the help of a miracle. The car was coming for us going at least 20mph, and we were frozen in our places, not able to react. It was all happening to quickly. And we left without a scratch. Witnesses say we dove onto the sidewalk with our eyes closed, but we were pushed, reader.

I guess I was the only one who saw him with my own eyes. A handsome young looking man, with bright blue-green eyes, and a toned body. Clothed in white cloth around his waist, trimmed in gold, with his upper body completely visible. He had medium lengthed masculine brown hair, and white-feathered wings as big as I. The most spectacular of all, was his golden halo that floated above his head, like a crown. It shone so brightly, that I almost believe that it was the halo, not the headlights, that nearly blinded me.

After our near-death experience, Elizabeth Katrina was so shaken up and upset. My father wasn't home, Xavier didn't much care, and Juliana and Gragory didn't even live with us anymore. I was the only one who could help her, so I did. Late that night, I finally got her to fall asleep and retired to my own room for a night's rest. I found my way into my bed and pulled the covers over me. My eyes wouldn't shut. I couldn't sleep. I lay there awake staring at my ceiling, thinking about my mother. Where was she, how was she, what was she doing? Was she with me, or perhaps Elizabeth, or my father? That night, I decided to pray.

"Angel of God, my guardian dear,

To whom God's love, commits me here

Ever this day, be at my side

To light and guard, to rule and guide


My eyes closed, and I got that feeling that someone was staring at me. I tried to ignore it, but after about two minutes, I couldn't take it anymore. I opened my eyes to find a bright being hidden in a corner. I couldn't be, I thought. But it was, there, in the corner of my bedroom, stood an angel.

"A-a-are you the angel that saved us? Elizabeth and I?" I asked, frightened for some strange reason. An angel couldn't do any harm.

"Michael. Pleased to meet you. I'm not supposed to be here... but I had to see your face once more," He looked so serious. See my face? Confusion shot through my mind, I couldn't figure out what was going on. Perhaps, I thought, I'm dreaming. But I wasn't dreaming, reader, this was real.

"Michael? My mom used to talk about you. Your God's first angel, aren't you? The one that defeated Satan?" my mother was very religious, and I loved listening to her stories from the Bible. This, the story of the War of Heaven, was my favorite one.

"Yes, that is I. I have come to look upon your lovely face again, but now I must leave before our Creator finds me." He looked as frightened as I was, and I couldn't understand why. I couldn't understand anything at that moment.

"Wait! My mother, do you know my mother?" I couldn't help myself. I had to ask . I had to know if she was okay, if she was here, if she knew how sorry I was. If I knew, then I could reassure Liz that mom was here with us. Make her believe everything will be okay. He froze.

"Yes," he said, and banished. Yes? Is that all he could say? I needed to know more. At that moment, tears flooded my eyes like a river, and I threw myself to the floor. I sobbed reader, harder then I had at my mother's funeral. An uncontrollable cry that lasted about an hour, until I finally fell asleep. I was beginning to think I had dried out my eyes.

That morning I awoke to find myself in a wonderful mood. I must have had wonderful dreams that night, but I didn't remember what they were of. Elizabeth had woken up before I had, and was already eating breakfast in the kitchen. I was just making myself a bowl of Lucky Charms.

"Good morning!" I said cheerfully. Liz looked at me, dazed.

"Morning." she replied.

"You all ready for school little one?"

"Yes, book bag is packed, and Daddy made me my lunch before he left this morning." She lifted the spoon full of cereal and milk, tipped it, and watched it spill back into her bowl.

"You done with that? Here, give it to me." I took the bowl from her, put it in the sink, and sat down next to her to begin eating myself. "Did you sleep well last night?"

"I slept okay, I'm still pretty tired though. Did you?" She looked at me with big tired eyes, as if she would fall asleep on me right then and there.

"I must have, because I feel great this morning." Then I remembered, Michael. Was he my wonderful dream? No, I was awake when that happened, wasn't I?

"Yeah, I heard you talking to yourself, in your sleep or something." She must have thought I was insane. I must be the only one who could see and hear him. After school, I went to pick up Liz again, and she seemed happy once more. School always made her happy. She always loved to learn.

She and I decided to take naps when we arrived home, because we were both exausted from our long days. I found myself in an extremely comfortable position on my bed, and began to zone out into my very own "La La Land." Half awake, yet half asleep, was when my third encounter with this lovely angel happened. I thought I was dreaming when I heard a whisper in my ear,

"I love you." it said. I felt the warm breath enter my ear, and send chills down my spine.

"I love you too," I whispered back. Suddenly, I realized someone had actually said that allowed. I opened my eyes and propped my body into an upright position. There he was, reader, as beautiful as ever. I stared at him in complete awe, unable to speak a word. He was in human form. His body was no longer transparent, as it was the day of the accident, and the night before. His wings were still there, as was his halo, but somehow he was part human. "How is this possible?" I asked.

"I'm in love with you, Fay. I had to make it known. If I get caught, I shall be punished." He stepped towards me, and claimed my mouth in such a way it made me tremble. Then, he dissapeared. The last I'd seen of him was weeks later, when he arrived this time without a halo, or wings. He was being punished.

People today speak of this story as a legend. But I know the truth behind it. He was in fact cast into Hell to burn alongside Lucifer. But reader, he did indeed survive. This clever angel struck a deal with the devil, and made his way out of the darkness, to prove his innocence. And I, Fay Hanshew, was the object of an angel's love.

End of Part Two

Submitted: June 09, 2007

© Copyright 2022 Dove Hanshew. All rights reserved.

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