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These are some new idea's I have for some more stories! Please vote on which one you think I should write!!! Thanks

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




If to only Dream

Tecila Whitewood was meant to have died 6 years ago. Tortured and beaten. But, somehow she survived. Somehow the beatings forced her into a comer, from which she has only just woken up. Tecila Whitewood had already lived a life. One in her 12 long years of dreaming that made her believe she could do anything. It took her 12 years of dreaming to find the strength to face the world. And now, she has to do it all over again. Will Tecila ever be the same 14-year-old she was 6 years ago? Or is it too late for her to re-learn how to live?

In your Pawsteps

When Shilo, a two year old mutt is taken off the street and told that he and his sister, along with 20 others, get a second chance, what happens is beyond what any of them could think possible. Shilo, Lila, Torro, Hatti and many, many others are taken and dropped of at an abandond village, were life finally seems to fall into place. Then, one of their own is murdered, but they are determined to find out who did it.

By Name, By Nature



By Name, by Nature

Fate -

'It's a little game I like to call fate.'

My master, Ullira, was giving us a lesson on why we were here. The days were long, the hours hard and worst of all, we didn't know where the hell we were.

The madness started as we began to rouse, right until we hit the hay at the end of a long day of work.

'Can we have a little break?' my best friend, Lotoria, pleaded.

'Break?' Ullira chuckled in reply. 'A break! You've got to be pulling my leg!'

I looked at her cautiously. A break was like asking to be beaten to death with a club, the last boy who did was dead within minuets. Lotoria looked at her clamly, yet submisivly as if she was joking.

'Exactly. And remember, don't speak unless spoken too.' Ullira told us firmly.

We were here for one reason. Getting the queens daughter killed. We were the only dark-siders who knew her. She was my other best friend. I met her when I was really little, but we had been the best friends ever since, I still did't know why. Lotoria and I sat there patiently, waiting on my brother to finally turn up. Ullira didn't complain, though. She couldn't control him. She could only control us.

We waited there, the same spot from dawn 'till dusk. Great, I though. Where is he?

I imagined my brother when he was little. He was so small, and helpless. So innocent. Now he was a monster who's only goal in life was to destroy the queen, her heirs and the light sides existence. I didn't know what he looked like now, with only a years difference between us he probably looked like the male version of me. My friends back home always used to say we looked alot  alike.

'Finally,' Ulliras voice sounded above the strong winds. 'What was taking you?'

A strong figure appeared out of the gorse surrounding and replied in a hard, muffeled voice. 'I had some other things to do.' he explained.

It was my brother, Furloi. He was here.

'Meet our two prizes,' she told him, motioning towards both of us in turn. 'Your sister, and her friend.'

'Hey, Jardia.' he said to me. I didn't reply.

'No hard feelings sis, it wasn't my idea.' he confessed. I still didn't reply, I didn't believe him.

'Oh, come on. You haven't seen me for two years!' He yelled. 'Why don't you just forget everything and say hello? At least!' Then he stalked away.

'Come on Jardia,' Lotoria persisted. 'At least say hello, then you can get back to your mouse life.' I ignored her too.

'What's wrong with you?' she yelled at me. 'It's always got to go perfectly with you doesn't it?' Then she stalked away too.

Great. I though my name mean't saviour.

Look out for Chapter 2!!!

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